We Got the FUNK: May 2012

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Toddler Training Pt 4

My hubby busted his butt and turned Eyans room from a nursery into a big boy bedroom tonight. Oh dear! The room looks fantastic and initially Eyan was excited to be able to get in and out of his bed and bring toys in it and play with his new toy box and read books. But now we are an hour into bedtime and he is crying on and off and I just want to rescue him. I know he is ok and in an hour I will sneak into his room and snap pictures, but I'm sad. My baby is not a baby anymore.

This is again one of those moments parents go through and almost have to mourn. I am mourning the baby phase yet celebrating my amazing toddler!

Well not much to talk about here, but here are some pictures of the big boy room.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Toddler Training Pt 3...oh crap!

Well I guess the big boy bedroom will be happening sooner then we expected. Tonight as I was putting Eyan down for bed he crawled out of his crib and had I not been right there he could have broken his neck! It was super scary! So tomorrow we will be converting the crib, taking out the changing table and securing the tall dresser and new toy box to the walls.

I am sure that his sleeping will be pretty sucky the next several nights. This also means we will be at least another 10 days before potty training starts. Ugh! I was so geared up, now I am worried about his safety and have to change things up quicker then I was expecting. I sure hope this works!

Any ideas on how to make his transition from crib to toddler bed easier? HELP!

P.S...tonight is a cry it out kinda night. Unlike last night where he went straight to sleep we are 15 in and he is still crying and I am panicking that he is going to crawl out and break his neck.

WW: Eyan loves airplanes!

Saturday evening we watched planes land!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Toddler Training Pt 2.

Well we are 4 nights in and Eyan is sleeping about average. Last night he went to sleep after about 20 minutes of crying and 10 minutes of me rocking and explaining to him that mommy and daddy are so proud of him for being a big boy and not having milk at night. Once we had that chat, I laid him in his bed and he went right to sleep! He is learning and really doing better than I expected. He has only had hard spout sippy cups and regular cups since Saturday and has done great with that. We are still limiting his fluid intakes about 2 hours before bed and tonight marks 4 nights and naps that he has went to sleep without a milk cup!

My big exciting news for the day is that tonight when I took him into his room and he asked for his milk cup, I again explained to him what a big boy he is and how proud we are of him. I walked out of the room and he has not made a peep! This is after a 3.5 hour nap that ended at 5:30 and it's only 9:30 right now! He slept until 7:00 this morning too.

I am such a proud mommy right now! What a great job he is doing.

Oh and here is some pictures of Eyan and Caleb snuggling up watching Wall-E last week. Sorry I didn't post it with my Saturday laughs.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Toddler Training Pt 1

So Saturday I made the drastic decision to take away the nap time AND night time sippy cups. Why you ask? Well because we have 3 big toddler training goals to accomplish over the summer.

1. No more baby sippy cups!  Eyan has been quite particular to the silicon spout sippy cups, which lets be honest is just one step up from a bottle.  I have patronized this because mama needed some sleep, but now it is time to give up the baby cup and move up to the hard plastic big boy cups...but not before bed!

2.  Potty Training!  Now honestly I am confident that Eyan is in fact ready to train.  He has had numerous successes in the potty without a whole lot of prompting, but my concern is that he doesn't exactly tell us when he needs to go and even without a cup at night he is still waking up wet.  I even had him go potty in the potty before bed last night and he woke up wet this morning.  As I write this Eyan is getting into the bath and told me "I potty in potty mama" then he went!  So maybe my only worry is nighttime training.

3.  Big boy bedroom is the last goal.  Eyan still has a changing table and his crib in his room.  Unlike many people we use the changing table constantly but he is quickly outgrowing it and soon we will put a toy box in its place.  In addition, Eyan has never crawled out of his crib, so I have seen no real reason to turn it into a toddler bed yet.  As potty training gets closer, it is going to be very important that he can get out of bed and potty at night if he needs to.

My overall goal is to have all of this accomplished before the end of June!  YIKES!  We are almost 3 days into the no sippy cup excursion.  Here is a breakdown of the last 2 days.

