We Got the FUNK: February 2012

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Eyan and his cousin Leah! (She is 4...he is a beast!)

Happy Leap Day!!!

TAT- Eyans Nursery

Today I am linking up with Growing Up Geeky for: 

This weeks topic is nurseries!  Although we are no longer expecting baby number 2,  I am in love with Eyan's nursery and it is one of my favorite rooms in the entire house!

We hand painted all of the airplanes on the walls, added a chair rail and made the curtains.  The furniture was purchased at Babies R' Us, is convertible and sturdy as hell.   His bedroom theme was camouflage and airplanes.  I never had a theme or nursery idea planned out with Eyan.  This one just fell in my lap.  We were shopping at Target one evening and happened to pass by the bedding set with camouflage airplanes on it and right then and there is was decided and purchased..  The best part was about a week later they clearanced out the entire bedroom set so I was able to take back what I purchased and buy everything back at the clearanced price (I saved over $75.00)!  I Love Bargain Shopping!!!
View from the hallway

His crib all set up

The changing table

The tall dresser
 The next picture is something near and dear to my heart.  A great friend of mine from work came up with the name Ninja when Eyan was just kicking the crap out of me with morning sickness.  I would literally get up, get ready for work, avoid eating, teach 1st hour, throw up a good portion of 2nd hour, sleep under my desk 3rd hour (plan) and then eat lunch for 2 full hours.  I lost over 20lbs in the first 16 weeks of my pregnancy and then he started actually kicking.  He would flip and kick and go crazy in my belly, so the nickname "Ninja" stuck.  It is what we called him and still call him to this day.  My friend knitted Eyan this adorable ninja star and I took the ultrasound picture of his little feet, some scrapbooking skills and a shadow box and put this together.  It hangs in his room and is just adorable!

Well there is my beautiful Ninja's nursery!  Hope you enjoyed it!

Monday, February 27, 2012


Betcha didn't know that!

I have been scrapbooking like crazy for about 6-7 years.  In that time I have done about 8 albums.  I did a book for myself from age 0-21, a book for my sister for her graduation from 0-18, a wedding album for my parents 25th wedding anniversary, Eyans baby book, our wedding, our honeymoon, a cheerleading album for one of my teams, and I am working on an album for Jason and his childhood.  I just freaking adore it.  So I though I would share with you some of my favorite pages from Eyans book.  Maybe later on I will post some of my wedding & honeymoon albums.

Page 1:  I love this page for many reasons, first is because I just got a cricket and this was the first page I used it on!  Second, it because these pictures are so emotional for me to look at.  In one my hubby is crying and the other is the 1st time I really got to hold him!  Third is because both Jason and I wrote Eyan a note about our wishes for him and his future.  So touching to read this!

Page 2: I love this page because it encompasses the idea of "scrap" booking.  I took a gift bag that someone gave us and cut it up and used it as the page.  The area with his name is from the bag as are the four different colored squares with the hands and feet.  I also added his birth announcement from the paper, the one that we ordered and sent to immediate family as well as a penny from the year he was born and some history from the day he was born.  

Page 3:  This page is extremely emotional for me.  It has Eyan with every single grandparent & great-grandparent and great-great grandparent that I or Jason has known!  If you look at the picture on the left at the top you can see Eyan sitting up next to a frame.  That is Jason's mom in that picture.  She died right before we found out we were pregnant with him and I just cherish these pictures because I really feel like she was right there with us when we were taking them. Just diagonal to that is Eyan and his great-great grandmother.  She waited for Eyan and my cousin to be born and was just so excited to see these babies.  She past away in late 2010 and I know that Eyan and my cousin were just the light of her life towards the end.  I cherish the fact that Eyan will be able to look at this page one day and know that each one of his grandparents loved him even if he doesn't remember meeting them.

I love coming up with new page ideas and coordinating pages!  Is this your interest too?  Post some pics, lets exchange some ideas!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sponsor Swap?


I am looking for fellow bloggers to swap buttons with. I will devote a post just to your blog or shop, as well as a 2 FB and Twitter posts!!! I know it's not much, but I'm new to this and want to make sure if I promise it, it gets done. Please comment below if you would like to swap or email me at toxict15@gmail.com.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weekly Laughs

Oh Dear!  What a crazy week I have had, as you have probably read :)

Well I am linking up with my friend over at The Mommyhood Chronicles for her awesome blog hop!  Check her out and grab her button!

Here goes!

1. Eyan is learning his ABC's.  It goes something like this, "A, B, C, D, E, E, G, H, I, K, Y, G, O, Q, S, V, W, X, Y, Z, now know know know A, B, C, sing, me!"  It is beyond adorable but my favorite part is when he says KYGO!  That is because it is our Country Radio Stations call letters, so he picked that one up on one of our many jam sessions in the car!!!

