We Got the FUNK: October 2012

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My 1st Guest Post

Head over and visit Censie over at Building Our Story and check out some more crazy stories of my students and have a nice Wednesday giggle :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

TAT: Eyan's Christmas Wishes

Linking up with Melissa over at Growing Up Geeky for Toddle Along Tuesday!  This weeks topic is Christmas wish lists.  My son is pretty infatuated with anything that either flies or drives.  His list is so far fairly small, but already has expensive taste.  Believe me, some of these items are years off, but a kid can still wish.  There are probably several other items, but as of now these are the three that he talks about daily.  I told him that Santa only picks one big gift a year, but its good to give him a choice.
Remote control Helicopters are a current dream of his

Toy Story Remote Control Car.  I have to find this at a reasonable price!

Gas powered 4-wheeler

Monday, October 29, 2012

20 Weeks!

  • 19 weeks left for me!  Found out at my ultrasound that the latest they will let me deliver is 39 weeks!  I am SO not ready for this!
  • The fact that this is a little girl is still setting in.  I find myself slightly overwhelmed looking at little girls clothes and often just veer over to the little boys clothes.  Case in point, last night I started looking for some cute outfits for a little girl, I ended up with a long sleeved, blue shirt with mustaches on it for Eyan.  I did purchase a little onesie with "lil sis" on it, but that is not an outfit.  My poor daughter is totally screwed. 
  • I know what I want in my nursery.  One of our walls is already a mintish green color, so I figured I would add light purple and grey to the room with some elephants (my MIL's favorite).  I thought that would be easy to find and easy to make...UMMM NO!  Yesterday my mom and I went to several different fabric stores and found literally NOTHING.  I want chevron and polkadots and paisley patterns with elephants, is that too much to ask?  Apparently.  I can sew, my mom can sew why isn't this easier?  
  • My basement has a bedroom and bathroom with drywall!  I might actually get to move things into the basement by the time I need to start on the nursery around Thanksgiving!  I am DYING to get my nursery started.
  • Little girl is starting to move a lot more.  Its definitely calming for me to feel her in there and my hubby FINALLY felt her move last week!
  • Little girl is never going to be named.  I have some specifics in the naming process
    • Has to be unique, but not so unique that its hard to pronounce or looks like I played scrabble.
    • Cannot be a student or cheerleader or friends name.  This takes out TONS of names.
    • Cannot be in the top 50 popular names of the last 5 years.
    • I would like to to flow with Eyan and also have a "Y" in it to pay respects to my MIL.
    • Suggestions would be MUCH appreciated in the comments section
  • I am eager to make it to 24 weeks, just knowing that "viability" week is so close makes me so ready for it to get here.  Baby looks great and I am doing fantastic, but it still is scary that if something happened there would be little hope.
  • I have no clue when my next appt is, I think 24 or 26 weeks?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Why I miss my garage

Reason #1: Scraping snow off my truck 5 months pregnant is not fun.  I took this after my 30 minute drive into work.  The scraping was done in the dark.

Reason #2: putting a 2 year old in a snow suit at 6 am leads to this reaction.

Please God let this basement get done ASAP, I love the snow, but the work, oh the work makes me complain.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Basement Update!

It's getting there, slowly but surely.  I feel like we have been under construction forever!  In reality its only been about 5 weeks.  I am so so so ready to be moved into our basement and have my living room, new nursery, garage and overall sanity back.  I know my husband feels the same way :)

The basement has has some more done to it.  The electricity was roughed in and the HVAC vents were also ran.  It is truly coming together.  Jason and I also purchased the lighting, all the bathroom stuff (hello granite countertops!)

We are ready, I am so ready to nest its not even funny.  The drywall also got started, but I didn't take any pictures yet.  Next update :)

Can lighting for my office area
Light switch...its hard to take pictures of wires ok :)
Heater Vent!

TAT: These are his obsessions

Oh I love my handsome little guy, Except when he is driving his dump truck around everything chasing the dogs and running into my ankles, the dogs, the furniture or better yet tripping over it and literally smacking his forehead as hard as possible on the tile floors. Oh better yet, he decided to drive the truck down the stairs last week when I was carrying the laundry to be put away...and fell down 7 stairs, proceeded to cry, then stopped, grabbed the dang truck and tried to drive up it...only to trip over it and land on it pretty hard. That did not stop him from loving all over that truck. He is just obsessed and lets out the most adorable hard belly laughs you have ever heard!

