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Monday, December 3, 2012

25 Weeks!

  • Yeah, that would be the 3 lbs I put on last week.  Damn you Firehouse Subs and your deliciousness!
  • Is it wrong that I told hubby to expect a general decline in my motivation.  2nd trimester is only a short time away!  I totally got super lazy with Eyan in my 3rd trimester. 
  • I officially have my FMLA paperwork and made a decision to take 9 weeks off instead of 8.  I could take 12 but I really would like to do my students final grades, so I can work for 2 weeks and then go on summer break.  Oh and why 9 weeks?  Well I want to have a week off to regroup after our Disneyland vacation!!!
  • My skin hates me.  No literally it is either super dry and no amount of moisturizer will help or its like oily and not great.  I cannot win. 
  • I made my hubby put up all our Christmas decorations to his continued arguments and in order to do so I had to cram more of our crap into little missy's room.  Seriously at this rate her room will just be a pile of baby crap.
  • OH!  Her furniture came in...5 weeks early.  It is still at the store, waiting for me to become its new blessed owner.  I already purchased it so its just on hold, but seriously has no where to go.
  • On the plus side tonight...or maybe tomorrow we go to pick out the carpet (to be installed), doors, and finishing touches for the basement!  I am soooooo excited, maybe 2 more weeks!
  • I have my appt Wednesday.  So I am hoping to get another ultrasound to just double check that she really is a little missy.  Maybe after that I can fully accept the name choice and not panic that we chose a girls name for a boy.  She has to be a girl!


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