2. I wasn't going to include this one initially, but my kid is just being too darn cute this morning.  First when I went to pick him up out of his crib, he sang, "goodmorning, goodmorning!"  Then about 10 minutes ago he was shooting his Nerf dart gun at our curtains and the dart stuck to the curtain (they are the velcro ones).  He walked over to me and said, "Honey, Get It Please."  Oh I snatched that little monster up and kissed the heck out of him, then I got the dart.

3.  Yesterday during my evaluation, my students were learning about the Russian Imperial Family and their issue of the genetic disease hemophilia.  At some point in conversation, twins and polar bears came up.  The polar bears came up when we were discussing inbreeding and how it is important to keep a diverse gene pool so that you do not get people or animals with rare genetic diseases as frequently.  I mentioned that the Denver Zoo recently exchanged their male polar bear with one from another zoo and then I got this question, "So, what if they have sex in the pool, does that change their genes?"  My response, "Kid, a gene pool is not an actual pool full of water it is just an expression we use to represent all the available genes in a population."  The poor girl just blushed like crazy.  The second question came when the topic of twins came up.  Recently one of our teachers was a surrogate for an asian family and delivered triplets.  One of my great students asked, "So since Mrs. blahblah is white and had those Asian babies, do they look like her even though they are not her genes at all?"  The principals reaction was the best, she looked at the kid, threw her hands up and started laughing hysterically.  I giggled and said, "Not, unless they were her blood relatives would the babies possibly look like her."  Oh goodness, sometimes my students can be so funny!

4. I was very tired Wednesday morning and although I got dressed in my large closet with the lights on, I still managed to wear my bra inside out...all day.  Now that is a skill ladies!

5. I've been down a little bit lately over all this miscarriage business.  The depression has lead to a large weight loss (about 20lbs...which needed to go anyway!).  Regardless, my excitement for the week, was being able to put on my size 10 jeans and having them be too big, but also comfortable!!!  I danced around in those jeans like a giddy teenager!  Its been 3 years since those fit!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Friday

Beautiful Snowy Morning Sunrise 
(Took on my way driving to work)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Somedays I wonder if I am cut out for this?

Teaching that is. I'm a good teacher...scratch that I'm a bad ass teacher! My students love me, parents love me and my admin loves me. I constantly have to remind myself of these facts as I deal with the day to day chaos of being a high school teacher.

Today was exceptionally crappy, I was exceptionally crappy. Period 1 went great, period 2 ehhh not so much. I couldn't meet my team to plan because for the first time all school year I procrastinated and didn't write my lesson. Shoot I didn't even really look at the lesson until the night before. What makes this worse is that this is a lesson I am getting evaluated on...tomorrow! Also 2 other teachers were waiting on it which is pretty crappy for them. I finally looked at the lesson idea and got "teachers-block!" (similar to writers block). I could not figure out how this particular topic was supposed to wrap up our current topic and introduce next week. I went to tell the other teachers that I was struggling and needed some ideas and both of these ladies (who are old enough to be my mom!) scolded me instead of helped me. I felt defeated and with only 7 minutes left in my plan I accomplished nothing and had 3 full hours of teaching ahead until my next plan hours.

Periods 3 & 4 went great, and for the most part period 5 went well. The only issue was with a boy in my class who was having prank week with a girl in the other Biology class. He told me the other girl killed his corn plant and I said "that's not nice!" Well about 2 minutes later we had to walk through that classroom the other girl was in to get to our corn plants and as we were taking our plants back to the classroom, the girl told me you can't talk about students like that! I said yes I can, that was not nice! Well I find out a few minutes later that one of her friends who is in my class and partners with my prank boy told her friend I said "bitches." Now obviously I did not and I was very upset and told tattle tale girl she better tell her friend the right story, and she did, but it just made me wonder, am I cut out for this job?

Both of my colleagues who were waiting on my lesson heard the stuff go down and I just felt like it made me look bad on top of already being late getting my lesson out...even though I did nothing wrong. So frustrating!!!!

Period 6 & 7 are my plans and I worked furiously to get the lesson done, but grades were due today so when the bell rang for me to teach 8th hour I clearly knew I would be staying after to not only finish my lesson but put my grades in.

8th hour my kids were completely disrespectful and not listening so instead I taught in a whisper and out of 34 students only about 11 listened...defeated! So I handed out the assignment and only helped those kids who were listening. I know I could have easily got that classroom under control, I just was not feeling like I was worth a crap as a teacher at that moment and couldn't muster the drive. Eventually all the students were on task and kids who could not balance equations were rocking the heck out of it, but for those 10 minutes where only 11 were respectful enough to listen I felt pretty terrible as a teacher.

So I spent 2 hours after school finishing that lesson and grading like crazy and thinking. Thinking that I am such a crappy teacher, that today showed me that I am not cut out for this and beating myself up. Is this fact? Probably not. I hear more positives than I do negatives but I do know that I need to figure something out. Maybe I am to laid back this semester...it's not like I have been dealing with anything tragic or anything! I just haven't been myself since the baby died and maybe that's why I am beating myself up. Ugh! Who knows, but I could use some encouragement.

