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Monday, February 11, 2013

35 Weeks!

  • Oh you can't say this isn't sexy...well actually yes you could!  This week is winter spirit week and today is "dress like a kid day." I went with an obviously too small Tinkerbell t-shirt and a flower.  Clearly this outfit is not working for me :)
  • I think I have an answer to this wrist pain!  I thought maybe pregnancy carpel tunnel, however, the doctor at Kaiser who barely looked at my wrist said it was either a stress fracture or tendinitis.      Then she told me there was basically nothing they could do for me except splint it...then she put this ridiculously huge and ugly splint on:

  • Yeah it helped, my wrist didn't feel like it was being torn apart from the inside slowly, but it was annoying.  Fast forward to last night and my cousins birthday party.  One of my awesome derby gals and her doctor hubby were there and he checked out my wrist and is pretty sure its tendinitis!  Told me to get this small, much more comfortable and less obvious and ridiculous looking thumb splint thing.  It worked immediately and already I feel better!  YAY!
  • So last night in my beautiful new truck I got pulled over for the first time in 5 years!  I was apparently doing 56 in a 45, but I had my cruise control set, so I don't think that was right but hey, I got clocked and there was only my car on the road!  I fully expected that I was getting a ticket and proceeded to inform Eyan that mommy was getting a ticket!  The cop came over and asked for my license, insurance and registration.  I handed over my license, told him that I could not reach my insurance because I am 9 months pregnant but it was in my glovebox and he was more than welcome to grab it and that I do not have registration on this because I just bought the car.  I think the man took pity on my pregnant stupid arse and he wrote me a warning!  THANK YOU JESUS!  Eyan however told daddy that "mommy got a ticket from the man!"  Winning. 
  • Any given day I either do not mind being pregnant or I am totally over it.  I think it fully depends on what I am wearing.  Some of these clothes are getting a bit snug, so when I am shoved into clothes I think I am just over it, but when I am comfy I could do this baby growing business another 9 months. 
  • I have my 36 week appt this Wednesday and am not really looking forward to it.  I have no clue when I start the every week appointments or if Kaiser does these.  I also am not eager to be bugged about the DTAP vaccine.  I initially was going to get it while pregnant but after some consideration I am going to wait until after delivery.  So now after avoiding this for the last couple months I am going to break the news to my doctor.  I'm sure she will just give me the look of disappointment and that is all, but I still hate this!
  • My belly button is officially flat...not out, just flat, it might just pop out this time.  How weird is that going to be!
  • I have my family baby shower this Sunday!  My first shower was so so so large and I felt terrible for the 100+ people that came.  When my mom and sister suggested a shower for this little girl I kept saying lets keep it small.  So family it is and I am really excited to see everyone!
  • Today is February 11th!  In 4 weeks exactly on March 11th Miss Emberlynn makes her arrival, stay put until then baby girl!  Mama has work to do for my little high school minions and precious time to spend with big brother!


  1. I feel the EXACT same way in the clothing department. One bad item and I feel like total crap.

  2. I waited until after I delivered for my DTAP vaccine too, but I don't think it was even offered to me prior to that... So close, you're so close!!


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