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Monday, February 4, 2013

34 Weeks!

  • 5 weeks left!  Insane but so exciting.  I am almost all the way "nested" for this little girl.  This weekend I finished the mobile and hung it, put her name on the wall, sorted all the hand me down clothes I have into 3 tubs according to size, organized her room and got all my nursing and bottles ready for her.  Pictures to come on a couple of these!
  • I am a nursing mama!  I am nervous that she will be tougher to nurse then Eyan was, but I am determined, but of course I have bottles so that Eyan and hubby can help with feedings and have that bonding.  And-Plus-Also Kaiser is giving me a FREE medela pump thanks to Obamacare.  Seriously that rocks and now I have 2 that are fantastic!
  • So I either broke my wrist or have carpel tunnel from pregnancy happening.  My right wrist is killing me if I carry anything over the weight of a paper plate, or rotate it or write or well even typing is a pain.  I hope I just strained it or something.  Who knows how the hell that happened, but you know if its a random injury, its going to happen to me. 
  • Things that make me happy with this pregnancy which I hope stay that way:
    • No new stretch marks (I mean seriously I doubt they could get any worse anyway but hey its something)
    • No linea nigra.  That stupid ugly line took forever to go away last time
    • My weight gain!  I am still well within range...which I totally wasn't with Eyan
    • My blood pressure...is amazing
    • I am still wearing my nice wedding ring.  I have 2 one that is for when I am a swollen pregnant lady that is not all blingy and then my actual wedding ring.  It still fits and makes me happy.
  • Things that make me unhappy
    • My consumption of fast food or take out...bad bad bad
    • These darn headaches (which are less painful after a massage and chiropractic adjustment)
    • How low this little girl is riding...my poor bladder 
    • My insane craving for sugar...I seriously make my rounds to every candy drawer, bucket or container in our building sometimes 2x a day. 
    • The bipolar aspect of my exhaustion vs energy.  Its either I am so energized or so dead to the world...no happy mediums for me. 
    • I only have 5 weeks with Eyan as an only child. 

Happy Monday!