I'm sure people think I beat him

Oh geeze! I obviously don't beat my child, but occasionally he abuses himself with my stupid help. Take Saturday for example, mommy decided not to buckle Eyan into his crappy umbrella stroller because we were only going about 15 yards to the next animal exhibit where he of course would want out to see better. So off we walked when my smart baby boy decided for some reason to walk right out of his stroller! Face first into the concrete in his snow suit. Ugh! Skinned up nose, tears...staple "Worst Mom of the Day" into my heart!

Sunday I went to pick Eyan up and he decided he wanted to play the flip over game in the kitchen on the tile floor. I missed his idea and off of my chest he kicks over and I being already awarded "Worst mom of the Day," earn the next award up, as I managed to accidentally drop him straight on his back with his head whip lashing onto the tile floors. "Worst Mom of the Week" has now been claimed ladies.

So with a sore nose and a sore head/back/neck I woke up every few hours just to wake him up and make him talk to me about whatever I could get him to say. Ugh! I hate when my baby is hurt, I worry about him all the time.

Anyway here is a sad little picture of Eyans poor skinned up nose! It's all better now and he is off vacuuming the house happily as we speak! Happy Thursday!!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A day in the life of...ME!

I've been trying to write this post from my school laptop for over an hour and of course my internet decides to crap out! Ugh! This is literally the story of my life, nothing comes easy and I am always working. So here are something's you should know about me:

1. I am insanely OCD...I like organization, clean areas, and everything in its place.
2. I am a high school science teacher. I teach biology and chemistry. I love my job.
3. I was raised to be a hard worker and it helps that I am also very energetic.

Lately I have been reading awesome blogs written by some amazing SAHM's! I can relate to those mommies a lot because I am a SAHM every summer and I enjoy almost every moment of it. However, I feel like a point of view has been missing from the mommy blog world (or at least the ones I am following). Many of the blogs I read are also working mommies, but I don't get to read a lot on their perspective of being a full-time out of the house, working mom. So I thought I would share a day in my life to hopefully spark some of those other full-time mommies to share!!!

5:35 am- My alarm goes off and I hit snooze at least 2 times or until my 60lb dogs begin to jump on and off the bed forcing me out of bed before their noise wakes up Eyan.

6:00-feed the dogs, pick up any toys in the living room that I was to lazy to take care of the night before or unload the dishwasher. Head upstairs to get ready for work.

6:30- my mom comes to pick up Eyan. It's always a scramble to pack his bag, make his cup, make my lunch and both his and my quick breakfast. I'm allergic to most breakfast food so I usually eat something small like a granola bar, toast or bagel. Eyan always wants what I have so I give him part of whatever I have knowing full well he will eat a ton more at grandmas.

6:40- drive to work

7:05- arrive at work, grab my stuff and head to period 1.

7:15- teach teach teach! This weeks topic is genetics and punnett squares.

8:10- plan

9:15-teach 3 more hours straight and dream about my delicious lunch all while I deal with pubescent children and their amazing questions! Today's question that made me pause: Mrs. Funk does codominance happen in people? Me: I bet it could but I can't think of anything right off my head. Student: can you find out if that is why Michael Jackson was black and white? Me: ugh...think about if that was school appropriate.

12:15-LUNCH! Also more plan time, I usually make my copies for my last hour and the next days copies. I also grade, go to meetings, plan lessons, call parents and 50 other things including catching up on my favorite blogs!!!

2:05- teach my last class and count the minutes until I see my monster child.

3:00- bell rings, take my stuff back to my desk, quickly set up for the next day and grab all my bags and go out to my truck.

3:15- drive to Jens to pick up Eyan

3:45- pick up Eyan, snuggle the adorable kittens and visit with Jen! (after all she is my family and I love her just as much as my kid does!)

4:00-Drive home singing and laughing and talking about the cows we see on our way home.

4:15-Arrive at home, let out the dogs and grab something out of the freezer and thaw for dinner.  Watch some Mickey Mouse with Eyan and play for about an hour.

5:00-Start cooking dinner.  Tonight I made fancy macaroni and cheese (boiled asparagus, tri-color rotini, Johnsonville chicken sausage & ragu cheese sauce all mixed together...cook DELICIOUS time approx 20 mins...!)

5:30-Eat dinner as a family at the table.

5:45-I begin my daily ritual of cleaning my huge kitchen.  I load the dishwasher, wipe down all counters, clean the microwave, stove top, island, sink and put away dinner.  I need to have a clean kitchen and cleared counters to function.  This is one of my OCD issues.

6:00-Feed dogs dinner and fish too!  Then either play around with the baby, or do house chores for a couple hours.  Tonight I did 3 loads of laundry and put it away, vacuumed the main floor, scrubbed my gigantic kitchen floors and ran to Target because we were out of milk.

8:00-Bedtime for Eyan.  Includes a bath every other day (My mom gives him ones during the day on the evenings that I do not.)

8:30-Mommy and Daddy time to relax, read FB, blog, watch our shows, and spend time with each other.

