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Friday, December 21, 2012

Visiting Santa @ Bass Pro

How terrible that it is 4 days from Christmas and we literally had the Santa visit almost 5 weeks ago and I am barely getting to publishing the photos from this.  Seriously I keep forgetting, but here is our fantastic visit with Santa at Bass Pro Shop in photos!

Bass Pro Shop is fantastic and does all of these awesomely cool free things for kids.  See how much fun we had!

Eyan actually made this ornament!  Well he glued all the pieces down without help!
I'm raising a genius!  This is one of the free ornaments they offer for kids to make.
My dad's version of the "child leash."  He uses his wallet chain and Eyan loves it.
Eyan loved looking at the 4-wheelers
Mom & Eyan riding the FREE carousel!  He loved this and waved every time they came around.
The official Santa photo.  Eyan was directed not to cry and to be polite.  He got up there said "RC CAR PLEASE" took this photo and then jumped off quickly.  
I tried to zoom in on one of Jason's iPhone pictures...Dang quality


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