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Monday, December 10, 2012

26 Weeks!

  • Guess who doesn't care what she looks like today!  Me!  Yeah I just did not get enough rest this weekend as we were on the go and super busy, so here is my sexy pose with a ponytail.  On the upside I did put on a tiny bit of makeup to hopefully offset the blotchiness (thank you hormones) and general run-down look I have going on here. 
  • So I don't think I mentioned anything about weight here.  Let's talk my pregnancy with Eyan.  First off I started off about 20lbs heavier with him and ALMOST got to 200lbs (199!)  Yeah seriously that was the wrong thing to do. So ALL my maternity clothes are large or XL...which means that my now small or medium booty (hell yes!) does not necessarily fit in all my maternity clothes.  So I am squishing into whatever I can find in my closet.  Maybe I will go shopping over my break but I am just too crazy busy right now to dress somewhat nicely. Oh and on the topic of weight gain I am up about 9 or 10lbs!  FINALLY! 
  • I passed my gestational diabetes test with flying colors!  TAKE THAT!
  • We have a name...my grandmother stated that she hates it, but most people somewhat like it, and truly I just don't care it fits all my parameters, sounds good with Eyan, is unique, but normal and I have never (probably won't ever) have a student with this name! Ready...
    • Emberlynn Rose
    • Ember was a name my mom suggested, has an old world feel (which I love) and is unique but normal
    • the "lynn" portion is for my MIL whose name was Cheryl Lynn and it has a Y to honor her just like Eyan!
    • Rose is for Jason's grandma and my sister!
  • The name could change in the next 13 weeks, but right now (and for a while) we love it.
  • Emberlynn has a birthdate!  March 11, 2013 at 9:30 we should be meeting!  Thats 13 weeks from today!  I am so so so not ready, but so so so excited. 
  • Happy Monday...1 week until 3rd trimester!


  1. I love the name! :O) I love original and "different" names as you know! :O) And you look great!

  2. I love her name! That is unique and beautiful. H middle name is Rose:)


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