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Monday, December 17, 2012

27 Weeks!

  • Hello 3rd trimester!  12 weeks left...holy crap there is no time!
  • Who invented these 1/2 panel pregnancy jeans?  Seriously these fit the last time I was pregnant and I am confident that there was no stupid line of elastic around my belly button that squished me.  Maternity clothes are not comfortable, they are evil.
  • I feel like I am gaining weight in my face.  Which is crazy because my blood pressure is just fine and I am not really gaining weight anywhere else.
  • This time in my pregnancy with Eyan, I started swelling a lot, I am now getting paranoid about that and keep checking my feet for the crazy swelling.  There has been more headaches, but not as debilitating as they were with Eyan.
  • The basement is painted!  My hubby did a fantastic job and he will be hanging shelves, blinds, doing the electrical finishes and hopefully starting on the bathroom tile this week!  The carpet goes in on Dec 27th and unfortunately our stupid special ordered doors (don't ask its a mess) wont be in until Jan 1st.  So our tentative date of finish for the basement is Jan 1st!  I head back to work on Jan 7th so that gives me about 5-6 days to get the nursery set up...I bet it doesn't happen.
  • I had a big pregnancy craving that it took almost all my effort to control, and it was disgusting.  I decided I wanted Del Taco chicken soft tacos, fried mac n cheese and a cheesecake spoonbender from Good Times.  I DID NOT give in, but I wanted to.
  • I have a confession.  I went almost 11 months without eating fast food!  Is that the confession, NO!  I totally consumed large amounts of fast food last week, I felt so yucky and run down and it was all because Jason and I were both not getting home until 7pm each night and with 1 hour before Eyan goes to sleep, we had to grab dinner.  We are back to clean eating this week, no more craptacular food for me and Emberlynn.
  • I don't think I mentioned this, but Jason got a promotion within his company about a month ago! Life has been hectic adjusting to our new schedule.  He will be back to his old schedule starting in January, which is graveyards.  This schedule works better for us.  I like that the dogs have someone home with them almost all the time, and I feel like him and I both sleep better when we have the whole bed to ourselves...he agrees!  However, I am SO nervous being the sole person getting up with baby in the middle of the night.  He is taking 2 weeks off when she arrives, so for that time I will have help and then I think I will be temporarily moving my mom in to help as well.  Recovering from surgery and those middle of the night feedings are hard, I am only a slightly panicky person over it all.
  • 12 weeks until Ms. Emberlynn makes her appearance!  Stay in until then little missy!