Day 1-Nap time:  Eyan didn't want to take a nap but I knew he was tired so I laid him in bed and gave him his cup...then he threw it out of the crib at me, so I picked it up and said "ok I guess you can take a nap without milk."  About 10 minutes later after a little crying and fussing he fell right asleep!

Day 1-Night time:  I figured since he did it earlier that we should just bite the bullet and take it away at night too.  Eyan was definitely not expecting this so he asked for it and cried.  I told him he was a big boy and didn't need a milk cup.  He cried for about 40 minutes off and on and I went in and checked on him periodically just to calm him down and tell him how proud I was that he could go to sleep like a big boy.  At around the 40 minute mark, Jason could not stand the crying (we never really did the cry it out method) so he took Eyan into our room and they watched a couple episodes of Mickey Mouse.  Then we put Eyan back in bed and within another 40 minutes after more crying, he finally fell asleep!  He slept soundly through the night and was up at 6:30 am asking for that milk!  He took his milk in a BIG BOY cup just fine!

Day 2-Nap time:  He gladly laid down for a nap and only cried for about 5 minutes for a cup then he slept for almost 2 hours!

Day 2-Night time:  Eyan really wanted his cup last night.  I explained to him that mommy and daddy are not mad at him it is just that he is a big boy now and he can't have cups at night.  He chose to read a book and then lay in bed with that book.  He was pretty quiet in his room for about 15 minutes then he cried for about 5 minutes then he was quiet again, then he fussed for a few then he fell asleep.  Then he must have rolled over and hit his head on the bed because he cried and I had to rock him to sleep.  Around midnight he woke up and asked for his milk.  He thrashed around for a bit angrily at me for not giving into the milk demands and then he settled in and went right to sleep and slept until 7:00.

Nap time is in about 2 hours...hopefully it goes well!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Laughs of the week

It is almost done! I am all the way done with students for the school year and I have 1 more teacher in service day left!!!

I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone by!  Well onto the business of the blog...the top 5 laughs of our week.

1. Last night as we were leaving a graduation ceremony, Jason and I were adjusting all the hot and cool knobs in the truck so that Eyan and my sissy were comfortable...not too hot and not too cold.  Eyan than began saying "hot, cold, hot, cold" over and over.  My sister looks over at Eyan and says "You've been hanging with grandma too much."  Obviously referring to my mama's menopausal hot and cold flashes.  We all just laughed.

2.  I DO NOT like when my students want hugs from me.  It is SO weird to me and of course with the end of the year all my clingy freshman were trying to hug me.  I avoided a good 20 of them with some quality high fives.  That was until I got ambushed from behind and tackled to the ground.  Everyone thought it was funny...I was slightly panicked.  We all made it out ok...me a little bruised and my silly students a little more accomplished.   Looking back it was somewhat cute and funny.

3. Eyan and mommy and daddy are now all sick!  Doesn't that sound like fun....um no.  Well Eyan is full of mucus and we have been steaming up the bathroom just to hopefully help him feel better.  When we were in there a couple of days ago he looks at me and says, "mommy, my nose is booger."  It was so sad and cute at the same time I just snuggled him up and then when I pulled him away, that boogery mess was stretching from my shirt to his face.  bahahahaha...the gross things we put up with when we become mommies are funny.

4. For Eyan's last day with his Jen (our babysitter), they went out to her farm.  When she brought him home he was sleeping but when he woke up he was all about telling me what he did at the farm.  Eyan fed the chickens to the cows, put the cow in the loader and ate corn.  WAIT..whhhat?  The cows ate the chickens??? The cow was in the loader???  I giggled a bit because I knew what he meant, but sometimes they way they say things are just silly.  Obviously my genius boy mean he fed the cows and the chicken.  He put the cow food in the loader to feed them and the animals ate the corn...Obviously ;)

5. Eyan and his cousin Caleb have spent a ton of time together over the last several weeks.  It has been fun.  On Monday Caleb came over and the boys just played and played and played.  After running and screaming and just having so much LOUD fun, mommy decided to calm them down by putting on a movie.  Caleb took a seat on the kid couch and Eyan snuggled right up to him.  So freaking cute to watch these two snuggled up on a little couch watching Wall-E.

