We Got the FUNK: December 2012

Monday, December 31, 2012

29 weeks!

-Well here we are, 10 weeks left until little miss Emberlynn makes her presence known! Today I am blogging from my phone because my house is in disarray as we started the moving process into the basement to prepare for little missy and the carpet cleaning guy is here! So there is no real bullet points and the picture(s) are at the bottom.
-Our basement is dare I say 97% done! All that is left is to paint the doors and trim and the bathroom which is pretty close to done as well! It is a complete mess, but I have a week and I WILL get it clean and organized as well as get the nursery started!
-Speaking of the nursery, we are planning to go pick up our beautiful baby girls furniture this weekend, which means I have to figure out paint designs like NOW! The picture of the room below is a "before" picture of her nursery. Colors are purple, green and grey.
-My appointment last Friday went very well and was the first one where I didn't get stabbed with a needle or have any tests ran! It was almost normal. My next appointment will be with the high risk doctor around 32 weeks, where they will do a growth scan and double check everything. If that goes well I might not have to see the high risk doctor again. My only concern is that I am measuring about 2 weeks smaller than normal. My mom assures me that her measurements were always off and my sis and I were tiny babies.
-Eyan is starting to figure out this whole baby sister is coming idea. He hugs her and kisses my tummy and is just being sweet! God I am so nervous about that not lasting.
-I purchased a carseat cover (yes I realize the voided warranty stuff), and made my boy carseat all girly. I also super cleaned the awesome glider I got off Craigslist!m Let the nesting begin!
-Overall I feel ok, my hips and back have been bothering me, but I think a lot of that has to do with all the work we've put into moving into the basement. I've had headaches here and there and some random bouts of nausea, but otherwise I'm just trying to keep going and avoid the fatigue.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Laughs 12/29/12

I suck at blogging on Saturdays lately. The dang basement takes our weekends and focus away. I don't even think I have 5 laughs, but I have a couple so here ya go!

1. Eyan has some serious sentences going on. For instance the other day after he WWE'd the dog, he was told to go to time out. He responds that he "don't have any interest in go to time out." No interest kid!!! He served his time figuring out those interests.

2. Tonight in the car Eyan asked me to turn up the music and sing, so I did. I kept hearing something from him and finally realized the kid was trying to sing with me. What songs you ask? Adele's "someone like you" and Carly Rae Jepsens " call me maybe". So freaking cute.

3. For Christmas Eyan got his Toy Story RC car and proceeded to talk to him and say " come on RC, you can do it!" Then he insisted on sleeping with that huge toy!

That's it for now, I'll try not to suck in the upcoming weeks!

Basement Update!

Before carpet, doors & trim!

Main living room  

Looking from bedroom to living room, bathroom to left.

Thursday, December 27, 2012


A few weeks ago we went and visited Build-A-Bear, just for fun.  We never intended to by a bear, but there we were, stuck in bear heaven with a little boy who all the sudden was enamored with these plushy stuffed creatures.  So we caved.  We bought the bear...and we enjoyed EVERY SINGLE MOMENT!

Loving this
Showing Daddy his bear
Stuffing his bear
Checking to see if it is squishy enough. 
Presenting...Eyan and Buzz Bear!  He sleeps with this guy every night!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

