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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

36.2 weeks

Let's do a question session ;)
  • How are you feeling?  This used to be the question I got on a regular basis.  My typical and honest answer was, "much better then I did with Eyan."  I must be looking exceptionally crappy as the current statement directed towards me is "You look ready!"  It must be the craptacular sleeping and swollen face and waddle but I guess I look ready.  I was feeling pretty darn good until about mid-week last week and then I started to feel a bit panicky, tired, grumpy and uncomfortable.  Add that to the tendonitis, terrible hip pain and contractions and I am a regular pissy pregnant lady as of late.  So apologies now to anyone who I may offend in the next 2.6 weeks, let's just call it hormones. 
  • Am I ready?  Well heck, no one is ready for a baby, you can have the nursery perfect, all the bottles washed, take naps daily to prepare for the baby, have all the cash in the world and still you will not be ready for the craziness of a new baby.  Logistically I can do this.  She has clothes, diapers, blankets, a place to sleep, love, I have all my nursing stuff ready to go, the nursery is mostly done and after tomorrow we will be registered to deliver this little girl.  So I am ready, I guess.
  • Am I excited?  Well duh!  I have been chasing baby fever around for almost 2 years, I am ready to hold her and kiss her and grow my heart another size for her.  I am ready to see her little personality.  I am excited to see Eyan be a big brother; he has taken to using the practice baby doll and make sure she is buckled into the carseat just right!  I am ready to see my husband interact with a little girl because I am sure that he is going to be even more protective of her as he is of Eyan and I.  I am ready to be comfortable again without an elbow jamming into my cervix or a little foot stuck under a rib, the indigestion to stop you know have my body back...hahahaha!
  • When are you done with work?  Well my current plan is to go up until March 8th which is 38 weeks and 5 days, with Emberlynn's date of extraction (csection) scheduled for March 11th!  Our state testing is March 5-8 and I really do not want to miss that, plus its a bit of extra work time and I truly can proctor tests for 1/2 a day and watch our genetic engineering video the other 1/2.  I only see my students 2x that week and they are fairly "easy" days, so why miss work?  However, I am open to possibly missing that week.  It would be an easy week for my sub to jump in on and give me a week to finish whatever I need to finish.  I think I am just going to wait and see how everything goes. 
  • Is Eyan excited to be a big brother?  Well at this point I thought he might be, but I digress to bullet point 2...NO ONE is ready for a new baby.  He is not ready, and according to my aunt, it will take 6 weeks and then he will not want the baby to go away.  So I have hope.  I cannot imagine how hard it is for him to understand something like pregnancy and babies at a young age.  So we are just going to play it by ear and see how he does.  I have some special things planned for him and my mom and dad are planning on stepping in as well to give him extra time. I think Disneyland will be a phenomenal Big Brother moment for him where the focus will be all on him and his birthday as well so hopefully this goes well.  
  • Alright enough with the questions.  I had my 35/36 week check up last week all is well, baby girl looks good and is estimated to be about the same size as Eyan (7ish lbs).  I am up 20lbs (I am only considering 19 of those!).  I go back next Tuesday then one more appt after that and she is here!  My blood pressure is awesome this time around too which is SUCH a huge relief.   Emberlynn is out of room (although I was much larger with Eyan, so I know she can make room if she wants too).  She is squirmy and likes to sit on a particular nerve right by my belly button and I feel like I have a consistent bruise that someone keeps pushing on.  The indigestion is getting annoying, burping up water is not fun.  Sleep is slowly going out the window and I feel like I am being torn in half at the hips. We have 2 weeks and 6 weeks before she is here!
Happy Tuesday!


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