Those are my cute laughs!


Friday, May 25, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things!

You know when Oprah did her "Favorite Things" show and gave away a ton of stuff...yeah this isn't like that!  This is more like me telling you how cool some things are and you considering using said things cause they are cool and you saw them on "that one blog."

I am going to do this in three different categories.

Category 1- Baby Things

1.  My Brest Friend:  (yes I spelled it correctly)  This was by far the BEST nursing pillow EVER!  I didn't have a boppy, but I used one in the hospital and it SUCKED compared to this.  The Brest Friend rocks because it securely attaches to mommy, makes baby positioning easy and allows for hands free nursing if needed.  By hands free I mean sitting, not walking around.  I also LOVED the pocket for water, snacks, a burp cloth or paci.  This pillow made nursing SO much easier.

2.  Coach Diaper Bag:  When we found out about baby #2 in November, I immediately asked for a coach diaper bag.  Then the baby started to die and when I opened this gift on Christmas (just 2 days after finding out the baby was in fact dying) I was pretty depressed and I hid the bag in my closet.  Although I never used it (and refused to with Eyan) I still LOVE it.  It is gorgeous, roomy, classy and *someday* will be used with another baby!

3. Moby Wrap:  I adore this thing!  I tried EVERY and I mean EVERY baby carrier on the market and none of them were comfortable.  When Jason and I were on our anniversary trip we saw this lady carrying a 2 year old in one and she looked just as comfortable as could be.  I talked to her about it and then begged Jason for one...low and behold I got one and it has been awesome.  I can still carry Eyan in it and it is still super comfortable, does not strain my back and he stays comfy too.  There have been numerous times when Eyan has crashed out in the car and I need to go into the store but waking the sleeping ninja is a feat worse than death so I easily move him into the moby and into the store we go...without a wake up or a notice!

Category 2- Toddler Things

1. Sassy bath Visor & Munchkin Shampoo Rinser:  These two items changed the face of bath time forever in our household.  Eyan LOVES water, but having it poured over his head is NOT ideal conditions for him (or any other toddler, I'm sure).  So I found these two awesome items and now, Eyan happily puts his hat on and I pour the water over and he is a happy, clean camper!  I just adore these items.
2. Crayola Color Wonder:  Dear lord if it wasn't for this company and their genius ideas my furniture would be shot!  You see I have WHITE furniture...yeah stupid me!  Some people do not think about having kids when they purchase furniture.  Eyan enjoys coloring but would prefer to color sitting on the furniture and he is great at leaving the lids off the markers allowing them to saturate my furniture.  So when I found color wonder, I bought everything I could.  This stuff can be pretty expensive, but I find it on clearance constantly.  In fact EVERY piece of color wonder I have purchased, we have bought on clearance!  I'm telling you if you have a creative genius in your household that is still learning to stay in the lines, buy color wonder!

3. iPhone:  Yup I am that parent, that allows my kid to play with my phone and yes I plan on purchasing an iPad in just a couple of weeks as well.  There are some awesome applications out there that are just high tech versions of flash cards, animal sounds and basic educational tools.  So you bet your butt this has been an awesome "toy" in toddlerland at the Funk's.  Eyan is very partial to the "elephant" game which is just the Fisher Price applications that feature animals, their sounds and counting.  He loves this game!

Category 3- Mommy Things

1. Mini chopper:  I am relatively new to the cooking world and for a while it was all hamburger helper and frozen pizza.  Now with my amazing cooking skills I just make up tons of random recipes and they usually turn out wonderful!  One of my secrets to cooking has been this super cheap, WalMart mini chopper.  I use it constantly to shred food.  I shred chicken, make salsa, and finely chop veggies so I can hid them from the family.  It is by far one of my most favorite cooking tools (next to the crock pot!)

