We Got the FUNK: November 2012

Friday, November 30, 2012

I might be stupid

Yeah I said it.  This is not a case of mommy or pregnancy brain...nope its a straight up case of I'm stupid legitimately.

Why you ask.  Well, I stupidly volunteers to TEMPORARILY coach my schools cheerleading team while they found a new coach.  So for the next month I am neglecting my husband, Eyan, House, Work and Life just to help out my school.  Why did I do this?  Mainly because I need to go to cheerleading anonymous for a serious addiction.  

Practice has been going well, the parents are well...out of control and I am slightly annoyed...and stupid.

Only 7 practice and 4 games left and I am done and hopefully I will be less stupid.

Have you been intentionally stupid?  Please enlighten me and let me know I am not the only one.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

How's Eyan?

I get this question often.  Most people are wondering how is he doing with the fact that he is about to be a big brother.  Well truth is, he has NO CLUE what is about to hit.  I try to explain it to him, but he just doesn't care.  He does know that the baby is in my tummy and its a baby sister (he did actually come over and pat my boobs and ask if baby sister was happy last night and tried to feel her kick when I redirected said hands), but other than that he really could care less.  So right now, he is doing fantastic!

He is obsessed with Toy Story.  He sleeps with Toy Story PJ's, carries around the figurines, recites quotes from the movie and overall is just in love with these characters.

He is the size of a 3 year old I swear all his pants fit waist wise (2T) but length wise they are all too short!  WTH?  Seriously Jason and I are not the tallest people so where he is getting his height from is beyond me.  I tried buying 3T pants but they are WAY to big around the waist, so for know its just some high-waters.

He is talking A LOT and more importantly developing manners.  Instead of demanding items, he now asks politely and says please and thank you.  It is pleasant and I am so proud of the little man he is turning into. 

He is 98% potty trained.  We have still not conquered the nighttime potty thang, but at some point we will.  But he has gone 2 weeks without a major accident, he takes himself to the potty and tells us that he needs to go and for that I am eternally thankful.  I have been warned about 10,000 times that regression will happen when little missy arrives, but I am confident we will get through this. 

He is dang aggressive to our poor dogs.  We are trying to get this under control and utilizing time outs constantly.  I have noticed that when he lays on the puppies he is usually tired, but sometimes he just takes his favorite dump truck and chases the poor girls around ramming them.  Jason and I have had to take said dump truck away because of this.  Any thoughts to curb this would be appreciated.

He is super picky about what he eats and he LOVES sweets and fruit (which I guess is a sweet).  I made a delicious lasagna last night, Eyan ate the ranch dressing and a carrot with about 2 bites of lasagna.  But not an hour later did he decide he was starving for pudding.  Nice try kid but balanced diets are better than crap.  I am not however mom of the year and sometimes I cave and feed him whatever he asks for. 

Now for some silly faces. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WW: Chipmunk Cheeks

Forgive the craptacular photos, my mom was in charge and well yeah. 
Olives all up in his face

At this point I think there was like 4 in there

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

TAT: My Interests

Today over at Growing Up Geeky, they are discussing mommies interests.  Let me tell you my list is lengthy; I like to think I am crafty, tough, fun and above all a good mommy.

The crafty aspect:  This is really only in the sense of scrapbooking!  I LOVE to scrapbook.  Eyan's baby book is done and I love looking at it and reminiscing about those itty bitty toes and fingers and beautiful first smile and haircut.  Oh goodness it is just the best.  I have made about 7 scrapbooks and will do one for little missy as well.  I have both our wedding and honeymoon albums, my growing up one, my sisters growing up one, my parents wedding album & Eyan's baby album done.  I just love it.  I tend to stick to the old style scrapbooking with the fancy paper, scissors, stickers and creative embellishments, however, I do make a photo book with Shutterfly as well, they always look great, just not as much soul to them.

The Tough aspect:  I love roller derby, it gives me some crazy rush and some of the most cherished and amazing friends.  It has built my confidence, assured me, toughened me up and improved my skating abilities (which lets be honest when you literally grew up as skating rink owner/operator, you think you are the best skater in the whole wide world...yeah ummm not really).  I miss derby all the time, sometimes even at 6 months pregnant I consider strapping on the old skates and taking a few laps, however, I digress and then indulge in a can of frosting.

Oh Toxic T I miss you!