28 Weeks!

Ok here is the actual update.  Thanks for being patient as I got through this morning.
  • So last night after our Christmas with Jason's family, we came home to a super tired guy who went straight to bed.  Only to wake about 1.5 hours later with a mild fever and lots of boogers.  I gave him a bit of medicine and he slept pretty dang well.  Fast forward to this morning and the kid was up at 6am!  This mama is tired, I forget what SAHM time means sometimes and how busy he is, sick or not.  We've watched Christmas shows, played trains, taken numerous time outs for attacking the dogs (God help us on this aspect), and finally taken a nap.
  • Speaking of naps, this whole 3rd trimester fatigue is back and I just do not have time for it.  The basement is ALMOST done...yeah you read that we literally have 5 things left on our list and 3 of them are getting done on Saturday, and one is done on Thursday! 
  • I was told I am getting big.  I have only gained 10 lbs, but I guess I do look kinda big.  Ehh maybe it's these crappy clothes and that bag of Doritos I consumed. 
  • I have another appointment this week on Friday just a typical appointment I guess.  Maybe I will get a peek at my little girl, or maybe it will be the first appointment that isn't over an hour long.  At least they are being super cautious. 
  • The headaches are back, they are still manageable, but nonetheless, they are back. 
  • I had some serious round ligament pain lately, I am sure little missy is just growing and stretching.   I can sure feel the insane amounts of movement.  It is now to the point that she will stick an elbow or foot or something out and I can push back on it.
  • While in the shower today I contemplated whether or not my stretch marks could get worse.  I have a pretty amazing mommy tummy and by that I mean it is terrible looking, so I just wonder if they can get any worse or if they will just get red again and fade.
  • I officially have to bend over to see the feet (or anything below the belt), but I am still a master at shaving so my legs will continue to be silky smooth...haha, that was a joke, its "winter" in Colorado. 

That's it for today! Merry Christmas Eve!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Visiting Santa @ Bass Pro

How terrible that it is 4 days from Christmas and we literally had the Santa visit almost 5 weeks ago and I am barely getting to publishing the photos from this.  Seriously I keep forgetting, but here is our fantastic visit with Santa at Bass Pro Shop in photos!

Bass Pro Shop is fantastic and does all of these awesomely cool free things for kids.  See how much fun we had!

Eyan actually made this ornament!  Well he glued all the pieces down without help!
I'm raising a genius!  This is one of the free ornaments they offer for kids to make.
My dad's version of the "child leash."  He uses his wallet chain and Eyan loves it.
Eyan loved looking at the 4-wheelers
Mom & Eyan riding the FREE carousel!  He loved this and waved every time they came around.
The official Santa photo.  Eyan was directed not to cry and to be polite.  He got up there said "RC CAR PLEASE" took this photo and then jumped off quickly.  
I tried to zoom in on one of Jason's iPhone pictures...Dang quality

Thursday, December 20, 2012

PNP: Video from Santa!

Have you seen the video program sweeping the nation?  Do you need something to bribe your children with?  What about some good ol' reinforcement?  Well hop on over to Portable North Pole and create a fantastic personalized video of Santa for that special little monster in your life.

Seriously though, this was the BEST video ever and Eyan LOVED every single moment of it.  In fact he continues to watch his santa video several times daily. 

Daddy & Eyan watching Santa

Serious focus!
Screenshot from Eyans video
Wanna take a look at what Santa told Eyan?  Click below to watch his video

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

WW: Random happenings


Yeah those are my glasses.  So darn cute!

Waiting for the Festival of Lights Parade...cold and super cold, but happy

My hubby made this delicious cake and I enjoyed most of it.  Take that weight gain!

My dads copyrighted invention of a "smokers hood" HYSTERICAL...but totally works

See that dog under those trucks, she just takes whatever Eyan puts her through.  Ugh poor pups.  

Just to prove she is still a happy girl!  Lily!

Can't leave out my Mia.

Sometimes pretending to drink makes my day better. 

Disney on Ice...Princesses are totally NOT Eyans thing. 

But he LOVED this trumpet and played it pretty much the entire show. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day of Silence for Newtown