2. Sleep Number Bed (well the generic version):  When I was 7 months pregnant Jason and I finally purchased our bedroom set that we had been vying for.  When it came to picking out the mattress I was very particular and HAD to have a mattress that when my husband rolled over in the night, I could not feel it.  I seriously swear my husband launches himself into the air to roll over and it woke me constantly.  So when we went to Denver Mattress and tried out their version of the Sleep Number Bed, I was in HEAVEN, and I have been for the last 2 years.  Best bed, great sleep, so comfy and I cannot feel the hubby roll over.  Sleep is important in my life, so you bet this is important to mommy!

3. Cricut:  I cannot tell you how much I adore my Cricut machine.  Scrapbooking is a passion of mine, and is so relaxing to me.  So when I got up my very first Mother's Day and my wonderful hubby bought me the Cricut I was ecstatic!  I use this machine all the time, I make cards, obviously scrapbook, you can make the sticker wall quotes and this summer I am going to make some "no soliciting" signs (exciting I know!).  I just love this tool and if you are a crafty mama like me you will too!  BONUS:  Martha Stewart teamed with Cricut and you can use the machine to cut fondant and make cake decorations...maybe if teaching doesn't work out I will start a baking business (hahahaha just kidding)!

Those are a few of my favorite things!  Enjoy...link up and tell me some of yours too! 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday Thoughts! Its Finals Week!

That sentiment could possibly be my only thought!  This past 21 week semester has FLOWN by and was relatively easy.  I just love that my job allows me to not only teach kids what I am passionate about, but let me be the SAHM when the time is right too!

Today I am giving 2 classes finals and tomorrow my other 3 take them.  I am elated that my students are doing so well!  It appears that I will have a 3% failure rate!  That is EXTREMELY low!  That is less than  1 student per class!  These kids have been fantastic and I am so proud of them!

Ok more thoughts:

I found out yesterday that one of the teachers that we thought just resigned in my department actually just took a one year leave of absence.  This is a bit sucky for me, as he could come back in a year and take my job if the budget cuts continue and his new job just doesn't cut it.  I hate that I cannot control the world and that this is a possibility!

Eyan is sick with some sort of boogery something...and our insurance is about to be cancelled so we might go into part of June without insurance and a sick kid!  I hope he kicks it before that happens.

Thats it!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Favorite Firsts!

Linking up with Growing Up Geeky for Toddle Along Tuesday and this weeks topic is FAVORITE FIRSTS!

I think as parents we are always excited about our kids first; first time they coo & babble, first time they sit up, first time they get a tooth, talk, crawl, walk, potty in the big potty and the list goes on and on!  I remember prior to having kids reading all the social media posts from parents about their children's milestones and just thinking, "well yeah they are supposed to do it, so it shouldn't be a big deal."

Then I became a parent...a servant to my child's every single whim.  I became the over-sharing milestone parent who did (does) nothing but brag about every little accomplishment my obviously amazing kid does!  Boy is he amazing!  Although I feel like EVERY milestone he has met was incredible, two of them stick out as my favorite.

1. My pregnancy troubles are no secret.  My body hates me and tries to get rid of any baby I get pregnant with!  Eyan was no different.  I had intermittent spotting with him and was sure on several occasions that I had lost him.  You can read his story here. At around 5 weeks after some spotting, they sent me for an ultrasound that showed a small circle in my uterus.  The printout almost looked like a deer with a really big eyeball!  I kept that picture on my fridge for the entire pregnancy and about a week after I was home with Eyan I remember standing in front of the fridge holding Eyan and looking at that picture of that dot and just crying.  I grew him...from that dot to this tiny precious little baby and it just took my breath away (still does).  It may not be a milestone that is major for some, but for Eyan and I, it is huge!

2.  Roller Skating is in our blood, so when Eyan finally let go of my hands and started skating by himself, I was so proud and so impressed!  He is going to be great one day, maybe even an olympic athlete like my uncle, or a fabulous mens roller derby skater like his aunts and mama!  I am so so so proud of him!