The Fun aspect:  I have come to the point in my life where I don't feel "fun" anymore.  But at one point, I was lots of fun!  I haven't been a huge drinker but even when my friends were 3-sheets to the wind and I was sober I was having so much fun.  But in my less than sober moments, I was even more fun.  I am willing to try just about anything (aside from disgusting sounding or looking food/drink) and always have some sort of inappropriate joke about it.  I also seem to get placed in awkward situations quite frequently and that leads to some pretty hysterical stories and moments with my friends.  Oh like the time we went to the Aveda School for cheap manicures and pedicures and my nail technician is putting some weird seaweed hand scrub on and tells me how good it smells and how she wants to eat it...like off me!  Um yeah there was a ton of jokes with that one.  So here are some incriminating photos to prove that at one point I was "FuN"oh and aside from one photo I was completely sober...you figure out which one. :)

I totally almost fit

Here is a clue...I was not even close to 21 here!

Best Costume EVER!

The mommy aspect:  You bet your ass that this is a huge interest of mine.  I LOVE being mommy.  I love the moments I get to share with my little guy (and the ones to come with little missy)!  I just am obsessed.  I seriously talk about him about 30 times a day and get so excited to see him after work.  Its like the most amazing drug I have ever taken and I cannot get enough.  Was it always wonderful...No, but I think the work and learning we have done just makes me even more interested (see: in love) with this little guy.  Oh God, I'm gushing and at this point your vomiting.  So here is a cutesy pic of my ninja baby.  We just got family pictures done...this is a sneak peak!

Monday, November 26, 2012

24 Weeks!

  • Viability!  For those of you that are unaware, at this point if little missy decided that it was time to come out, she has a pretty good chance of survival and the doctors would do everything in their power to save her.  NOW STAY IN!
  • I am so tired in this picture and to actually get the "bump" shot I had to tuck my shirt under my bra.  I know, I'm sexy and I know it, but too pregnant to show it!
  • I overworked my arse yesterday and super cleaned the house.  When I finally set down to relax (see bedtime) someone kept jabbing, kicking, flipping and reminding me why I need to take it a bit easier.  The house does not have to be spotless needs to be a new mantra.  I hate you OCD!
  • My next appointment is December 5th and I am hoping and praying that they will set my c-section date so I can plan our vacation and my maternity leave.  Now little missy needs to decide to stay in until then.
  • I am so worried she will come a little early.  I like full term, I want to go 39 weeks, I need her to stay in as long as possible. 
  • Mom and I picked out the pattern for little missy's quilt and I believe my mom is starting on it today!  I am so excited to see it all come together.
  • The basement is ALMOST finished!  We have to paint, carpet/tile, put the doors and trim on and install the lights and bathroom fixtures.  THEN we can move everything around and actually start making her room beautiful.
  • I think that is it for now.  Oh little missy does not like frosting...makes her hiccup.  Damnet, I LOVE FROSTING!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

5 laughs -11/23/12

Lets go!

1. This morning Eyan knocks on the door and says "mama I'm up from sleeping and I'm happy!" Oh gosh how freaking cute!

2. Eyan doesn't get a lot of kid to kid interaction but apparently when he does have play dates he no longer listens to adults. He just a runs around showing off and screaming in a very high pitched voice. I think this mama needs to schedule more play dates.

3. Eyan tells me, "Wyatt's head is fixed so now we can go play in the swimming pool!" He misses his friend. On a good note, Wyatt is home from his surgery and from what I have been told he is doing well.

4. So a couple nights ago I had a terrible dream that I was being attacked and ended up punching Jason in the face. He got a bloody nose from this, and I felt terrible. However the very next night I had a dream there was spiders everywhere so I literally hurdled my pregnant arse over my husband landing on my feet telling him about these spiders. Jason said I then walked back over to my side of the bed grabbed my phone and checked all over the bed for spiders and then laid back down fast asleep. What a couple crazy pregnancy dreams lately.

5. We went Black Friday shopping (well kinda, I had 20.00 kohls cash) so we went and purchased a new pair of shoes for Jason (which the man desperately needed) and found a fantastic deal on some new pots and pans that we really really needed. Apparently Teflon and dishwashers are not friends. Jason was seriously so excited about the pots and pans he opened them all up, laid them all out and had to wake me up from my nap just to tell me how exciting these pots are. Bonus: he even cooked dinner!

