We Got the FUNK: September 2012

Friday, September 28, 2012

Compliments, keep em coming

Seriously why do I always dread parent teacher conferences?  They are fantastic!  I get to meet parents, I get to help my students and I apparently get complimented ALL NIGHT!

I think I set a record last night of most parents seen in a 3.5 hour period!  50 parents and students came to visit and it was awesome.  I always invite parents as I like to stay busy and boy was I busy all night.

The best part were all the compliments that I was hearing.  Here is just a few of the ones that just gave me the warm fuzzies and confirmed why I LOVE being a teacher!

  • You communicate so well
  • My kid has never been more organized with any other teacher
  • I hear a lot of great stories about you, its like I am learning with my student, what a great way to transfer information.
  • You're my kids favorite teacher
  • You're class is my students favorite and they haven't said that since 3rd grade.
  • I don't know what you are doing, but you're amazing at it.
  • Can you teach me how to keep my kid in line the way you do, she seems to respect the hell out of you.
  • Thank you for the emails and reminders it is very helpful to all of us.
  • From the admin: "A parent came up to me and said that even though their son was not even close to failing, you still contacted home and asked for them to come to conferences.  They said you were the ONLY teacher to do that.  We need more teachers like you."
Ok this is seriously going to make me cry!  I LOVE MY JOB!  

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Parent Teacher Conferences

Yup its on tonight, along with the SEASON PREMIER OF GREY'S ANATOMY!  Conferences end at 7:30 an I have a 1/2 hour drive home to barely make it to see the premiere.  This is all due to conversations like this that I will be having:

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chevrolet Can Suck It

So there was a recall on my Tahoe oh about 70,000 miles ago that Chevy should have fixed but apparently since it wasn't broken right at 70,000 miles they are not going to fix it.  We didn't purchase the truck until after 90,000 miles so that is why we did not fix it.  I called Go Chevrolet in Denver and spoke to them about this and they said it was going to cost at least $520.00 to fix this and that it was my problem not Chevy's.  I would like to say what a-holes they are and how it is very dangerous to not have a working speedometer and that since there was a recall regardless of mileage, they should still fix it.

So this morning I am driving to work in my pimped out Tahoe and all the sudden my radio gets some crazy squeaky feedback and my speedometer goes out!  Yay!

I am pretty sure that this is not correct since I was doing at least 60 following the speed demon in front of me.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yup I say that

Toddle Along Tuesday!  One of my favorite hops.  Todays topic is things you actually say.  So why not jump all over that and join Growing Up Geeky for some fun!

1. Eyan we do not poop in the yard with the dogs.

2. After Eyan started very seriously coming up and pointing at us yelling "Do you understand?"  I finally realized that I was the culprit in that one...darn the potty training sternness.  I have got to remember to post this video!

3. Eyan we do not ride our motorcycle down the stairs.

To my high school students:

-Boys stop touching each other...

-You can chop wood all day and it will still be wood. (In discussing physical and chemical properties, completely unaware that "chopping" is slang for sex and "wood" is well, you get the idea).

Yeah I'm just full of stuff that really should stay in my head and never make it out of my mouth.

Monday, September 24, 2012

15 weeks

  • Is there a small bump...um no still just chunky.
  • My hormones are running crazy.  This crying and anger and frustration and short temper are just not me.
  • I feel mostly better morning sickness wise.
  • I am tired of fighting with everyone, students, husband, family, friends.  PEOPLE I AM HORMONAL=short fuse.  Just be patient this wont be me forever.
  • I am looking forward to my perinatologist appt on Oct 18. where I hopefully find out if this baby is blue or pink! However my next appt is Oct 3rd...I think. 
  • The fact that I can still wear normal clothes and not one of my students has even suspected I am pregnant makes me worry that either there is something substantially wrong with the baby or that I am just truly fat.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

ST5L: 9/22/12

Yay Saturday!  Here are my weekly laughs!

