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Friday, January 25, 2013

Photo Dump: Christmas...Wait...what

Um yeah I thought I would celebrate our 1 month Christmas Sobriety with a photo dump since I totally misplaced our camera after the big basement move and JUST found it.  So without further adieux...

Christmas with my parents:
We usually get together on Christmas eve and eat and open gifts with my parents and my sister and her family.  It is wonderful and we had a great time!

Eyan is impatiently waiting for more presents
Opening something. 

Snuggling with his cousin!
Christmas at our house!  Santa CAME!
Jason had to work on Christmas so we had to wait until around 3:00 to do Christmas, but it was worth the wait and worked out perfect.  Eyan took a nap and when he woke up Santa had came, his daddy was home and his Ammi & Papa even showed up to watch him!  What a great day!
Christmas Eve annual PJ in front of tree photo...cheesy smile
Waking up to a WHITE CHRISTMAS!
The pups enjoying the snow and some random fluffy toy they managed to destroy in 3 seconds
Eyan coming downstairs seeing ALL The presents for the first time!
Opening his "mini santa gift"
Gotta make sure its the right one!
I promise he wasn't crying...he was actually really happy
Santa brought a BIGGER present!
Its the RC CAR!
Must. Drive. RC. NOW!
Zoo Lights!
This annual tradition was almost lost with my sister, dad and hubby all working insane holiday hours.  I had 2 free tickets to the zoo lights and since Eyan is 2 he is free anyway!  So my mom and I decided to just pack us up and head to the zoo lights.  I tried to take better pictures of all the lights, but my camera was having serious issues in the cold and so the best I got are below.
Grandma & Eyan on the Zoo Train
Waiting for the train
My camera sucks at taking light photos
So excited to see...something!

Giraffe!  I love them and we even got to watch this guy lay down which was amazing!
Ice Sculptures!
Until Next...errr I mean This year!


  1. The zoo lights are cool! This was my first green Christmas in a few years, not so sure I liked it!

  2. What cool pictures. I love seeing all of them!


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