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Monday, January 28, 2013

33 Weeks!

  • This downhill slide is the slowest slide ever.  While driving into work this morning I was really sad to realize that this was ONLY MONDAY!  I still have a lot of work to do, but overall, I'm just ready for maternity leave, I am ready for time with my kids.  KIDS!  Two of them, what an amazing blessing, and I am so excited for this new challenge.
  • I have desperately tried not to be the complaining pregnant lady.  *Tried* but I am sure I am failing.  I forgot how uncomfortable these last few months are.  I definitely wouldn't trade this crappy feeling for anything, but still I hate even complaining in the least.
  • I cannot believe I am just under 6 weeks from extraction day and I have relatively no swelling, I am still wearing my wedding ring and my weight gain is only 16lbs!  I am really hoping to not pass the 20lb mark, but if I do, oh well, the ice cream and constant candy was worth every pound.
  • My clean eating for 2012 went out the window about the 3rd week in December and I have consumed more crappy fast food then I care to even acknowledge.  You better believe that I will be readjusting back to my clean eating habits as soon as baby girl gets here and I can fully utilize my "free" time to prep these amazing dinners (yeah right).  Why not now you ask?  Oh well because I am so freaking exhausted and cannot make a darn decision, that by the time I get home from work and picking up Eyan its already close to 5 and the HANGRY pregnant lady makes her appearance and it's either feed me now or die.  So most of the time everyone agrees against death and chooses the feed the fat lady option...which has typically consisted of crappy fast food, however Jason and I do try to go to actual restaurants where Eyan can make a huge 2 year old scene and cry because they do not have pancakes.  Did I mention how excited I am to add another little one to this brood :) 
  • Emberlynn's nursery is still unfinished.  I still have not purchased her mattress, My mom is still crafting the most beautiful nursery linens and I have a couple little projects that need to get completed (bow holder, mobile, baskets, pictures, lamp).  However, I did get her name done and my mom has the majority of the quilt done!
So beautiful, just needs to have the batting and backing done!

Her beautiful name...goodwill frames upcycled with some fancy scrapbooking paper from Michael's and my Cricut
  • My amazing work friends are throwing me a little shower this Wednesday.  I requested no gifts, although I am sure people are still going to purchase something.  I hope its books for her library because honestly Eyan is not about to give one single book up!  I'm excited just to eat cake and hang out outside of work time! 
  • I for the life of me have no clue when the next baby appt is.  I should know this stuff, but I figure they will call and remind me or send me a little paper so all is fine.
  • I scheduled our hospital tour and pre-registration stuff for Feb 20th since we are delivering at a different hospital that we did with Eyan.
  • I have ALMOST all my sub plans written and organized for the long-term sub.  I just have a few lessons to modify and then I am ready for maternity leave as far as work is concerned.
  • We got our confirmation for Disneyland on Saturday!  We leave in exactly 3 months and Eyan could not be more excited, I have already started purchasing the kids vacation clothes and as soon as baby girl is about 2 weeks old I am going shopping myself for some vacation clothes.  All that is left there is to get our plane tickets and rental car and we are ready!
  • 5 weeks 6 days until date of extraction!