1.  My precious students were learning about evolution and some evidences for evolution.  One of those is called embryology.  Basically the evidence is on the similar development of vertebrae organisms.  I put a picture similar to this up:

A student very honesty was like "that's cool we go through a fish stage then salamander stage, then turtle then chicken!  I would love to see me with a beak!" I corrected him about the fact that we have similar developmental patterns and that we don't actually go through different animal stages...we all cracked up!

2.  Another sweet student learned that a males could lactate from hormones like steroids.  He proceeded to think out loud the following, "whoa so would they wear a bra, no it would be a bro, wait no a mra...yeah I think it's still a bra.  I am never lactating, heck no steroids!"  love my students!

3. Eyan is very obsessed with everything we have been doing in the basement.  Anytime someone comes over he tells them, you want to see my basement I built? Such a silly boy.

4.  Eyan has a cold right now and continues to prove to me that he is 100% boy by pulling his shirt up to wipe his boogies away.  Yuck kid!

5. Had a huge breakthrough at Jen's house yesterday!  He finally told her he had to poop instead of running and hiding!  Yay big boy!!!

Friday, September 21, 2012


These are my confessions.

My friend over at Building Our Story is linking up with The Juice is Worth a Squeeze for Friday confessions.  So what is a super bored teacher to do on a day when her students are testing...all.day.

-I have a slight obsession right now with honey and peanut butter

-Eyan knows every way to push my buttons and with my hormones it just makes me want to cry.

-I miss seeing my friends when I go back to work.

-It is annoying me that I am not showing yet...really 14.5 weeks already and I still have yet to "pop!"

-My husband continues to grow into an amazing father who has more patience than me...I never thought that would happen, but I am happy it has!

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Whhhat! We have plumbing and framing done! Oh happy day! Uncle Bob came over Tuesday and finished roughing in the main plumbing. It's not 100% done yet but it's perfect and fantastic!

Plumbing for the vanity
Tub is set and plumbing is ready!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Jumping on the Bandwagon

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I love love love this app!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Framing Is DONE!

So it has been CRAZY and having your house partially under construction is slightly stressful.  Especially when your hubby is not sleeping well and working his booty off helping the amazing people that are building our basement.  

Our family friend Bill, came over and framed last week.  We have a bedroom with double closets and a seating area, a full bathroom, a living room and a utility room all FRAMED IN!  It looks fantastic, Bill did a great job and if you ever need a framer I HIGHLY recommend him!

So without further ado here is my beautiful almost basement!

Eyan helping keep a clean workspace for the boys

The bathroom!

The utility room, the kennels and TV will obviously not be staying :)

The bedroom with the closets and seating area!

Looking from the living area into the bathroom and bedroom...Eyan is still playing

Monday, September 17, 2012

14 Weeks **PICTURE**

Ugh I hate the way I look right now.  Its sloppy, frumpy and just ugh.  Today I am 14.1 weeks and this is not a good look on anyone.  So here is my list of interesting facts:
  • I am STILL having morning sickness.  Like I spent 20 minutes throwing up this morning.  Hopefully this ends soon.
  • I can no longer wear make up or perfume as both are just irritating me.  I never wore a ton of make up before, but now I can't even dab on some eyeshadow and mascara. 
  • I am down another 2 lbs.  However, this picture gives me mom butt and a gut so ugh whatever.
  • I still don't think I am showing, that pudge is just my pouch left over from having Eyan and being stitched up very shady like.
  • Official designation as high-risk came last week.  Basically I get to do 24 hr urine samples monthly, some interesting blood work constantly, go back to checking my glucose levels, have special ultrasounds at a perinatologist and take baby aspirin.  I also learned that it was not Pre-Eclampsia that I had...I actually had ECLAMPSIA!  The seizure after delivery in the recovery room counts.  So I guess almost dying on my doctors last time leads to the high-risk classification.  Whatever, I have to do to keep baby safe...oh and me!
  • Eyan heard the baby's heartbeat last week and kept asking to hear the bump bump.  So darn cute!
  • I hopefully find out on October 18 what type of baby I am having...its either blue or pink!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Giggles, belly laughs and a fart

I forgot to write this post! Ahhh gotta get it done before midnight ;)

1. In the chaos of our basement finishing, Eyans playroom toys are now all over my house, but concentrated in the living room. His play kitchen is in my living room as well and the minute he saw it he runs over to it and says, "sit down mama I'm gonna make you dinner!" So I had a delicious dinner of plastic banana, lemon and grapes.