9:30-Jason starts to get ready for work, I begin to doze off on the couch.

10:00-Jason leaves for work...I either fall asleep on the couch or head upstairs.  The day is over usually.

So this is my typical day.  I try to keep a pretty clean house, which means that I am constantly picking up messes after Eyan goes to bed or when he and his daddy are playing.  Tonight when I was cleaning the floors Eyan decided to help me which was funny!  I think this probably sounds like all I do is clean, but in reality I am talking and taking care of my family from the minute I get home.   I try to live by the motto that if the chore takes 60 seconds or less do it now and do it quickly (I heard this on Oprah and it really helps.)  These are simple chores like taking a minute and quickly putting away toys Eyan is not playing with, or putting those 1 or 2 dirty dishes in the dishwasher, changing the toilet paper roll and whatever other little thing I can do in 60 seconds or less.  I also choose 1 or 2 major chores to complete each day, sometimes I do them, others I don't...mostly they get left for the weekend and I play like crazy with my monster!

So working mommies, how do you balance it all?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My First Toddler Review

So I did a little poll on my Blogs Facebook page and although only 2 people responded, I cherish their input and am answering back with a toddler review of products that we use constantly in our house!  I do have a TON of reviews for baby/nursing mama stuff, but right now we are in the toddler stage so I am starting here.

1. Sears Kidvantage Club!  Such a great way to keep your kids clothes nice and replace worn out clothes with no cost!  Check this out and sign up now!!!

2.  Fisher Price Drill Action Tool Set:  This is by far Eyan's favorite toy.  It is played with daily and I am confident that if I let him sleep with it, he would!  It is a fairly quiet toy which mommy and daddy love and is fun for him!
3. Closet maid cube organizers:  We LOVE these!  They make a toy box so much more classy and organized.  We currently have one in our living room, which eventually will be moved downstairs when the playroom/basement is finished and we also bought the one below for Eyan's room once we move the changing table out and convert his bed to a toddler bed.  I hate the tacky kids toolboxes and this one is so much nicer.  Now if I could get the 4 wheeler, cozy coupe car, scooter and kiddie couch out of my living room and into the playroom I would be SO much more happy!

4. Aveeno:  My kid has the 3 most common and fully related health related issues; Asthma, Eczema & Allergies!  Yay Us!  Frequently Eyan gets super dry skin right on the top of his booty and on his face.  We recently started using Aveeno to help with the itchy Eczema and it has been great!  It makes him stop itching and along with his prescription medicine it helps to quickly clear up the rash.  

The next set of review items all center around bedtime in our house.  At this point it is probably relevant to tell you that Eyan does not consistently sleep through the night, he still wakes up and needs me to rock, talk, get milk and scare monsters at least 4 times a week.  He usually only gets up 1-2 times a night, but for the first year it was 4-6 times a night.  So the following products are things that help us sleep better. 

5.  A sound machine:  Our neighbors to the southeast of us are drug addicts and alcoholics and are consistently playing their music so loud and partying so hard that I can sing the lyrics to their music in my sleep.  The cops around here are worthless, so I have resorted to other methods to drown out the crazy sound.  This is a God send and Eyan does not sleep well without it on.  It drowns out the idiots and creates a very peaceful calm in his room. 

6. The Mighty Grip Sippy Cup:  This is the only cup Eyan will drink from to go to sleep.  Yes I broke bottles but I am not ready to fight the fight of no milk at night.  Don't judge, just deal.  What works for one does not work for all.  Eyan loves this cup probably because the handles are easy to hold onto, the spout is slow flow and it is soft.

7. Huggies Overnights:  So now that I have confessed to still getting up at night and providing my kid with whatever he wants including milk you can imagine the massive diapers he can wake up with.  Well after a month of him waking up soaking wet and having to wash and sterilize his bedding and bed (because I am that OCD!) we decided to try these diapers and let me tell you how freaking awesome they are!  Eyan has not even woke up 1 time soaked through.  Best $20.00 I have spent on diapers!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Brown Chicken Brown Cow

I promised the video of my sweet boy busting a move to his own song.  "Bow Chica Wow Wow!"  See his skillz below!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

ID Theft?

Recently I was reading Facebook and saw a post from a good family friend about the need for all parents to start checking their kids credit report.  What I found out was that her barely college age daughter had her identity stolen when she was a young kid and now she is fighting to get her identity back.  Another lady posted that her daughter had 3 mortgages taken out in her name, the first one when she was 8 years old!  I was baffled by this.  My family friend contacted me and asked me to blog about this and I was so willing to share this with all my mommy readers.  We all have so much on our minds that the last thing is our child's credit reports.

