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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Eyan's Best Weekend!

Ok probably not the best weekend, but a darn good one.  As I hinted the other day, my kiddo really had a good weekend hanging with friends and family and really getting some major focus placed on him.  So here is a little tiny picture recap of our weekend.

Friday Night: Eyan and Wyatt got to make their own pizzas and watch Cars!  They had a blast and both boys were sad and tired when it was time to call it a night...at 10:30pm!

Saturday Night:  Well Saturday Jason's aunt and grandparents came over which was wonderful.  Eyan showed off the entire time!  Of course I forgot pictures, but that evening my mom came over to hang out with Eyan and I.  We watched Toy Story 3 and Eyan got to pick out his very own ice cream concoction from Cold Stone...Pistachio ice cream with gummy bears...and he ate the heck out of it!

Sunday: We had a wonderful day with our friends at the Denver Stock Show.  Eyan rode the mini train as well as the ponies and enjoyed looking at all the farm animals.

Monday:  Eyan spent the day with Daddy as I got to go snuggle those adorable baby cousins of mine.  The boys ran some errands and hung out all day.  That evening we went to dinner with some dear friends and had a great time.  I totally forgot to take pictures, but imagine the best daddy day ever and there is your picture :p