Monday, May 21, 2012

1 week left


I woke up this morning and told Eyan that we only had to get up early for 1 more week and then it was "relaxation" time for 10 weeks!

Oh I cannot wait...for cleaning, camping, sleeping, mini mountain trips, laking, swimming, zoo trips and family time.

5 days and counting (well kinda 6...but only 5 with students!)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Update to my Mia

So I am sure some of you are wondering what happened with Mia.  Mia seems to be somewhat ok.  There are a few developments.

1.  The vomiting only lasted a little over 24 hours and she never had a fever.  Her overall behavior was just slightly under normal, but for the most part she was her typical upbeat self.

2.  WE FOUND THE MISSING TOY!  It was hidden under the chair in our living room.  I checked there about 10 different times and go figure after moving the chair I actually see it.  Sometimes I think I am blind.  This eases my concerns of obstruction and surgery and really makes me feel better.

3.  We had a couple vomiting incidents last night and I actually for the first time had the dogs sleep in their dog run.  There dog run is luxurious as far as dog runs go.  They have and inside/outside set up where they can go outside to the faux grass and hang or come inside to the nice warm garage with water and some toys.  It seems as though the dogs slept pretty well, and I will tell you that I actually did too!

4.  So Mia seemed just fine yesterday, and ate dinner and then about 2 hours after dinner, as I was putting Eyan to bed, she walked right in his room and threw up all of her dinner!  I thank God everyday that Jason and I bought The Little Green Clean Machine because although cleaning up vomit sucks, it is very nice to have the tools to do it.  She had another episode right behind our chair about 20 minutes later and then it seems she was fine and she went outside and did a #2.  I immediately started freaking out that she had a toy in her tummy, but then as I moved the chair, the toy emerged and I was so relieved.

5.  I HAVE A THEORY!  Jason loves making our yard look perfect.  We typically have the greenest grass and the most beautiful trees and garden.  He is quite the little horticulturist.  In the midst of his green thumb, he has been having some fights with a possible fungus in the yard as well as the lovely urine spots that you get with having dogs.  So he has been seeding and fertilizing.  Fertilizing!  That is my theory.  My dog eats grass, and the grass has fertilizer and he JUST fertilized both nights before Mia got sick!  OMG we were poisoning our dog, I feel so bad, but now that I am pretty positive that this is what was happening we can definitely avoid letting her into the main yard when the grass has just been fertilized.

Thanks for all your support and kind words on FB and here, I truly appreciate it and the prayers have been so welcomed!

Mia says ThankYou too!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Eyans Birthday Gift

So Eyan has been 2 for a month today!

This month has gone by so slow, like S    L        O                W.  Probably because the anticipation of summer is happening.  At least that is my only theory.

Well in all my blogging glory (yeah right!) I forgot to post pictures of what mommy and daddy got Eyan!  Last year he got a 1 gallon fish tank and some cheap goldfish, but over the past several months the goldfish were getting bigger and dirtier by the week.

Being the animal/fish (BTW fish are of the animal kingdom!) lover I am and having the persistent hubby that I have, we decided to invest in a larger more spacious habitat for our little guppies!

So we went for a 5 gallon tank!  Eyan loves it and was showing it off at his party.  He just loved saying that those were his fish and saying "new fish tank."  These really are Eyan's fish.  He seriously remembers to feed them every morning and spends time watching them everyday.  He is an attentive little caretaker!

We have 3 goldfish with no names.  We also got a killer deal at Petsmart and got a bridge decoration and a Pleco (sucker fish!) for free!

So here it is, in all its glory!
Our pleco (sucker fish!)

The goldfish seem to be hiding.  You can see the tail of one by the red "plant"

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WW: I Mustache you a question

This is actually my work ID with a mustache on it!  KIDS LOVE IT=I'M AWESOME

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Zoo Day with my Boys!

I love the zoo!  No seriously LOVE IT!  Maybe its the biologist in me that enjoys reading all about the animals, their habitats, behaviors and food interests or maybe its the child in me.  Either way I LOVE THE ZOO!