I had planned on writing this about a week ago and it slipped my mind...see how easy that happens!  Well yesterday as I was getting all my tax information together, I went online to check our bank account and low and behold some a--hole snagged my husbands debit card number (not the card) along with his pin!  I was LIVID!  My mom used to manage a bank and has always advised us NEVER to use our pin numbers unless we are at our banks ATM, because people can easily steal your pin number and card number.  I immediately harassed my husband about what he was spending money on and where he withdrew the money from.  After a lengthy interrogation I realized that my hubby hardly ever remembers his pin number and often has to take my debit card to get money.  I also realized that he was at work when the transactions took place.  There was just no way he could have spent the money since he cannot leave his job for security reasons.  I called the bank and they temporarily shut down our cards and locked our account which means that until Tuesday or Wednesday we will not have access to any of our money...this also means that a few of our major bills will for the first time ever BOUNCE!  I am so freaking stressed but I was told not to contact those companies so I am following directions.

So anyway this brought the whole credit report issue to the forefront in our household again.  Tonight I finally got a chance to run our credit reports.  Everything looks okay right now, let's just hope that it stays this way.  I also tried to run Eyan's report to see if there was anything to be concerned about and much to my surprise/naivety I was unable to pull his report...so out came the google research!  I came across an excellent video/article about when to access your child's credit report and how to do it.  I HIGHLY recommend you take 5 minutes and read this article on MSNBC.  I am going to wait a couple years before I write the company to get any information on Eyan, because I do not feel like Eyan meets any of the qualifications for me to be concerned.  The qualifications can be found HERE.

I hope that many of you take these articles to heart and keep them in the back of your mind throughout your children's 18 years at home.  I know I will.  Also, I apologize for not being the best writer this evening.  I am very tired and wrecked my kid not once but twice this weekend so emotionally I am spent.  More on this later.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Silly's! Blog Hop

Linking up with my favorite Hop Hostess, The Mommyhood Chronicles for her weekly Top 5 Saturday Laughs!

I am not entirely sure that I have 5 laughs to share, but I am going to try.  This week has been busy, somewhat reflective and emotional so I think I spent a lot of time sleeping and cooking and not as much time laughing.  We will work on that this week.

1.  My kid has dancing skills.  Apparently his dad taught him to say "Bow Chica Wow Wow" and dance all at once!  It is so damn cute, I cannot help but smile and laugh a bit.  I will upload the video later this week of him going to town singing and dancing.

2. My kid likes to cuss.  Ugh, I know I promised I would work on this, and I have...Grandma however has not.  My mom likes to pretend she owns the roads when she drives and yells at other drivers.  Guess this weeks road rage word was "Drive Fuckers!"  Eyan jumped in on the backseat driving as well and responded with those exact words when he was with Jen (his babysitter) yesterday!   I had to call grandma and tell her that she HAS TO watch her language.  Also to top it off when I told Eyan, "No bad words,"  He responded with "Damnet!"  I am so screwed.

3. My kid is accident prone:  Today we went to the zoo.  Sometime between me getting in the shower and 10 minutes later he got a small cut in the side of his eye.  That was minor, the #momfail at the zoo was me not re-buckling my kid into the crappy umbrella stroller so he could promptly stand up as we were rolling down the walkway and hit nose first on the concrete wasn't so minor.  It's not super funny but just imagine a little boy with a skinned up nose, cut eye corner and a mommy trying to kiss it and make it all better all while he is screaming and saying NO MOMMY!  Can we say hott mess?

4.  Sh*t my students say: "So what would have happen if Hitler had an African American baby?"  My response, "Go to the deans office!"  You would be amazed at the thoughts going through their heads as I am explaining genetics and heredity.  

5.  My mom said something really funny this past week, that made me think that I needed to put that in my laughs post and of course as I am writing this, I cannot remember.  So I will edit this at a later time when I do remember.  I was epic!
**EDIT** My kid went after my parents dog Duke who is a 6 year old Yellow Lab and is just as handsome as can be!  He does however have an allergy issue which breaks out very random areas and inflames others...like his butthole!  Eyan went to grab Dukes tail and my mom said, "watch out that will swallow you up, he can fit Jupiter in there!"  I about spit soda out of my nose laughing so hard!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Thoughts: I want another one NOW!

First of all, Thank You to everyone that entered my 100th post Boogie Wipes Giveaway!  A winner was announced on the Rafflecopter where you entered, so go check if you won!!!

Now to the meat of my Thursday Thoughts.  As you may or may not know 3 weeks ago after a good 2 month wait I finally miscarried my precious angel baby.  It was tough both emotionally and physically and I am still healing from this loss.  I was excited to be a mommy again, to be pregnant and cute again, to wear those comfy clothes, find out the sex, decorate the nursery, document the pregnancy on the blog, but MOST of all to share another part of my heart with a new baby!  Now this is all I can think about...and it is driving me crazy.  I have a ton of "what ifs" going through my head and I have been trying to rationalize ALL of these!

I want another child, but I want a healthy child and and healthy pregnancy (to read about my pregnancy/delivery with Eyan go HERE).  So I sit and I wonder, is my poor little body ready for another pregnancy so quickly?  Am I emotionally ready?  Are we actually financially ready?  If I did get pregnant again would this pregnancy lead to yet another miscarriage?  Do I do the blood testing to see IF anything is actually wrong? The list goes on and on.