His Auntie Gina bought him this loader and dump truck set for his birthday and typically these are in the basement playroom, but with the remodel, everything that was downstairs is upstairs. That truck is typically the first toy he goes after and is the last one he will put away.
The dumptruck attack position
Cant forget about the loader

Monday, October 22, 2012

19 Weeks

  • Seriously between my school Mac and my iPhone the technology is out to get me.  Hence the very craptacular photo you see above.  This is even the HDR one!  My bump seems to have shrunk or I am getting taller. 
  • I still cannot believe it is a girl.  I keep looking at the ultrasound pictures of the "goods" and am still in disbelief, but so excited!
  • My energy is up and down and more down then up and I just need to be back to normal.
  • Little Miss in my tummy is a flipper...future gymnast or cheerleader...probably but definitely a little flipper.  I think Jason will be able to feel this little kicks and tumbles this week.
  • I have a name, I love the name, the hubby does not.  Ideas on how to convince him that this is THE NAME!
  • Lately I have been craving food, but who knows what food and once I eat it, I am not happy with my choice and then I try to add more food to my original food choices and its a terrible idea that leads to nausea and anger.  Dang the cycle!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

5-laughs...Back at it!

Sorry I have not posted these in a while, I have sucked a preparing posts for several weeks and I keep forgetting to write down funny things. Damn this pregnancy brain! Regardless I am back and linking up with my friend Melissa over at The Mommyhood Chronicles!

1. I literally just told my students the middle of last week about baby #2. One of my particular classes is ready loud and rowdy and when they found our they started screaming and hugging and high-fiving. I was taken back by that reaction, and just watched in awe. Another teacher came over to make sure all was ok. It was funny, I never had a group of kids sooooo excited.

2. When my students brave their lives and ask me how I got pregnant (don't put this past 14 yr olds), I just tell them "immaculate conception!" That quiets them right up ;)

3. Oh Eyan...he loves his girls (the dogs). He has been telling is that Lily and Mia are his dogs and he needs to feed them or they will be sad. Jason tells Eyan the other night that he loves him and Eyan responds "we'll I love Lily!" He just loves his pups, and we do too!

4. Yesterday one of my freshmen girls wore a dress and heels that she clearly could not walk in. She was walking up one of the isles in class in the dark (we were watching a video that the kids were really into) and she went face first to the floor. I seriously was the ONLY one who saw this which amazes me but it took all I had not to alert the class. She got up, looked around and continued back to her seat.

5. When my doctor said "it's a girl," my husband was more excited than anyone and just could not stop smiling. He then tells me that he was right both times and that he can just smell it. Umm really?! It's a good thing I love him and the fact that he's a bit quarky!! Regardless he is soooo happy and it is soooo cute!

Friday, October 19, 2012

My thoughts on this babe

I've always said the following about the genders of my children, "God just loves me so he will only gives me boys because I have already raised my share of teenage girls."  Its always been a super big joke, but part of me just believed that I would just be a great "boy mom."

You see I used to coach high school cheerleading and I just love my girls, they are still my girls even though they are in their 20's now and are getting married and having children as well, and hey I like to think I helped raise them to be respectable amazing young women.  The drama and tears and fears that my girls and I worked through (and occasionally still work through), were tough, but necessary.  I do not regret those days, those tough conversations, the hours on the phone or after practice problem solving, this hysterical conversations and the love.  I love my girls, they know this, I have always told them they are my children, and I always will.

Regardless, my girls, my friends, my family, my students and pretty much anyone else that would ask me about baby gender would get the quote above with a slight giggle.  When we found out Eyan was a boy, I was ecstatic.  I had always wanted a little boy, I knew my dad and my husband were going to just be elated and what an amazingly cool experience it was going to be shaping my baby boy into a young man.  Secretly though, I morned the adorable clothes, mommy daughter days, cute accessories and even those tough teenage years I would have if I had a daughter.  I am so close to Eyan, he is my world, my everything and I have never known love like I know with him, and would NEVER trade him for anything.

But girls scare me.  The attitudes, the clothes, the teenage years; Oh God does it just terrify me.  So I was completely ok with this little one being another little boy.  After all, I have EVERYTHING for a little boy; Eyan would have a little brother to play and wrestle with and when they get bigger, Mommy might have more selfish time for herself to go shopping, and the nail salon and whatever crappy girl thing I think is necessary in my life.  So when I hinted that I had a pretty good guess at what the gender of baby 2 was, I was hinting towards BOY!  The doctor that took a peek at my 16 week check said that she saw a penis and tried to show me what she saw, but I will tell you my little baby was so so so crazy that I couldn't hardly tell what was the head, hand or stomach.  So how she saw a penis I have no clue, because apparently it was just the umbilical cord.  That is why I waited to announce what baby #2 was until we were sure.