So naturally I have a zoo membership to the Denver Zoo!  I try to take Eyan at least once a month and sometimes we bring a friend or family member with us to enjoy the awesome day!

This past trip I got to take both my boys!  Now I know what your thinking, 2 kids?  Yeah...no, you see Eyan is obviously mine, but Caleb is my cousin and I have been there since the moment he was born.  My aunt and I are super close and relatively close in age so we get along great!  I adore her and her family!  So when I asked to steal Caleb, she was super excited for me to take him.  (She had to work or else she would have came too!)

The day was awesome.  The boys listened well, stayed close, laughed and just had a nice time.  We ate ice cream and I got one heck of a workout from pulling that wagon around by myself.

I keep forgetting to take pictures and of course my iphone does not take the best photographs, but here are some cute ones!

The boys in front of the giraffes

Ice Cream!

Doesn't he just look like trouble

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Sucked

Ugh...sometimes I hate these holidays.  I should say that I am not one that is super big on celebrating some of these holidays.  I love the message of Christmas and I cannot pass up Thanksgiving or Halloween, and Easter is a wonderful time but my birthday, mothers day, valentines day and any other over-publicized "holidays" are not necessarily part of my life.  Sure I like getting gifts and being recognized, but I don't need another necklace.

So with that said, this past week, my hubby asked what I want for mother's day.  I said a family vacation! I have already picked out our destination (Disneyland!) and dates (Aprilish!) and I am already trying to put money away for this super awesome trip!  With that request I knew that there would be no crappy flowers, candy or unnecessary gift.  I did however expect a card, a "Happy Mother's Day" sentiment, or even dinner made.  Did I get that...nope not really.

What did I get?  An argument over who gets to sleep in and an extreme feeling of under-appreciation.  My son was super cute and had a great attitude, and even took two (yes 2!) naps yesterday and started to "clean" the living room and tell me "mommy, I love you!"  The hubby did try to make up yesterday and took me to get ice cream but still I feel a little cheated, a little under appreciated and a little sad.

I am sure much of this is my fault since I am so low-key on the holiday front, but we have been together 11 years!  11 freaking years!  Shouldn't he know by now that a card and simple overstated sentiment would have just made my whole day?

My husband really is not some terrible husband, he is great and is an incredible parent.  I have to place the blame on myself for this one.  I think I have learned my lesson if I want at least a card I need to state that I need a beautiful card!

Eyan "cleaning"

Saturday, May 12, 2012

You know my life is funny!

Melissa over at The Mommyhood Chronicles has been out of town for the past 2 weekends and so I missed the hop...ok I ditched out because I was lazy.  But I'M BACK and still funny!

Lets get down to business!

1. My wonderful students just cannot stop laughing at the number 69.  Yeah seriously its a damn number...oh and a sex position.  So after the 5th time of hearing them laugh about that number I said, "really guys you should probably just think of it as a number and not a position where your nose is in someone's butt-hole with all those bacteria and E.coli."  That pretty much shut them up and grossed them out!  Bet I won't hear any more about "69."

2.  You would not believe the sentences that Eyan is saying and how much he communicates.  I hear it all the time from other mommies that he just talks so much and they cannot believe that he is barely 2.  But it is true the boy is a chatter box and very clear about what he is saying.  Phrases as of late that sort of impress me are:
   -"mommy I need to pee in the potty" (After he pees on my floor)
   -"the dog farted"  (No it was really you Eyan)
   -"see the airplane it go to airport" (This one is just seriously cool)

3.  As you know we finally got our Harley Davidson and Eyan is OBSESSED!  I picked him up from Jen's the other day and he just could not stop talking about daddy's motorcycle.  He told me he was going to "ride it" that it was "hot," told me all the parts of the bike including the seat, tires, handlebars and the NOSE?  yeah Nose...I couldn't even figure out what he meant as he kept changing the part of the bike that he would point to and say nose, but I just laughed.