So I open up my comments and my heart to my readers in hope that some of you can share your insight.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Last Day to Enter!

Today is the very last day to enter the awesome BOOGIE WIPES giveaway!  

There are a relatively low amount of entries and a winner will be announced tomorrow!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Little Monkey Bizness Fun

My friend Censie over at Building Our Story and also my February sponsor, wrote several months about a great Denver business called Little Monkey Bizness! I took Eyan and a friend to this place a few months ago and they had a great time but Eyan was not quite ready and walking well enough to enjoy the bigger and more exciting toys.

Fast forward to Saturday and Eyan and I had a mommy and me day. We went to Little Monkey Bizness and although it was super packed and probably over capacity with all the adults, Eyan had a great time playing and sliding and chasing other kids. We did have an incident where my beautiful baby boy gave another kid a slight nudge down a slide and had his first play place apology, but other than that Eyan was polite and wonderful.

Things that I love about this place is that you only pay for your child! $5.00 for under 1 and $9.00 for 1 and over! I like that parents can get on most of the equipment with their children and play right along! I like the arts and crafts room, Eyan has painted us a great picture and made his daddy a cute card. I don't drink coffee but they offer Seattles Best Coffee and free wifi.

Things that could use improvement. 1. On a snowy day there is not really any place to put all your winter apparel. 2. I am almost positive they were over capacity. 3. Many parents did not keep an eye on their children and again I resorted to my teacher face and voice on several kids that were being mean and aggressive to others. I get that we all need a break but come on people watch your damn children!

Ok so here are some pictures!


First of all, DON'T FORGET to enter my AWESOME BOOGIE WIPES GIVEAWAY here:
Boogie Wipes Giveaway

Now onto the Fun!
I should tell you that my family owns roller skating rinks and that it is a huge joke in our family that we all come out wearing skates when were born.  Eyan was no exception.  At 4 months we put him on skates and by 6 months we were walking him on skates (with a lot of help.)  So it should be no surprise that at 22 months my kid can skate on his own and ENJOYS it!

Sunday Eyan and I went skating at one of our rinks and Eyan had a blast hanging with his cousin Caleb.  Check out my crazy skating ninja!

Skating by himself
Playing games on skates!
Eyan and Caleb
Watching the lights
Happy skating boys!

Sorry about the lag in blogging.  I was exhausted and was in bed early the last couple of nights. 
Happy Valentines Day!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Laughs of the week!

Teaming up with www.themommyhoodchronicles.com for this weeks top 5 Saturday laughs!!!

I love this blog hop! So here we go!

1. Monday we got a little more snow added to are already foot from the last storm. I drive a big beautiful Tahoe with new tires and four wheel drive. So the roads were not terrible for me that morning. For the teenage boy driving the 94 Honda Accord on bald tires they were. I'm betting that if he would have looked left before running into the steel stepping boards of my truck he wouldn't have had to use the excuse " I lost traction". I laughed at the poor kid as my truck had basically a scuff mark and his car was beat and said next time don't gas it into the large SUV. He said "I'm so glad your not pissed, you look like you would have kicked my ass if you were!" I said no this is just my teacher face. ;)

2. I got home from parent teacher conferences this week and proceeded to try to convince Eyan to get ready for bed. He looks at me and says, "No...I'm vacuuming." Jason and I busted up laughing!

3. After getting Eyan out of the bathtub last night he escaped from me and decided to run around his room butt naked, and then peed on the floor. He tells me it's "poop." Potty training might be difficult if this is what pooping is.

4. I had a wonderful parent teacher conferences, all of the parents were complementing me on what a great job I am doing, how great my class website is, and how I am their child's favorite teacher! Those things are great to hear, but the best comment was, "oh, I did not expect you to be a woman, Funk sounds like a mans name!" I just laughed, apparently the dad forgot we have first names too!

5. Best student question this week, "Mrs. Funk, if sperm is in the ocean, can I get pregnant with like a whale baby?" ummm...no! Same student, "good because I'm a midget and whales scare me!" I just about peed my pants laughing! We live in Colorado it is 20 degrees out and my little student is scared of getting pregnant with a whale!!! My lord!

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Shoot! The kid likes Football...

...and Madonna!

When mommy cooks, we eat at the table as a family...except when the Super Bowl is on.  In this case I spread out this awesome mat that Eyan's friend Christie gave him and allowed him (and daddy) to eat in the living room so as to not miss a moment of the game!  I don't really like football, but I love the halftime show.

Eyan seriously sat and watched the last part of the 2nd quarter, the entire 1/2 time show and part of the 3rd quarter on that mat and happily ate my homemade pizza and delicious salad.  It was super cute, see for yourself.
Eyan eating and watching the game.
Dancing to Madonna...yeah DON'T tell my dad ;)
Eating and watching more of the commentary

Thursday, February 9, 2012

My 100th Post!