Monday, December 17, 2012

27 Weeks!

  • Hello 3rd trimester!  12 weeks left...holy crap there is no time!
  • Who invented these 1/2 panel pregnancy jeans?  Seriously these fit the last time I was pregnant and I am confident that there was no stupid line of elastic around my belly button that squished me.  Maternity clothes are not comfortable, they are evil.
  • I feel like I am gaining weight in my face.  Which is crazy because my blood pressure is just fine and I am not really gaining weight anywhere else.
  • This time in my pregnancy with Eyan, I started swelling a lot, I am now getting paranoid about that and keep checking my feet for the crazy swelling.  There has been more headaches, but not as debilitating as they were with Eyan.
  • The basement is painted!  My hubby did a fantastic job and he will be hanging shelves, blinds, doing the electrical finishes and hopefully starting on the bathroom tile this week!  The carpet goes in on Dec 27th and unfortunately our stupid special ordered doors (don't ask its a mess) wont be in until Jan 1st.  So our tentative date of finish for the basement is Jan 1st!  I head back to work on Jan 7th so that gives me about 5-6 days to get the nursery set up...I bet it doesn't happen.
  • I had a big pregnancy craving that it took almost all my effort to control, and it was disgusting.  I decided I wanted Del Taco chicken soft tacos, fried mac n cheese and a cheesecake spoonbender from Good Times.  I DID NOT give in, but I wanted to.
  • I have a confession.  I went almost 11 months without eating fast food!  Is that the confession, NO!  I totally consumed large amounts of fast food last week, I felt so yucky and run down and it was all because Jason and I were both not getting home until 7pm each night and with 1 hour before Eyan goes to sleep, we had to grab dinner.  We are back to clean eating this week, no more craptacular food for me and Emberlynn.
  • I don't think I mentioned this, but Jason got a promotion within his company about a month ago! Life has been hectic adjusting to our new schedule.  He will be back to his old schedule starting in January, which is graveyards.  This schedule works better for us.  I like that the dogs have someone home with them almost all the time, and I feel like him and I both sleep better when we have the whole bed to ourselves...he agrees!  However, I am SO nervous being the sole person getting up with baby in the middle of the night.  He is taking 2 weeks off when she arrives, so for that time I will have help and then I think I will be temporarily moving my mom in to help as well.  Recovering from surgery and those middle of the night feedings are hard, I am only a slightly panicky person over it all.
  • 12 weeks until Ms. Emberlynn makes her appearance!  Stay in until then little missy!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pure Evil

My heart is heavy as I am sure most people's are. That horrific monster that killed those precious babies and amazing teachers is weighing on my heart. I am a teacher, I am a mother, I am a human and I fully support amendment 2. But how can we regulate gun laws better so that lunatics cannot access these? How can we keep our schools safer. I kept thinking yesterday that those babies had no idea what to do, no lockdown notice would have helped, nothing. Do we need to start teaching kids what to do in shooting drills? Do teachers need to be allowed to conceal and carry? Would there be less of these school shootings if we (teachers/schools) were heavily armed? People don't tend to walk onto military bases or shooting ranges and do mass murders. They go after "safe", unarmed places where they are the only ones in power.

In my classroom I make sure to create a safe and caring environment and it kills me to know that one dumbass, crazy on a power trip can take the innocence and safety away from my kids and my classroom.

Today was supposed to be my top 5 laughs and there were some good ones, but I don't feel like laughing. I feel like crying, and hugging my child and my cousins and friends kids.

Oh and why do these crazy men almost all tend to be white males in America? We don't tend to hear about these in Canada or the UK? What is America doing so wrong? I wish I had answers, but today I only have questions. I will continue to pray.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Last Family of 3 photos!

I love getting family photos done!  I love to update my frames and look at how much we have changed and I LOVE having them done outside.  So naturally with Christmas cards coming up (PS: I will send them out this weekend family), we had to get our family photo done.  After I scheduled these I realized that these will be the last photos with just the three of us (even though Miss Emberlynn is "in" these). 

My friend Krista with Krista Haffner Photo, caught some beautiful shots and I am elated to share these with you!

OMG!  How is he this big and those eyes...ugh I just cannot get enough

Love this photo!


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas has thrown up all over!

Ok not literally, but we have finally got the decorations up, over a week later than typical, but whatever.  They look good, Eyan LOVES the lights and comes home every day and turns them on and just watches them!  Enjoy the photodump

Our tree, looks kinda small with my 20 ft ceilings, but who cares.

The mantle.  The Elmo stocking is mine.  Don't judge he is adorable!

This boy!  Love him!

The outside decorations.  Took hubby and I about 2 hours to complete it and it is a lot brighter than the picture shows.

Kinda shows the brightness.