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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

32 Weeks!

  • Ok at this point staying in my PJ's would be more comfortable and probably less hideous looking.  I am so over clothes and shoes and well everything.  I barely have energy to take a quality shower...you know one where you actually shave or rinse the conditioner out.  Yeah, that pregnancy brain sure sucks when you forget to rinse out the conditioner.
  • Although I have somehow been productive at work (probably more nesting instinct), I am ready to just be done.  March 8th seems so far off and that is even with pretty much every other weekend being a 3 day weekend due to some holiday or teacher work day or some other wonderful day off reason.
  • Just when I think that sleep might be getting easier, like I do not have to get up about 10 trillion times a night to pee or get a drink of water, or roll over or shush my hubby because he is snoring or you know put my kid back to sleep because he decided at 1:30 in the morning that he needed to scream "MOMMY I AM UP, COME GET ME!"  I was totally wrong.  Screw sleep, I apparently do not need you and if this is any inclination as to what type of newborn I am about to have, well bring it!
  • Holy laundry and baby crap.  Before the basement was done, it was just a large concrete space with piles of stuff.  I had Jason's hunting pile, baby crap pile, toy pile, boxes of yard sale pile, etc.  Well when you are able to store things so nicely in that area without having to look at it you totally do not realize how much crap you have accumulated.  Oh and since I am hoarding all my baby crap until I can fully be sure that they really did see a vagina all while collecting more girly stuff, it is just getting intense.  Over my winter break I was able to go through ALL Eyan's clothes and pull the gender neutral stuff out as well as other baby junk.  My mom has had what I thought was a box of baby clothes she got at a garage sale that was all girl stuff that I also needed to go through.  Well that box turned into 3 LARGE boxes of super NICE baby stuff and excessive laundry.  I seriously did so much laundry yesterday and that was only newborn to 3 months.  It was pretty much blankets, sleepers, socks and onesies.  I did realize what I need are little pants or whatever you put with onesies and some cutesy little flower headband things and probably real outfits, but I think I am kinda set for the first 0-3 months.
  • I had the most wonderful work-free basement weekend.  I spent time with my friends and family and Eyan was just delighted with all the awesome stuff we did.  He had a boys night with his best buddy, we went to the stock show, he had a grandma and mommy night and him and his daddy had a nice day as well.  It was blissful, probably the last little bliss we will have before chaos again consumes us. 
  • Let's be real 6 weeks 5 days until extraction.  Stay put until then little missy!

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  1. It seems like it was just yesterday when you were complaining about not having a bump yet! Yay for work free weekends! Those don't happen very often for teachers!


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