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Monday, December 31, 2012

29 weeks!

-Well here we are, 10 weeks left until little miss Emberlynn makes her presence known! Today I am blogging from my phone because my house is in disarray as we started the moving process into the basement to prepare for little missy and the carpet cleaning guy is here! So there is no real bullet points and the picture(s) are at the bottom.
-Our basement is dare I say 97% done! All that is left is to paint the doors and trim and the bathroom which is pretty close to done as well! It is a complete mess, but I have a week and I WILL get it clean and organized as well as get the nursery started!
-Speaking of the nursery, we are planning to go pick up our beautiful baby girls furniture this weekend, which means I have to figure out paint designs like NOW! The picture of the room below is a "before" picture of her nursery. Colors are purple, green and grey.
-My appointment last Friday went very well and was the first one where I didn't get stabbed with a needle or have any tests ran! It was almost normal. My next appointment will be with the high risk doctor around 32 weeks, where they will do a growth scan and double check everything. If that goes well I might not have to see the high risk doctor again. My only concern is that I am measuring about 2 weeks smaller than normal. My mom assures me that her measurements were always off and my sis and I were tiny babies.
-Eyan is starting to figure out this whole baby sister is coming idea. He hugs her and kisses my tummy and is just being sweet! God I am so nervous about that not lasting.
-I purchased a carseat cover (yes I realize the voided warranty stuff), and made my boy carseat all girly. I also super cleaned the awesome glider I got off Craigslist!m Let the nesting begin!
-Overall I feel ok, my hips and back have been bothering me, but I think a lot of that has to do with all the work we've put into moving into the basement. I've had headaches here and there and some random bouts of nausea, but otherwise I'm just trying to keep going and avoid the fatigue.