2. My nightly routine is put Eyan to bed then crash on the couch watching reality TV. Last night I apparently had an argument with Jason in my dreams and woke up yelling and angry at him. Poor guy had no clue what was going on or why I was yelling. Unfortunately I didn't either.

3. The things your students will confess in front of a classroom will just about make you pee your pants from laughing so hard. Take for example my student who decided to confess that he broke his neck from pretending to be a stripper while chair dancing. He said when he fell his sister ran over and kicked him so hard in his "junk" he puked. The way he was laughing through the whole thing made it hard to not laugh, but then he asks "would you like me to re-enact it for you?" I said no, no one wants to see you puke ;)

4. I was teaching a lesson on evolution and explaining how our tailbone is of little use to us, but that some babies are born with a tail. One on my students just uncomfortably turns red and starts giggling. She then tells me "I was born with a tail, is that weird?" I tried to downplay it and say it is so common, but inside I was thinking #teacherfail!

5. Yet another student was explaining how he broke his tailbone and decided to share how uncomfortable it was to fart. He gave some interesting and vivid explanations and my class could not stop laughing...neither could I!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Really Emotions...Really

So I am just struggling with an issue that I have had for years.  It is an issue that really shouldn't bother me and I know will upset some people.  It is not directed at any one person and is centered around ME, not any of my family that would like to take this personally.

I have abandonment issues.

Yup, for someone who had an incredible, loving and fantastic childhood, I have struggled with this issue.  Not because of my parents who are amazing and have only ever shown me love.  It is because of a situation that took place due to my parents and my birth.  I'm not going to sit here and explain what this situation is, because in the long run it just doesn't matter.  Fences were mended and things are a ton better, however, the little girl inside me cannot get away from the issue of abandonment it caused.

Over the last several years I have lost A TON of loved ones.  It makes me feel abandoned.  With the advances in technology I don't talk to my friends and family as much in person or on the phone and it makes me feel abandoned.

What really gets me is that I do my best to make the effort.  I make calls, text, Facebook "like" things or comment and try to go to as many gatherings as possible.  I get hurt when there is little to no response, and add that to the emotions and hormones I am dealing with now it just intensifies this whole abandonment issue.

What hurts worse is when family is "ignoring" me, because that is the root of this whole issue I have.  I get that everyone is busy and that people are always going through rough times, but still I struggle with this.  My husbands family is SO close, they constantly call and text and check in and so it is almost like I expect that from my family.  I don't know why I would though as it has never been like that in the past.  My cousins and I used to be close but then we grew up and apart.  I typically do not consistently see my aunts and uncles especially with some of them living out of state.  But for some reason right now, I just need my family, I need to just hang out and talk about ANYTHING.  I don't even need to talk baby, just have conversations about life and check in and support everyone.

So its probably not that I am being ignored and I know I am not being abandoned, I just am dealing with emotions and am hoping that people reading this have some sort of advice of how to just let go and let God.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Yay!  One more day until the weekend...and I desperately need a weekend.

1.  Work has been overwhelming this year.  I don't know why, probably the exhaustion and nausea are what are making me suck at keeping up...oh and that crappy pregnancy brain.  My classes are excellent and I thank my lucky stars for some amazing teacher assistants that are helping me out and keeping me up on my grading.  My plan periods also seem chaotic this year so instead of cutting out of the building every day at 3:15, I have made an agreement with the hubby to have him pick up Eyan on Tuesday and Thursday's so I can spend an extra hour after school getting caught up.  I was ahead of the game last year, but just cannot find my groove this year!  AHHH.

