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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday Thoughts: So Random

Sometimes you just need to write...or complain.  I am not sure what I am going to do here :)

My aunt is pregnant with twin boys!  They are what they call Mo-Mo twins (share same placenta and sac) so they are super high risk and she has been on bed rest since 26 weeks.  Today the doctor told her they might have to take the boys!  I think she is maybe 29 weeks...NO!  I know the doctor is making sure to keep both her and the boys safe, but it freaks me out that the boys might be delivered today.  Prayers for her would be fantastic.

Eyan is super snugly, but super 2!  He only snuggles on his terms and sometimes is sort of aggressive.  I am ready to get this little girl here in 18 weeks so I can snuggle her, since my little 2 yr old is just a monster.  He is a fun and silly monster, but still a monster.

The most amazing bestest perfect gift in the whole wide world arrived from Santa (ebay) this week.  The Toy Story Remote Control RC Car!  This damn thing retails for over $300.00 because it is so rare but I managed to only spend about 1/6th of that.  My little man is going to lose his mind when he opens this.  I have to remember to video his reaction.  We purchased a small one that I kinda figured he would like but he knows exactly what this big one is and what it does and tells me all the time how excited he is to get this car from Santa.  OMG I can hardly wait until Christmas morning.

I just want to take tomorrow off work.  I haven't had a day off since Labor Day and honestly I don't work Monday so why not take a 4 day weekend?  WHY...oh yeah because in March I will take 8 weeks off and I only have 12.5 days "saved."  My district is pretty awesome in the fact that as long as I have 10 days, they will pay my maternity leave in full, but that only leaves me with 2.5 days to get me from now until March!  What if I get sick or Eyan gets sick or the sick bank (our schools way to pay for leaves) needs another day.  AHHH I just need a day off, one where I can get emissions on my car, get my hair did, shop for outfits for family pictures, go to the bank, you know get stuff done during "normal" business hours.  Seriously I am planning to take it off, but I may just come in anyway.  What's one more day?