Link up with www.the-Mommyhood-chronicles.com!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Our Thanksgiving

Like most people Thanksgiving is spent with family, laughing and eating and enjoying each others company. Typically we get together with my dad's side of the family but this year the celebration was moved an hour away and with my husband, sister and dad all having to work that wasn't going to happen. Jason had to work until 2:30, my sis had to be to work at 3:30 and my dad had to work at 6:00. Jason and I had originally planned to go to his families, but we ended up with my mom cooking the most delicious dinner ever. My parents and sister and Eyan and I ate before Ashley had to go to work then she left and Jason showed up and ate, then dad went to work. It was a weird Thanksgiving to say the least.

Prior to the food Eyan and I hung out watching the Macy's parade! Eyan loves the Mickey and Buzz balloons so that was fun.

That's all for us, how was your Thanksgiving?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I want my house back

Because my living room is full of toys and I can't put up my Christmas decorations now 

Monday, November 19, 2012

23 Weeks!

  • So I actually am 23 weeks and 1 day!  I always take these pictures on Monday when I have to get ready for work, gives me some sort of organized schedule.  However, I am always moving forward a week on Sunday. 
  • I really stuck out my stomach here...these pants tuck everything in super nice. 
  • There has been TONS of movement as of late and little missy really enjoys ice cold water.
  • I find myself more out of breath lately doing simple things like um...walking.  
  • I got so dizzy and nauseous and almost passed out on Friday in class.  So naturally I had to go to the doctor to make sure none of that pesky Pre-eclampsia was setting in.  (I taught the rest of the school day from my chair as they couldn't see me until 3:10).  Well 2 things came from this:
    • 1. I apparently have finally gained some damn weight! 1 lb to be exact!  Hell to the yes!
    • 2. Since I have an egg allergy and I cannot get the flu shot, I may be coming down with the flu.  Hell to the NO!  I will be taking my OCD hand-washing to a super new extreme.  I refuse to deal with a sickness while I am basking in turkey and mashed potatoes. 
  • I know its late in the day, but if you can change or put on something purple, I would truly be appreciative of this.  Purple is the color for epilepsy and my little neighbor-boy has his big brain surgery going on right now!  We are wearing purple to show our support and I would love it if you could send a little prayer his way as well as don some purple for a day.
Happy Monday and only 1 more week till V-Day!!! 

Friday, November 16, 2012

5 laughs- 11/17/13

Lets go!

1. Eyan straight up tells us how it is. Lately I ask him questions and am trying to teach him conversation skills. I think I might suck at this :). I asked Eyan what he wanted for dinner, he says "bacon." I then suggested chicken, he responds "NO! I'm tired of it, do you hear me!" There was no words.

2. A kid in my class apparently got hit in the penis with a tennis ball in the hall. He asked me if that would make him start peeing blood or if he broke his penis. My response was "we'll if you were walking around the halls with an erection you could break your penis. Kid turns bright red, tells me he is sure its not broken. Hey if you're going to ask, I'm going to answer scientifically.

3. Eyan is a private pottier. When he needs to poop he literally asks us, " can you go out and shut the door?" I giggle a little every time!

4. To add to the earlier one, I went into wipe Eyan and he tells me "I wiped my own butt!" I never thought bathroom habits would excite me sooo much!

5. My students are starting to really get concerned about when I go on maternity leave. I am constantly reminding them it shouldn't be until March, they seem to be so worried about it and who is going to teach them, because "no one is like you!" I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not.


It's getting there!  OMG!  We are all the way drywalled AND the mudding and taping is done!  Our electricity is not working right now and everyday I get home and finally into the basement it is dark and the only light we have in the basement is the work lights.  But here is an update!!!

Wall where my desk will go

Hallway from upstairs

Living room!


Bedroom (apparently we have a ton of particulate floating around)

Other half of bedroom. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

When you're the best of friends

Eyan is so lucky that his best friend lives right across the street!  About a week ago, Sam invited us over for a bit of a play date!  Wyatt had been released from the hospital for some initial testing for his upcoming surgery and wanted to have playtime with his buddy.  Sam and I enjoyed laughing at the boys being silly, but especially posing with this huge huge huge bear!  They kept asking us to take a picture and then they would run over to look at it.