2.  Eyan is just so freaking cute lately, but I think he either has laryngitis or his little toddler voice is changing.  He tells me his throat feels fine and so I think he is probably ok, but if he still has this little rasp then a deep voice, I will be calling the doctor tomorrow.

3.  Growing a human is hard work.  I really need the nausea to go away.  I can deal with the insane exhaustion but the nausea is killing me.

4. I am SO excited to see our basement come together.  Yesterday they framed most of the bedroom.  We are doing double closet with a built in seating area and I am SO stoked for this.  I can't wait to get home and see what they did today!  I have been taking pictures, but am thinking of doing an update when each of the major parts have been completed (framing, plumbing, electrical, drywall, decorating!!!)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WW: Finishing the Basement

It's happening! The baby is on its way and we need to make room! Here goes!
Future Bedroom & Bathroom #4

All the wood for framing!

This will be a large area with my office, an area for the kids to play and some nice seating for movie night!

Utility Room & Storage

Monday, September 10, 2012

13 weeks!

Hello 2nd Trimester.  I thought that we would be friends this trimester.  You know like I wouldn't be nauseous all day and you would give me my energy back :)

In all seriousness though, I wouldn't trade feeling terrible for the world.  I am blessed.  I get to carry this life.  So although I may complain I truly would take the terrible feelings over not being pregnant any day.  This is my last pregnancy so I am savoring everything...even the vomiting.

So how do you document your pregnancy.  Well if you are most bloggesses out there, you do that cute little survey, which I love reading, but its just not me.  So bear with me as I figure out something that represents me a bit more...it might just be a lame bullet pointed list of cool things this week.

* I am almost positive I felt this baby move last night.  It was the same feeling I remember with Eyan, and I felt him move early on too, so I am going with an *almost* positive on this.
* I am positive Eyan has no clue what is about to happen to his life.  This makes me sad.
* I have outed my pregnancy on FB, to my family and friends, most of my work, however, my students have not suspected a thing.  I just blame the not feeling well on my type II diabetes.  I think I am just going to wait and see who figures this out.
* Apparently eating ice cream before bed makes baby unhappy.  I shall refrain from this.
* If I lose anymore weight none of my clothes will fit.  My size 8 jeans no longer fit.  I was a 6 freshmen year of high school.  Basically I now look like one of my students, except with wrinkles and an attitude that trumps theirs.

Oh I just felt *her* move again!

Happy day!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The iPad2

So we bought one. I have been fighting this desire for months, tried to convince myself that it's just like my iPhone, and that a two year old does not need to be that exposed to technology. Well I failed and two weeks ago we purchased that iPad.

It has been great! Eyans been practicing writing his letters, coloring and playing other toddler learning games. He is not using it all the time which is fine by me, but he does like it and calls it his ePad! In addition I downloaded the "Watch Disney Junior" app and it affords me time to watch the shows I want on my TV while allowing him to still watch Mickey! We are also looking into digitizing all our DVDs and putting them on the iPad for our trip to Disneyland in April or May.

Last night Eyan and his adorable cousin Brooklynn watched Mickey while the rest of us watched the ASU game and supported Jason's cousin Jake Sheffield (91) play! What a great distraction for two busy toddlers at 8:00pm well after bedtime.

It may be a parenting fail, but I'm confident it won't cause him to be a serial killer and I most definitely monitor his usage and time on it. We do real playtime too ;)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

ST5L: Teacher Laughs

Oh I'm Back!  I thought instead of funny stuff about my everyday wonderful life, I would throw in my top 5 teacher laughs of the last 3 weeks of this school year!

1.  At some point a student said I was being racist because I would not let him sit by his friend.  I cleared up what racism was and also why he couldn't sit by his friend, but one of my hispanic students then had the following question, "So Mrs. Funk if I say, 'I love asian chicks' is that racist?"  My class burst out laughing and the lonely asian girl in my class turned bright red and asked for a seat change.  I kindly obliged.

2. Same hispanic kid had the following to say today after a quick discussion of the final moments of Obama's speech last night where he referred to GLBT rights.  Out of my precious students mouth was the following, "I couldn't be gay because I love tacos!"  I don't think many kids got it, but I did and he went down to the deans for some amazing language discussions.

