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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thursday Thoughts: Oh the Chaos

Seriously what is life without some chaos?  I think I kinda enjoy it...kinda

Yesterday was CRAZY!  No joke, I didn't hardly have a moment to sit down, when I did I was on the phone with 31 parents explaining to them about how their perfect child (see: crazy) has overstepped a boundary and how this will not fly.  My 5th hour Biology class was just not mature or appropriate yesterday and so after a warning I called EVERY parent in that class.  Needless to say I am SO excited to see how 5th hour goes today!

In the time that I did not have to sit down, I also did not get to drink a lot of water.  This became problematic at my doctors appt yesterday...which was also just pure chaos.

The office was already behind so they quickly ran me back took my vitals and then sent me back out the waiting room until an OB room was open.  Once I finally got into a room (with my mom & Eyan tagging along), the doctor came in and did the whole tummy measurement (measuring exactly 25 cm) and checked the heartbeat (149 bpm) and made some small talk asking if I had been feeling her move 10 times in 2 hours.  I said "no but I have been super busy today and not really paying attention, I am sure she is moving."  Yeah that apparently is the wrong thing to say.  I was informed I would have to sit on the monitors for an NST for about 30-40 minutes.

I also requested a quick ultrasound so Eyan could get a better idea about the baby in my belly, but basically all we could get her to do was show us her hands and the goods (still a GIRL!!!).  So Eyan wasn't too interested.  Oh they also realized that my high risk perinatologist ordered my gestational diabetes test earlier than normal, so they gave me that tasty ( yuck!) orange sugar drink and sent me on my way to be monitored.

The monitoring went fine.  Little missy would not stay in one place so the nurse actually had to stay there an move the monitor around constantly to keep a consistent heartbeat.  My mom took Eyan downstairs to grab a snack and while she did that we set little missy's birthday!  March 11th at 9:30 am I should be meeting this little girl!  AHHH thats only like 13 weeks away!

I also had to quickly fill out mine and Jason's FMLA paperwork and pray that they get that processed by Friday because the hubby only has a week to get it in!

After the monitoring, glucose drink, ultrasound and FMLA paperwork, I had to run to the lab to get my blood work done for the final part of the gestational diabetes test.  Guess what...that was hell.  Yeah, remember how I did not drink a bunch of water yesterday because I was calling parents and yelling at crazy 9th graders, that totally made my bloodwork suck!  Basically they stuck me and could not even get 1 vile out of my arm.  So then they went through my hand and got 1.5 viles out of there (in like 5 minutes).  Finally they stuck my other arm and got the last 1.5 viles.  I was back in the lab for over 10 minutes while my blood was slowly and I mean SLOWLY being pulled out.  Today I am a bruised mess, and freaking out that I probably failed since my blood wasn't even pouring out and I had little water.  I wasn't expecting the GD test until 28 weeks.  Dang the luck...I will let you know how those results go, but I am fully expecting the 3 hour test or the dreaded GD news.

So once we finally got to leave (2 hours later!) I get home, Jason has cooked (thank God!) and I eat.  Neighbor lady invited us over to have Eyan and Wyatt play together so I said by to hubby and ran across the street to have the boys finally hang out.  Wyatt looks and acts almost 100% like him!  What a blessing and miracle his surgery was.  He has been seizure free for almost 3 weeks and aside from some motor skill issues and blindness (can see its just not great), he is doing amazing.  They boys played and even both of them got so so sad when it was time for us to say goodbye.  Melt my heart!

Crazy Wednesday, but overall, I got to see little missy, hang with my mom, kiss my hubby, snuggle my boy and watch in amazement as one little boy continued to regain his life back!  Blessed!


  1. Your day made me tired just reading about it! I hope your blood work comes back clear!

  2. What a long day,LOL!!! I am hoping for good blood results.

  3. boo I just failed my 1 hour glucose test on Friday with a 185 ...errrr. I have to do the 3 hour test this week. Not fun at all!

    Good Luck!!


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