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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

TAT: My Interests

Today over at Growing Up Geeky, they are discussing mommies interests.  Let me tell you my list is lengthy; I like to think I am crafty, tough, fun and above all a good mommy.

The crafty aspect:  This is really only in the sense of scrapbooking!  I LOVE to scrapbook.  Eyan's baby book is done and I love looking at it and reminiscing about those itty bitty toes and fingers and beautiful first smile and haircut.  Oh goodness it is just the best.  I have made about 7 scrapbooks and will do one for little missy as well.  I have both our wedding and honeymoon albums, my growing up one, my sisters growing up one, my parents wedding album & Eyan's baby album done.  I just love it.  I tend to stick to the old style scrapbooking with the fancy paper, scissors, stickers and creative embellishments, however, I do make a photo book with Shutterfly as well, they always look great, just not as much soul to them.

The Tough aspect:  I love roller derby, it gives me some crazy rush and some of the most cherished and amazing friends.  It has built my confidence, assured me, toughened me up and improved my skating abilities (which lets be honest when you literally grew up as skating rink owner/operator, you think you are the best skater in the whole wide world...yeah ummm not really).  I miss derby all the time, sometimes even at 6 months pregnant I consider strapping on the old skates and taking a few laps, however, I digress and then indulge in a can of frosting.

Oh Toxic T I miss you!

The Fun aspect:  I have come to the point in my life where I don't feel "fun" anymore.  But at one point, I was lots of fun!  I haven't been a huge drinker but even when my friends were 3-sheets to the wind and I was sober I was having so much fun.  But in my less than sober moments, I was even more fun.  I am willing to try just about anything (aside from disgusting sounding or looking food/drink) and always have some sort of inappropriate joke about it.  I also seem to get placed in awkward situations quite frequently and that leads to some pretty hysterical stories and moments with my friends.  Oh like the time we went to the Aveda School for cheap manicures and pedicures and my nail technician is putting some weird seaweed hand scrub on and tells me how good it smells and how she wants to eat it...like off me!  Um yeah there was a ton of jokes with that one.  So here are some incriminating photos to prove that at one point I was "FuN"oh and aside from one photo I was completely sober...you figure out which one. :)

I totally almost fit

Here is a clue...I was not even close to 21 here!

Best Costume EVER!

The mommy aspect:  You bet your ass that this is a huge interest of mine.  I LOVE being mommy.  I love the moments I get to share with my little guy (and the ones to come with little missy)!  I just am obsessed.  I seriously talk about him about 30 times a day and get so excited to see him after work.  Its like the most amazing drug I have ever taken and I cannot get enough.  Was it always wonderful...No, but I think the work and learning we have done just makes me even more interested (see: in love) with this little guy.  Oh God, I'm gushing and at this point your vomiting.  So here is a cutesy pic of my ninja baby.  We just got family pictures done...this is a sneak peak!