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Monday, December 24, 2012

28 Weeks!

Ok here is the actual update.  Thanks for being patient as I got through this morning.
  • So last night after our Christmas with Jason's family, we came home to a super tired guy who went straight to bed.  Only to wake about 1.5 hours later with a mild fever and lots of boogers.  I gave him a bit of medicine and he slept pretty dang well.  Fast forward to this morning and the kid was up at 6am!  This mama is tired, I forget what SAHM time means sometimes and how busy he is, sick or not.  We've watched Christmas shows, played trains, taken numerous time outs for attacking the dogs (God help us on this aspect), and finally taken a nap.
  • Speaking of naps, this whole 3rd trimester fatigue is back and I just do not have time for it.  The basement is ALMOST done...yeah you read that we literally have 5 things left on our list and 3 of them are getting done on Saturday, and one is done on Thursday! 
  • I was told I am getting big.  I have only gained 10 lbs, but I guess I do look kinda big.  Ehh maybe it's these crappy clothes and that bag of Doritos I consumed. 
  • I have another appointment this week on Friday just a typical appointment I guess.  Maybe I will get a peek at my little girl, or maybe it will be the first appointment that isn't over an hour long.  At least they are being super cautious. 
  • The headaches are back, they are still manageable, but nonetheless, they are back. 
  • I had some serious round ligament pain lately, I am sure little missy is just growing and stretching.   I can sure feel the insane amounts of movement.  It is now to the point that she will stick an elbow or foot or something out and I can push back on it.
  • While in the shower today I contemplated whether or not my stretch marks could get worse.  I have a pretty amazing mommy tummy and by that I mean it is terrible looking, so I just wonder if they can get any worse or if they will just get red again and fade.
  • I officially have to bend over to see the feet (or anything below the belt), but I am still a master at shaving so my legs will continue to be silky smooth...haha, that was a joke, its "winter" in Colorado. 

That's it for today! Merry Christmas Eve!

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