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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

TAT: Christmas Traditions!

Growing Up Geeky is hosting another GREAT topic for this week.  Christmas Traditions!  Jason and I have several and most are the same as everyone else, but due to the chaos of the basement, some of those traditions are lacking...a lot.

1. Decorating the outside of the house and purchasing one big item for our display.  We have decorated the house (watch for the update on this), but as far as the big item, we have not bought that.  Eyan has been eyeing one of those dang blow up Santa helicopters.  I have refused as I just don't feel like they scream Christmas (I also hate the look of LED lights, although due to the drastic savings on energy, I switched).  However, I was going to give in, I was going to purchase the helicopter, and then by sheer luck, it was sold out.  So we are still on the look out...I'm thinking those fancy icicle lights.

2. Putting up the inside decorations the day after Thanksgiving.  Or in our case a week later because we could not access all the darn decorations.  But we did it and it looks good, not great, but good.

3. Going to see Santa. We always go to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa (because its free, and I LOVE free...plus they have cool kids stuff to do!)  I'll update this later too!

4. Hometown Light Parade. Our little town has been putting on a little light parade for a little over 10 years.  It's cute and quaint, and short enough that Eyan will sit through it.  Plus they have free hot chocolate!

5. Denver Zoo Lights!  We have gone to the zoo lights every single year since the zoo started!  We have not gone this year, but we will go, probably in the next week.  I already have my tickets!  I got an update saying that the zoo had several new light sculptures which I am so excited about.  Eyan is very into christmas lights this year and so I know he will love this.  Plus my mom usually brings delicious hot chocolate (spiked if you would like...I will not partake this year).

There is definitely more, but they are just typical traditions.  Happy Tuesday!


  1. Ooh, lights at the zoo...that sounds so fun!

  2. We plan on seeing the lights at our local zoo too this year!

  3. Sounds like fun! We also love to put our decorations up the day after Thanksgiving and the outside lights are big with us as well! :]


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