3. Yesterday I was informed that one of my students nicknames is "Munchie."  I do not call students by nicknames like that, so instead I kept calling him by his name.  His best friend turns to me and says, "its actually good you aren't calling him by that...if you know what I mean."  Fantastic, now I get to watch for drugs, way to throw your friend in my radar!

4.  Earlier this week I was teaching my ecology class and we were discussing energy.  I swear I kept hearing kids whisper "boobies."  Finally I just stopped the lecture and said who keeps saying "boobies?"  My class burst out laughing, so naturally I explained that as juniors and seniors its time to grow up.  Finally one of my teacher assistants comes over and said, "I think you are hearing things, no one was talking, they were all just trying to keep up with your fast lecture."  Oh awesome, now I look like the immature pervert!  I seriously still think someone kept saying boobies.

5.  Oh and I didn't forget to throw myself under the bus in front of my freshmen.  The topic of childbirth came up with so I started explaining how unpleasant it was and I kept it clean.  Then someone with no filter asked how mine went, and I said the following, "Who isn't scared for their vagina, shoot even boys are scared for your vagina, my husband was, thank God I got my son cut out!"  All they heard was "boys are scared of vagina's."  I'm such a winner.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pregnancy This Time

You have no CLUE how much I have been reflecting and just aching to write and brag and cry about this pregnancy.  It has consumed my every thought since we found out that there was indeed a baby growing in there and that it was not just some leftover HCG from my miscarriage earlier this year.

I found out on July 7th that we might be expecting.  For no real reason (period wasn't late, I had no symptoms, nothing, I was spotting though)  I just decided to take a test.  Maybe it was intuition or possibly I was just trying to figure out whether I STILL had HCG in my system from the previous miscarriage.  Regardless I took that test and it came back positive and I was scared!  Scared that I would go through the same terrible situation I had earlier this year, scared that the never-ending miscarriage was STILL never-ending and scared that I was not going to be a quality parent through the terrible morning sickness and exhaustion.

I made an appointment to figure out whether I was actually pregnant or just dealing with the same ol' crap I had been.  I went in for blood work and waited patiently for my results.  They came back ridiculously high which confirmed that I was in fact pregnant.  I was SO excited.  I wanted to just scream and tell the whole world, but with my history, that was not happening.

I had some spotting on an off so into the doctors I went.  We had an ultrasound and although they didn't give me a due date, they said the baby had a heartbeat and that it was ok.  Over a few days the spotting stopped.  Two weeks later I had another appt. and it went pretty well.  Then I had another appointment yesterday where I found out how far along I actually was and got the picture of the baby you see in the post below.

So far I have been pretty exhausted, especially with school starting and still working daily on potty training reinforcement.  The morning sickness has been ALL DAY nausea with some vomiting.  But overall, this pregnancy has been slightly easier that Eyan (crosses fingers and asks for prayers!).  With Eyan I threw up EVERYDAY until 15 or 16 weeks!

I am NOT showing.  In fact I have lost another 5 lbs, so there is no real reason to do belly pictures other than I look FABULOUS :)  Baby seems to be set back in my uterus which is why I had an ultrasound yesterday (because they could not hear the heartbeat with the doppler).  So I do not anticipate showing for another month.

I think that they baby is a girl.  I have no real solid reason other than a deep feeling that it is in fact a "she."  I have always wanted boys, but at this point I don't even care, as long as it is healthy and arrives safe and adds another beautiful heart to our family.

That's all for now!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Answered prayers

God always has a plan. I firmly believe this.

I have been DYING to post this, so much so that I have had to avoid my blog for fear I would jinx it.

Our prayers have been answered and another miracle is being placed in our lives. Jason and I could not be happier and aside from the morning sickness and exhaustion, everything has been wonderful. I pray that it continues to stay that way.

In March we will meet this little miracle and I am beside myself with excitement and anticipation to relive this experience again!