Wyatt is doing SO much better, he is putting weight on and his muscles are starting to gain strength again.  He goes in for a major brain surgery this upcoming week, but the prognosis is fantastic and it could potentially stop his seizures!  Keep praying followers and friends!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bear with me

I am in procrastination mode and although I have updates on the fabric/nursery stuff for little missys room, basement updates, pictures with santa, funny student stories, and tons of other things, I HAVE to get my students projects graded like now.  Catch up in a day or so :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

22 weeks!

Kinda look pregnant...or fat!
  •  My computer is out to get me, this is literally the 5th device I have tried to write this on and I am almost ready to give up!  I have actually resorted to my crap-tacular 5 year old compaq desktop that basically hates me.  Lets see if this works!
  • So today I have the day off.  I got to wake up to just Eyan which is perfect!  (Not that I don't love waking up to my husband, but its just that I sometimes just want mommy & Eyan time).  We have already had breakfast and will be getting ready to meet up with my mom to go fabric shopping for little Missy's room!
  • BTW "little Missy" is just what I am calling her, it is not her name.  Although we are fairly certain we have a name, but before we reveal it we are just going let it settle in a bit.  It meets all my "requirements" but is just a little long, so we have already started to come up with nicknames (which I am not completely sure I love).  Ugh naming girls is so much harder than naming boys!
  • Oh seriously do you see my "bump" I think little Missy just moves from my backbone to my belly button and on any given day I either don't look pregnant, look kinda pregnant or fat or look actually pregnant.  Don't believe me, look below!
Taken today...do not look pregnant, just chunky

Taken last Thursday...clearly look pregnant.  WTH?

  • In other news, I have started to purchase a few little outfits for little Missy.  Most are just onesies, that I found on clearance, but hey, its a start.  I did however, receive my very first baby gift for her from one of my super thoughtful students.  She got me a goodie bag full of adorableness, but one of the best was this adorable outfit and these boots...oh God the boots!

  • We purchased the bedroom furniture this weekend!  Oh my I LOVE IT!  It is beautiful and perfect and girly, but she can grow with it.  I couponed the heck out of this deal and saved almost $1000.00!  It is a 4 in 1 convertible set and we purchased both dressers you see in the picture as well as a nightstand.  The only item I did not purchase was the hutch (might get it later) but didn't want to by it just yet because I think I am going to put a changing pad on the dresser and the hutch wouldn't allow that.  I also had a great find on Craigslist and got a $600.00 rocker recliner for only $75.00 which is perfect because we plan to paint it to match the set as well as wash the already perfectly colored cushions that go with it!.

That's all for now!

Friday, November 9, 2012

How to Parent...a Teachers perspective

I LOVE MY JOB!  I have to start this way, because after reading this, I am sure some of you will question my reasoning for staying in a classroom.  I seriously love everything about my job, but like any job, I have my days where I sit and think WTF am I doing?

I probably should have taken today off, but my teacher guilt and gut told me to come to school.  I always listen to my gut so after sleeping in a bit and joyfully getting ready in 15 minutes, here I am 6 periods into an 8 period day, rethinking that idea.  I firmly still believe that I should be at school, there is a reason I was put here and my gut lead me here, but still I just want to be home (if that makes any sense).

As a teacher I deal with the most random conversations and issues and do this all while trying to teach science to hormonal freshmen ALL. DAY!  I have high expectations and am so OCD that the kids are almost always focused; if we are off task its because I seriously planned that.  Yeah thats how OCD I am.  So when my plans do not go off like I expected, I get a little frustrated.  I constantly remind myself that I work with high school kids and as of late, we have not had a day off since Labor Day so statistically we see behavior and motivation change.  However, my expectations, enthusiasm, organization and rules DO NOT, so my little minions (thats what I call my students) usually follow suit.  After all, I hear ALL THE TIME that I am their favorite teacher, that they love my class, they don't want to go to their other classes, etc, and no one wants to upset me and get on my bad side, so following suit is just the basics.

Occasionally though I have just one kid who wants to push it, to see if I am going to stay consistent or let something fly.  That never goes well for them.  I follow a 3 strikes you are out policy.  The first strike is just a nice reminder (put the phone away, sit down, get back on task), the 2nd strike is a last ditch effort for the kid to stay in my classroom and behave (time-outs, quick calls to parents, taking away the phone, a firmer more public redirection) and the third strike you are OUT...deans office and a referral.  The kids know this and it is a VERY uncommon factor for any of my students to head to the deans.