So yesterday, I went in terrified to my high risk ultrasound, fearful of getting terrible news that baby was not healthy or had birth defects.  I was prepared for that news, prepared for taking classes on how to care for a child with disabilities and just researching.  I was prepared for that.  So when it came time to take a look at the gender, the doctor asked us what we thought, I of course said boy (the other doc already told me and seriously how could you mistake a penis?).  Jason said girl and the doctor said he would put on the screen what he thought and sure enough "Its A GIRL!" popped right up and I looked at my husband in pure shock.  I was NOT prepared for that...but I was secretly hoping and literally praying for a little girl.  You see I was fine with it being another boy until they said boy and then I just really mourned that little girl again.  Not that I was going to be sad or ungrateful for the amazing gift God was allowing me to bring into the world, just that I was mourning for a little bit.  I know its common, I have talked to MANY women who feel the same, so its just a normal process.  So when they said GIRL, I had to hold back the happy tears, I had to have the doctor check the gender 4 more times, even today I am still in disbelief and will seriously have them check at every appointment possible.

I know people are wondering, I know my friends and family have heard my stupid joke about only having boys and some have already asked a little fearful of my answer, but I am over the MOON excited to be the mommy of a little girl!  Of course those fears of raising a teenage daughter are always going to be there, but we will deal with that when it comes and my parents raised some damn good girls so I will raise my children the same way, with the same expectations and the same goal oriented attitude that I was raised with.  My hubby agrees with this.

I have had this nursery and ideas of baby girl and brother/sister and mommy/daughter stuff pinned on Pinterest and in my mind for years.  I have only had little girl names picked out.  I am elated to bring some girly stuff into my life again, and most of all a HEALTHY little GIRL into our family.  I am elated to show her the love and family that she has and help her to grown into an amazing women, much like my cheer girls have.  I have raised teenage girls and they turned out damn good, so really, I've got this.  I am ready to be this baby girls mom, best friend and confidant!

PS:  Just because I am in such disbelief I will still be washing some of Eyan's newborn clothes and not getting rid of any of it until She arrives and is definitely a SHE!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Baby #2 is

Most importantly healthy. Appears to have everything necessary and I am beyond relieved!

Oh and...

Its a GIRL!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Just playing

2 year olds can be seriously awesome. The other evening, he wanted to make me a hamburger. So he went to his little kitchen and got the fake hamburger brought it over, prepared it and we enjoyed our plastic hamburger. Live his imagination!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Defining Moments

We all have heard of those moments in life that define us, that make us who we are.  In my case there are several defining moments or best days!

1. The moment we moved to the skating rink.  When I was 8 my parents took over the family skating rink business and moved our family literally into a house attached to a roller skating rink.  This changed everything for us.  It changed the school I went to, my friends, my interests, my life.  For 13 years my parents ran the business for my grandparents, and my sister and I grew up.  I learned how to manage time, people and financials.  I learned the true meaning of family business and I learned that I DID NOT want to be a skating rink owner EVER!

2.  The day I married my hubby.  So I might have been slightly drunk...you would be drinking beer and tequila if your dress was still on the sewing machine and well over 400 people were waiting for you to get married.  But I LOVED my wedding, and all the chaos and kinks that happened.  It was insane but it was by far the best wedding and party I have every attended.  Ask anyone who was there and they will agree, it was out of control fun, plus I got to marry my best friend and he agreed to let me torture him for the rest of our lives!  WINNING!

3.  The day I graduated from college.  I felt like I finally had a place and purpose in this world and knew without a doubt that what I was about to get myself into was the only thing I would ever consider doing for a career.  Who knew what an awesome teacher I would be...after all I hear it daily :)

4.  The days I found out I was pregnant.  Not all of them have happy endings, but ALL of them were important and all were special times in our life.  I celebrate and cherish my babies and angel babies constantly.  In fact when I go in for my ultrasound this week it is on the same day I lost my first angel.  I will definitely be thinking about that precious babe.

5.  The moment I finally met Eyan.  You can read Eyan's lengthy story here, but let me tell you, the moment you become a mommy, everything else you ever cared about just sort of dissipates.  Not that you don't care, its just that the universe realigns and you discover who you really are.  He is my blessing, and Jason and I will often say that we love him more than anything else in the entire world.  Its hard to grasp the fact that I will be given the opportunity to love someone else the way that I love that precious perfect little boy, but I am sure ready too!