Today is my 100th post!

 100 days of my documenting life's ups and downs! I thought about how I would celebrate this post and my only idea is a GIVEAWAY!!!  I thought long and hard about what I could giveaway and I contacted a company that I truly believe in! 

Boogie Wipes is a "Momprenuer" run company that has developed a great product and has truly been a blessing in our household!  Boogie Wipes are made with natural saline on a very soft disposable cloth.  They come in 4 great scents; Great Grape, Fresh Scent, Minty Menthol, and Unscented.  

These wipes are awesome!  Eyan has very sensitive skin and these wipes are better than dry tissue!  They do not break his nose or cheeks out and they clean up his boogies so easily.  They are so soft, and Eyan LOVES to use them.  He actually throws tantrums when I take away the packages of Boogie Wipes because he wants to wipe his nose all the time.  I have actually used these wipes personally and honestly they really do feel great.  They are gentle, soft, and make noses happy!  I believe in these SO much that I probably have around 8 packages laying around my house and I buy these for all of my expecting friends.  I love spreading the "boogie news!"

One of our many packages

This is a daily activity!

Got one!


Boogie Wipes has generously offered one of my lucky readers a prize pack consisting of two 30 ct packages (scent combo varies), samples, as well as coupons (you know how I feel about coupons!)

Want to win?  ENTER BELOW!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Y3W-First Dentist Visit

My baby is a toddler...with 16 teeth...16 healthy teeth! 

I couldn't get any more pictures because he wanted to watch what the hygienist was doing and when I clicked the camera the flash would go off and he would get pissed, so here are the only two pictures I got.

Regardless, the kid did so good at the dentist.  He kept talking about teeth and his toothbrush and allowed the hygienist to look at his teeth and count them and was so sweet to the office ladies!

Open wide!
Sleepy after the visit.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Meet my nephewish...


 My sister is all grown up now in her own house and decided to add a little member to her family.  She got a cute tiny Weimeriner puppy for her birthday and my God is he so freaking CUTE!  He has the marks of a hound which means right now he looks like a tall dachtshund that is gray.   Apparently it is like 1 in a million or something like that when a Weimeriner has these marks. 

So cute!  Ashley and Zeus
Vicious!  See the hound marks on his cheek
Dreaming of a walk
Can you believe my monster named him too?  YUP!  Ashley asked Eyan what the puppy should be named and Eyan said Zeus!  So here he is!

Monday, February 6, 2012

February Sponsor!

I am new to this whole sponsor thing, but one blog I love to follow has generously agreed to sponsor swap with me!  Go check her blog out!  

Censie over at Building our Story is an incredible mommy and does some awesome giveaways on her blog.  I have won several of these including an entire personalized birthday party decoration set for Eyans 2nd birthday!  Seriously SO awesome!  

Censie not only writes about her adorable son Jude, but about her journey through weight loss, TTC, recipes and awesome toddler reviews.  I visit her site daily and she has been an inspiration and support for me throughout my experience with blogging. 

Check out Censie by grabbing her button or following her on FB!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Want to know how I Coupon?

I am constantly bragging on FB about my mad couponing skillz. Often I get messages asking how do I save money.  Usually my response is I just use this particular website, get the newspaper and go to the store.  Today I realized that it is just a bit more than that.

I want to encourage EVERYONE to use coupons.  For me it is so so fun to get free things or name brand products cheaper than the store brand!  It is really a lot easier than you would think and although that extreme couponing stuff does work, you tend to have to buy a lot of crap you don't really need.

I did succeed doing the extreme couponing stuff for one trip and I will tell you that it took me about 40 hours in one week just to prepare, I spent a lot less time with Eyan and a lot more time scouring the internet for the best deals.  I got a lot of free items, but truthfully they were not things that I often use and I am all about spending money on things we use.  I am not bashing the people that have huge stockpiles of free stuff, I just don't have room in my house for more stuff than we need.

So here is SOME of what I do have stockpiled:

Laundry detergent & softener (Paid $3.50 for each bottle of Tide & Downy)
My Full fridge & freezer.  We also have 1/2 full freezer outside
My pantry full of deliciousness!
Did I get everything for pennies on the dollar?  NO!  I paid, I just paid less than what the average person does and I saved about 25% doing it!  Is 25% a lot?  Depends on how much you value your money.  I feel like if I spend $400.00 on groceries a month and of that I save $100.00 using coupons and store deals then  I can either put that $100.00 towards our savings account or spend it on something fun!

I should also tell you that once a month I go on our major shopping trip and then about every 10 days I end up running to the store for either diapers or milk and some produce.  I coupon the entire time, and although I usually will spend an additional $100.00 in the month, I end up saving about $25.00 using coupons and store deals.

Does that make sense?  For example, today I went shopping and I spent a total of $375.00 on groceries, I used coupons and saved $86.00 bringing my total out of pocket to about $289.00 which is $11.00 under my goal of $300.00 for the beginning of the month.  I budget to spend $400.00 out of pocket on groceries per month including toiletries and cleaning supplies.  Which leaves me with $100.00 to spend for the rest of the month on things like diapers, produce and milk and I will coupon then and save at least another $30.00 to $40.00!