4.  My week with my Mia has been so entirely stressful, but it appears that she will be fine.  I do think that she swallowed something (part of a small teddy bear leg I think), and it looks like it passed.  However the wait for the bowel movement was insane.  Jason and I were stressing and worrying that maybe whatever was stuck was not going to move and she would have to have surgery (yeah I am so winning this one in the future).  So when we finally caught her going to her poop spot Jason and I raced to the window and almost pushed each other out of the way just to watch the momentous occasion of her bowel movement.  It was kinda funny to see us get so excited and congratulate our dog on pooping!  We just love her, that's it!

5.  Eyan has started to use his toy drill to "fix" his 4-wheeler and it just so happens that he has managed to actually unscrew the latch that holds his seat on.  It is so darn adorable when he opens the seat and explains to me why it is broken and how he is fixing it.  Melts my heart!


Friday, May 11, 2012

I am mom enough

The whole USA seems to be buzzing about the TIME magazine cover which shows a mom breast feeding her 3-year old son with the caption "Are you Mom Enough?"  

I have seen amazing amounts of support against the BF picture and only a few in support.  Now I should note here that I nursed my son for a little over 10 months and although I had success, I know MANY people have not.  My thoughts on this are that as long as you are feeding your kid...in whatever manner you choose, you are "Mom Enough!"

My issue isn't with the picture so much, but with the insinuation that if you are not attachment parenting then you are not living up to some ridiculous expectations set forth by some self proclaimed parenting guru.  I attachment parented for 10 months and it was great, however, I should not feel guilty that I ended the so called "attachment" or broke a bond when we stopped co-sleeping and nursing.  Eyan is just as bonded to me and Jason as he ever was, we all just sleep better and my bras are prettier!

So some bloggy friends decided to run a link-up with reasons why you are "Mom Enough," because lets be real we are all mom enough as long as our kids are happy, healthy and loved.  

Here is my reason: 

Link up your "mom enough" posts with The Turnip Farmer right here!

So I can't decided...

My baby fever is high...like extremely high.  It has been for a while and people have been tip toeing around me when they get pregnant like I am going to hate them or blame them for being pregnant which is driving me crazy.  I had a miscarriage...I am ok...God has a plan and although that baby didn't make it, I fully believe another child will make its way into my arms.  I am past the anger stage (which is just that a stage, not a permanent fixture in my soul) and in all honesty I AM SO HAPPY for all my friends and family that are expecting little ones!  What a joyous time in their life.

But well I can't decide.  Do we go for another baby now and ignore the realities of life because I have the fever or do we wait and try to time it so that the next baby shows up at an opportune time?  Can we really time it?  I have several factors playing into the "opportune time"  (if there really is such a thing).

1. My wonderful job...the fact that I will be teaching AP next year and missing 8 weeks in the middle of a school year without pay is INSANE!

2.  Eyan has straight out said NO BABY!  Which I realize he doesn't know that a sibling could totally be awesome, but it just crushes me to think he might actually know what a sibling is and just doesn't want to share me.

3.  Financials of a new baby.  Jason and I are just now starting to get a grasp on our insane spending.  That is what happens when wads of money get thrown at two 20-somethings...you kind of forget how to live a normal life and when normal HAS TO HAPPEN, it is an adjustment.  A new baby would cost us an estimate of $600.00 per month, and that is a rather large sum of money.  One that I totally feel is worth it, but I worry would put us in debt and I do not do debt.

4.  I am planning a trip to DISNEYLAND for Eyan's 3rd birthday with a bunch of friends and family and we are darn excited, but a pregnant woman/new baby would make this trip no fun for me...and we know I like fun.

So what are your thoughts readers, do we throw caution to the wind and go for it and deal with the repercussions later or do we time it?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WW: Keep Praying People

Mia made it through last night without vomiting!  This is a hopeful sign...keep praying people!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My heart is heavy today

Because my sweet baby girl Mia is sick.  Who is Mia...My adorable mutt of a dog.

