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Monday, January 7, 2013

30 Weeks!

  • Um yeah, that leaves 9 weeks exactly until Miss Emberlynn is here! AHHH!  I almost feel as if I have nothing ready, but then I realize, all that is left is to finish the linens, wash some clothes, do some final decorating and install the car seat. 
  • The nursery is 80% done.  Over break we painted, picked up and put together the furniture and now are in the midst of deciding which pieces go where.  
  • People are starting to notice I am pregnant, which is crazy since at this point last time I couldn't walk into a dark room without people talking about how large I was.  So its kinda nice to only be up about 10lbs.  Oh and just to make myself feel better, these jeans I have on are my REGULAR jeans (with a belly band) but still!
  • I ate so terribly over the last couple weeks.  Blame it on the holidays, but I blame it on my laziness.  In fact, I do not think I have had a home cooked dinner in over a week.  No bueno, that added on a few lbs, but hey I have room I guess.
  • I keep forgetting to make my high-risk appt with the perinatologist.  Life is just too busy, but I am supposed to go in before 32 weeks...ugh, hopefully they can fit me in.
  • Pregnancy insomnia is starting.  Or maybe its been around and I have just been in a fog, but this morning at 3:00 am my hubby told the dog to lay down and I was up for the day.  Now I am sitting at work, realizing that I actually could have slept an extra hour (or two) since only about 15 people are in the building.  I guess I missed the "its okay to be late on in service days" memo.
  • I will post some baby related updates this week!


  1. You are getting so close, cannot wait to see the pics of the room!

  2. Thanks Ladies! Sorry I was unable to access the front door of my blog the last couple days :)


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