So what happened?  Student A, was nicely told to get back to working on some of his missing work which I had already given to him. (Strike 1)  He did for all of about 3 minutes and then turn around and started flirting with some ladies around him.  So I publicly let him know that I will be calling his mom (Strike 2).  Mom says to me "I'm to busy to parent, if this was my student I would send him to the deans." I'm sorry did you just tell me you are TOO BUSY TO PARENT?  That got under my skin.  I politely got off the phone with the mom and did exactly what she asked (deans office), because God forbid I ask her to do the job she signed up for.   I'm exasperated that a parent could EVER say they are too busy to quickly get on the phone and tell their kid to straighten up, yet they had time to answer the phone when I called.

So here is my thoughts on being a parent...from a teachers perspective:

1. If your kids teacher ever calls you, its not because we cannot handle the situation, its because we are trying to make you aware of their behavior so as a team we can fix this.  I tell my students that I am their mom for an hour out of the day so I take their safety, well-being as well as their learning very seriously.  To do this, I need you on my team.

2. Make your kid feel important.  Student A had seen numerous strike 2's take place and knew that mom was supposed to talk to him.  When she didn't and he was immediately strike 3'd, he said "wow I thought she would at least talk to me."  He looked more broken by the fact that she didn't do her part then the fact that he was headed for more trouble (which honestly at that point was not necessary).

3.  Set your priorities.  I realize that many parents work, I know that we have to entrust our kids to other people and that sometimes our jobs are overwhelming and seem to take over our lives.  But I just want to remind you something.  When you decided to have a family, planned or not you decided to keep the baby, you decided to PARENT!  Your 1st priority should always be your family.  If something happened to your child tragically I do not know a parent that wouldn't drop everything to run to their child's side, so why on Earth would you not run to your child's side when they need boundaries?  It seriously only takes a moment and I know that we are all tired of talking in circles around our children but honestly they need it, they want it and a lot of the time their behavior is caused from your lack of involvement and boundary setting.

There are tons more, but I think this post is long enough.  Have a good weekend, I know the three days I have coming are MUCH needed!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday Thoughts: So Random

Sometimes you just need to write...or complain.  I am not sure what I am going to do here :)

My aunt is pregnant with twin boys!  They are what they call Mo-Mo twins (share same placenta and sac) so they are super high risk and she has been on bed rest since 26 weeks.  Today the doctor told her they might have to take the boys!  I think she is maybe 29 weeks...NO!  I know the doctor is making sure to keep both her and the boys safe, but it freaks me out that the boys might be delivered today.  Prayers for her would be fantastic.

Eyan is super snugly, but super 2!  He only snuggles on his terms and sometimes is sort of aggressive.  I am ready to get this little girl here in 18 weeks so I can snuggle her, since my little 2 yr old is just a monster.  He is a fun and silly monster, but still a monster.

The most amazing bestest perfect gift in the whole wide world arrived from Santa (ebay) this week.  The Toy Story Remote Control RC Car!  This damn thing retails for over $300.00 because it is so rare but I managed to only spend about 1/6th of that.  My little man is going to lose his mind when he opens this.  I have to remember to video his reaction.  We purchased a small one that I kinda figured he would like but he knows exactly what this big one is and what it does and tells me all the time how excited he is to get this car from Santa.  OMG I can hardly wait until Christmas morning.

I just want to take tomorrow off work.  I haven't had a day off since Labor Day and honestly I don't work Monday so why not take a 4 day weekend?  WHY...oh yeah because in March I will take 8 weeks off and I only have 12.5 days "saved."  My district is pretty awesome in the fact that as long as I have 10 days, they will pay my maternity leave in full, but that only leaves me with 2.5 days to get me from now until March!  What if I get sick or Eyan gets sick or the sick bank (our schools way to pay for leaves) needs another day.  AHHH I just need a day off, one where I can get emissions on my car, get my hair did, shop for outfits for family pictures, go to the bank, you know get stuff done during "normal" business hours.  Seriously I am planning to take it off, but I may just come in anyway.  What's one more day?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Because elections matter and its our money and beliefs on the table.

Because "Change" and moving "Forward" are the same thing.

Because my friends and family deserve to be married.

Because my uterus and its rights are on the line.

Because education matters to you!

Because your opinion matters!

It's cool to have a say!

It's our duty!