Monday, October 15, 2012

18 weeks

Um Yeah, I can suck it in.  

What it looks like when I am just "hanging" out
  • Ok now I am starting to get worried.  Literally I AM NOT GAINING WEIGHT!  This means 1 of 3 things.
    • Super small baby
    • I am going to get super fat later
    • Something is wrong
  • My appointment to make sure all is well is THURSDAY at 4:00!  I am so freaking scared its not even normal.
  • I can still wear all my regular clothes.  I am starting to think this is a bad bad thing.
  • Ugh taking a shower before bed was so relaxing, but my hair was not agreeing with that.  Where is this beautiful glowing pregnancy I am supposed to be having?

Friday, October 12, 2012

That time we took our kid to the bar...

So yeah we totally did.  A few weeks ago Jason and I just needed to get out of the house and do something different but fun for Eyan.  So we called up his aunt and uncle and headed to Dave & Busters for some great food, games and fun!  The food there is truly great and if you do this "power play combo" thing you get a game card and your food for like $20.00.  So it was semi affordable.  After dinner we went to the game room which was FULL of kids since we go their fairly early.  Eyan was super partial to any driving games, while mommy, daddy, aunt Net & uncle Bob were concerned about earning a ton of tickets to win prizes!  We had a great time and got a fantastic remote control car that we are saving for Christmas as our prize.

Jason & Uncle Bob competing at BBall

Eyan & Gauntie Net driving a Semi

All boy, finds the shooting games...he did not get to play those!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I've told you about Wyatt before. He is my neighbor, Eyan's best friend and is 3 years old. Wyatt is a unique little boy with a seizure disorder called Doose Syndrome. Right now him and his family need a lot of prayers. He is quickly losing muscle control and is scheduled to have the hemispheres of his brain separated Thanksgiving week. Please, please keep Wyatt in your prayers!

Wyatt & Eyan at Wyatt's Seizure walk!  Go Wyatt's Warriors!

Monday, October 8, 2012

17 weeks!!

  • I am starting to looooove these maternity pants.  So. Comfy.
  • I think I am gaining weight!  Where the heck is that bump coming from if I havent?
  • The nausea made a vicious return a few days back, but I think it subsided and I am fairly confident that the baby hates cucumbers.  Which sucks because I totally don't. 
  • My energy has started to return.  I was super productive yesterday and feel pretty good.  But with this return of energy I now need my basement finished like now, so I can decorate a nursery and wash baby clothes and prepare and well, nest.  I had Eyan's nursery finished by about 22 weeks! That leaves us a month to finish!
  • 11 more days until my anatomy scan.  Can I tell you how scared I am for this.  With Eyan I was completely fine, but this go around I am so scared that my quad screen will come back bad (especially since I haven't heard anything since Wednesday) or that the baby will have some sort of major issue.  I seriously cannot shut my brain off with worry, and I'm just trying to focus on the fact that I should be able to confirm the gender of this little one. 
  • There is definite movement happening and having that at least gives me some comfort that baby is ok.
  • We tried to introduce the big brother concept to Eyan this weekend and make it really exciting, but I am sure he still doesn't get it and in 4 months he will be very surprised that life changed so quickly.  I am hoping that as the nursery gets done and baby stuff starts to appear more he will start to realize that there is a change happening.  
  • I need to have my csection date set already!  We are still planning to go to Disneyland and I would like the baby to have his/her first shots before I take them on a plane.  We are going to do our best to avoid bringing the baby into the park very much.  My mom, dad, hubby and sister will all be there and have graciously agreed to take turns with me in the parks so baby can be in the hotel room the majority of the time. 
  • Sleep is terrible!  I feel like I was beating in the back all night long and the waking up just to turn off my back is driving me insane.
  • Don't forget to vote on the left!  

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Under construction

I need my home back. This under construction business is no fun and trying to sew the perfect Buzz Lightyear costume when my sewing machine is stuck under huge piles if baby clothes and furniture that I can't move is driving me insane. My mom is helping me so I guess we will be using her machines, but darnet, I love my machine and now it's buried. For eternity at this point.

Oh the life of being under construction. Guess I should have planned that one better.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Baby 2 mini update

So I have a pretty good idea what color baby is hiding out in my uterus, sucking all my sweet nutrients away and leaving me emaciated and starving all day...that is if I am not vomiting.