So how do I do this?
  1. When I first wanted to try this out I went to the Denver Post online and ordered ONLY the sunday paper for the coupons.  Since then however, I have been told that they offer only the coupons for free.  Its called the "YES!" deal or something.  You might have to research this because I don't even know if it is accurate or not.  I pay $4.33 a month (4-5 issues) and when I signed up I got a $10.00 gift card to King Soopers.  Regardless I spend $4.33 a month and save at least 20 times that amount so I don't mind paying.
  2. I also registered for free on a coupon match-up site, which works great for me.  It does the coupon match-ups for me so I can spend more time with Eyan.  (Coupon match-ups show you what is advertised on sale and matches the sale to any coupons that are out there and tells you where to find the coupons.)  The site is www.Couponmom.com and I use it about twice a month, but you could check it once a week if you have more time and don't have a toddler that wrecks computers.  It is pretty easy to use, just go to "coupon deals by state" and click on the store you want or the link that says "choose your state here" and you will be given the match-ups.  
  3. Start collecting coupons, whenever and wherever!  I get mine from the coupon inserts in the newspaper as well as from the website above.  Also with my King Soopers card we get an occasional coupon here and there and somehow we get target coupons mailed to us as well.  I think it is from registering for our wedding and the baby, but I really don't know.  Also I ALWAYS check Targets website for their in-store coupons and occasionally when I really really want an item I will google it with a phrase like, "Item printable coupon month year."  Example,  "Pepperidge Farm Swirl Bread printable coupon Feb 2012."
  4. Know your store coupon policy.  I personally shop at both Target and King Soopers.  King Soopers will double coupons up to a dollar in Brighton unless the coupon specifies otherwise.  This means that a $0.50 coupon is worth $1.00 and a $0.35 coupon is worth $0.70!  The only crappy thing about Kings is that they rarely offer a store coupon, but has a better grocery selection and some awesome sales.  Also there is some digital coupons that are great but you also need to know that those DO NOT double and that if you have a digital coupon and a paper coupon, the store will only take the digital and only take it once. This is the tricky part.  My advice is look up the policy or call.  Target allows you to pair a manufacturers coupon with a store coupon but does NOT double.  It takes like 5 minutes to call the store and get the policy.  They do change, so you might want to check every few months. 
  5. Understand that YOU CAN always pair a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon and if you manage to match this up with a sale you save the most money!  This is how the extreme couponers get those huge savings!  
  6. Check your weekly ads for sales and ONLY buy when things are on sale.  This is what I do.  Not everything we love is on sale all the time, so I tend to buy enough to get me through until the next sale at a great price and of course with a coupon.  Sales typically rotate through every 6 weeks to 3 months.  I am not that coupon savvy to know when a sale on something is going to happen, I just check the ads weekly and if there is something that I must have and I have a coupon for it then I will go get it, but that only happens like once every few months.  Toothpaste is one of those items.  King Soopers will do their 10 items for $10.00 and most times Colgate or Crest is only a $1.00 and since they double coupons I usually get it for free.  At this point I have a good year supply of toothpaste and it cost me $0.00!
  7. Be organized!  I used to have a little coupon organizer that worked but I was searching through the small space for a while trying to find a specific coupon with a monster toddler.  Also trying to separate the coupons I planned on using and ones I didn't was a pain.  So finally after about 6 months of using this particular system, I finally upgraded to a little (and I mean little) coupon binder like you have seen on Extreme Couponers.  I was reluctant to bring it to the store because of the cart room it would take up, and figuring out a new system, but it was AWESOME!  I have 10 pages of cheap ($1.00 store) baseball card holders and an old binder that my sister used in college.  I went through and organized all my coupons by type and order that I find them in the store.  I can do this easily because I have a semi-photographic memory and I remember the layout of the store and what item is in which isle very easily.  I will tell you that it today was the first day that I used the binder and I had to shop by myself for the first time in a while with a little monster.  I was a bit scared using this new system and having Eyan to entertain, but it was SO much easier.  It did take me about 1.5 hrs to organize the binder, but the time I save in the store was so much shorter.  I was in and out of Kings in 1.5 hours on SUPERBOWL Sunday with a toddler at nap time and I only forgot 1 item!
My Coupon Binder!

Don't feel like you look poor!  No joke someone actually told me that they felt like they looked poor or like a cheapskate using coupons.  Ummm.  At the end of the day I have more money in my pocket to spend on awesome stuff like vacations and pampering and great quality toys for my kid.  Plus I got the same great items for cheaper.  Coupons and money are both paper and both valued.  Smart people use coupons!

With coupons I have gotten free, bananas, macaroni & cheese, pancake mix, toothpaste, propel water, candles, febreeze and SEVERAL other items.

That is all I have today, if I remember anymore I will post!