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Friday, January 11, 2013

The start of the Nursery

I should just tell you that I LOVE this furniture set, I love the colors of the nursery, I love the simplicity and beauty and meaning behind our elephant theme and I just am so excited to see this all come together.  This is just a start, and I am sure Jason and I will be rearranging again, but here is the paint and the furniture.  

My mom is making the linens and I am trying to figure out some decal stuff using my Cricut machine, we also have the best and cutest idea for the mobile, so now its just a bunch of little projects.  So excited!

The dresser and the hutch that I really really wanted and finally convinced Jason to buy!

Sorry about the dark photo, but this is the awesome glider/recliner and nightstand!

The crib and tall dresser.  most likely we will be moving the dresser into the closet and putting our changing table out.


  1. Beautiful furniture! I love the colors of the room too. You are doing great getting ready so early. Bailey' s room wasn't finished until she was over a year old!

  2. How gorgeous! Everything is coming together so beautifully!

  3. Thanks ladies! More to come in the next couple of weeks!


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