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Monday, January 14, 2013

31 Weeks!

  • All the sudden time is flying by.  I stupidly looked at the pregnancy tracker application that I have that shows how many days I have left and it said 56!  FIFTY-FREAKING-SIX!  That is less than 2 months.  I only looked because on Friday I was in our school office and one of the ladies asked the due date question and I answered "eviction is March 11th."  She was like "wow less than 2 months!"  WTF!  Here I was thinking I had time.  Time to do...stuff...for the baby and Eyan and Me and Hubby and Work and Oh GOD Please give me more time!
  • Speaking of stuff to do, I had absolutely no motivation to do the letters for Emberlynn's name in her room or her amazing mobile that I am making.  Sometimes I consider just purchasing it all, but I know that I will regret not doing the same projects for her that were done for Eyan.  I really really really want to make sure that she does not get "second child" syndrome.  I have already started looking at things for her baby scrapbook and collecting little items, as well as making sure I have a new memory card for the camera just for her with the goal of filling it by year 1!  I pray that this doesn't change.  Even if I have to take a weekend sabbatical to accomplish these things, they will get done!
  • Eyan cried when I left him with Jen this morning.  Not because he doesn't love and adore Jen.  She is amazing and so loving with him (at times I am not sure how she does it as I just want to run screaming and she can calm him and deal with his tantrums on a phenomenal level).  I think he is starting to really realize that baby sister is on her way and that these moments, these days off, my weekends and even dinner time is precious.  He is more snuggly and stalling out on bedtime more just to read (translation: snuggle and chat with mama).  It just about broke me.  I am so nervous for this transition as I am sure all mom's going from 1 to 2 children are.  I know it will be ok, I have special things planned just for him (that is part of the reason we are going to Disneyland!) but the realization that it will no longer just be us 2 is hard for the both of us.  
  • Tomorrow is my hopefully *last* appointment with the perinatologist (high-risk doc) for a growth scan and just to make sure all is going well.  I am confident it will be a great appointment.    I do have to go alone because Jason just can't get off work that early, but it will be just fine.  I think I caught up on the growth this last week.  My belly button sure felt like it was being attacked from the inside from the stretching and growing that Miss Emberlynn was doing.  

Happy Monday!  Next week starts 8 months!