This is serious people, its not just a cold or some lethargy or even a limp, she is vomiting.  Since yesterday she has pretty much vomited everything that she has eaten.  Other than the vomiting she is basically acting completely normal.  She plays, goes potty normal (1 & 2) and her temp is just fine.  

You may be thinking, it's just vomit and she is normal otherwise.  You may even be wondering why we haven't rushed her to the vet.  Well 3 things.  1.  Mia has a slight history of swallowing her toys and having to have surgery to remove them.  It cost a good $1500.00 to fix that problem and my husband said he would never do it again.  Which brings me to 2.  If I take her to the vet, then they are probably going to tell me its an obstruction and then I will have to put her down and hate my husband for forcing me to do that.  3.  I have been on the phone with my vet and my vet friend consistently communicating about her status.  Basically they are both recommending an x-ray.  

What's the last catch you wonder...Well I cancelled our pet insurance in February and we are trying to get it reinstated before we take her in and have to pay even more out of pocket than is necessary.

Please please pray that it is not an obstruction and that she is just having a stomach ache.  God Please let that be it.  I cannot put my dog down.

Monday, May 7, 2012

I have writers block

Yeah I do...

I really do have a life, but apparently I forget to take pictures or remember them so of course I have writers block, because I forgot to take pictures...with any luck maybe my phone will have a snapshot of something.  I just can't find the darn cord to connect said phone to said computer.

Oh Monday...you are showing your true colors today.  God help me!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Y3W: He DID it!

My boy can skate!  No holding hands or anything!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Guest Post: Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance

Hello Lovely Readers!

When I was contacted by Melanie Brown from the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance I was thrilled to hear her thoughts on Art and Creativity and how it is a method of healing for cancer patients.  As some of my readers know Cancer has hit my family and taken my loved ones recently.  I am sure many of us are in the same situation.  Take a moment and read her guest post below!

Create Art, Create Healthiness

Life Happens

No one plans to get sick with bronchitis, get injured at work or even receive something as rare as a prognosis of mesothelioma—but more often then not, life incidences catch us off guard and can significantly alter our former way of living. However, we cannot allow unpredictable events to take over our lives. We must find a way to soldier on. Expressing ourselves through art is a great way to feel more relaxed and optimistic.

Creativity is Healing

Frequently we inadvertently use art to help us manage overwhelming feelings such as stress and disappointment. Studies have shown that art therapy can help relieve depression and anxiety. Expressing oneself through art allows us to feel more optimistic. We can alter our quality of life through art; we just need to find our own personal inspiration. This can be anything from past experiences to something from your wildest dreams. Anyone can benefit from the therapeutic influence of art, whether it’s the person next door to someone suffering from autism to a cancer patient…creativity heals.

"Imagination rules the world." Napoleon could not have said it better. Using the arts to inspire, to create ambition, is an excellent way to facilitate healing. Whether you choose music, photography, scrapbooking, crafting, sewing, painting, the creative outlets are endless. Physically creating a work of art to illustrate a memory or keepsake is exhilarating and when you have finished, it leaves such a sense of accomplishment. You have created something beautiful, how can you not help but smile?  


Art gives you something to be passionate about. Sharing the inspiration of creativity is just as rewarding as creating. Inspire others, stir up that ambition, encourage each other and create! Scrapbooking is an excellent way to get your craft on. The sensory experience alone helps us to feel better, working with the patterns and colors and textures to create a final masterpiece. Knitting, crocheting and sewing can also be very relaxing with the very rhythmic actions that go into creating each line of a scarf, blanket or even sweater. With the digital era, photography is a medium that allows you to do so many different things. Capturing a fleeting moment forever in a still frame and then editing and tweaking it to portray it how you wish the world to see it is simply amazing.

Using art as therapy is not unheard of. Art has been used to improve depression and fatigue on cancer patients that were currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Everyone needs a little inspiration, a little oomph to get them going in the right direction.  The great thing about art is with art there are no limits. Your imagination can take you wherever you want to go and you can create anything. Art changes lives, what’s stopping you from changing yours?

Check out a lot more information on wellness at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance
-Melanie Brown