Ehhh...whatever, I still LOVE being pregnant!

So Wednesday I had my 16 week check up where I basically got yelled at because lets face it, I am a TERRIBLE patient.  What did I get yelled at for you ask:

  1. So at my 8 week appt the nurse gave me all these handouts and said that my BMI puts me over weight by 1 tenth of a point!  So I can only gain 15-20lbs the entire pregnancy and absolutely NO weight gain the 1st trimester.  That was not a problem with the morning sickness and no interest in actually eating.  So naturally I lost some weight.  Not a lot but like 6 or 10 lbs.  When I met with the doctor Wednesday she said that essentially I had gained no weight and that she was worried and then gave me this whole lecture about how I have to gain weight for the baby to be healthy...blah, blah, blah.  Then she told me to gain 25-35 lbs and I assured her that would be NO problem as I currently am in love with all food.  Basically she looked at me and I think was sure I was pregnancy anorexic...then she saw my stretch marks from Eyan and again I assured her that I would be adding to those beauties.  Ugh, I can NEVER win!
  2. A few weeks ago I found out that I would need to monitor my blood sugar with an actual monitor!  WTH, I only had to do that for like 2 weeks 4 years ago when I found out I was diabetic.  So basically I just didn't because I could tell you when my sugar is high or when it is low.  I figured I would feed them a load of bulls#!t numbers and be fine.  Well of course that didn't work for her and she just did not believe my numbers, so I was given a chart to write this all down on and give to the perinatologist at my appt on the 18th.  What I do not get is that in probably 10 blood tests they have ran and checked my sugar levels everything points to my type 2 diabetes being gone and NOTHING points to gestational diabetes yet...I am sure it will, but damnet #Ihatedoingbloodsugartests!  Oh and she also kindly reminded me that failure to monitor incorrectly could lead to a stillborn and the hugest baby ever.  Tonight I go purchase a new monitor as my old one is a pain to use. 
  3. I was reminded of my restrictions on lifting (my 2 yr old), pelvic rest (yeah thats helping my marriage), and restrictions on a lot of housework.  All of which I am going to have to give into if I would like to stay sane.  I need to snuggle my baby boy and I have to have a clean house and oh my poor husband. 
However, after her not being able to get a quality reading on the baby's heart-rate and my slight panic about maybe having twins in there she grabbed that ultrasound machine, took a look inside and there was my new squishy little baby, just kicking and flipping and looking oddly squished.  By odd I mean that baby was a lot bigger and just taking up more room so it was odd seeing a larger baby then I had seen 4 weeks earlier.  She looked all around my abdomen to check for twins and for a slight second she paused and I swore she was going to tell me that I was right and then she said, "oh nevermind, thats the same baby."  SLIGHT PANIC!  Then she tried to peek at the goods and of course my children never cooperate and baby was moving around like crazy but she did give me a "pretty good guess." I'm waiting to confirm it because I did not see what she saw so I am not sharing it just yet.  13 more days and I will have confirmation :)  Sorry for the teaser, but I hate to put it out there and have it be wrong. 

Happy Friday

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

If we survive this...

These. Hormones. Are. Awful.

Well actually I do not think they are that bad, I thought everyone was more annoying and I was grumpier when I was pregnant with Eyan, but apparently that is not the case.

But to my husband they are apparently pretty crappy...and he might hate them or me.  Quoting the movie "Knocked Up," I am regularly told "F-U Hormones."

I really just need these to level off before my husband moves into our new basement ;)

Monday, October 1, 2012

16 weeks!

  • Do you see it!  It finally appeared, I think there is a baby in there!
  • This week is homecoming week and today is sports day, hence my husbands old Broncos jersey, I am not a big sports fan.
  • I am hoping to finagle an ultrasound at my OB check up on Wednesday and *maybe* I can find out what color baby I am having. 
  • Basement is coming along but I HATE having to wait to move my house back to unclutterville oh and I cannot wait to decorate the new nursery.  I am thinking mint green (already have a wall in that room this color), purple and grey for a girl and mint green, black and white for a boy. 
  • No nausea in a week!
  • Definite movement especially late in the evenings and particularly when big brother is snuggling or we're reading his bedtime books.
  • Started wearing more maternity pants more for comfort as ALL my jeans still freaking fit.
  • Baby gets taste buds this week!  So the question is do the cravings just go crazy?
  • Energy is almost back!  I super cleaned my house and cooked all weekend.  I almost feel like a good wife and mother again.
  • Don't forget to vote over on the left of the screen for what you think this baby is.