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Monday, February 25, 2013

37 Weeks!

-I feel crappy and although I wish I could blame this one on the pregnancy, the contributor of the sickness is my wonderful husband and possibly my mother. Both of whom are not big on going to the doctor when they are sick. So here I sit, stuffy head cold, body aches, an on and off fever and now some sweet nausea! Yay me!

-In two weeks we will officially meet the little girl who has made her home in my uterus. Sweet visual right! It is so close yet so far away. Part of me is just done being pregnant and ready for her, the other part of me is not even close to being ready.

- I am starting to freak out that something bad is going to happen. A few of the pregnancy support groups I am on have had some recent loses and stillbirths. I have had to step away from these as I am starting to worry. It's always a possibility, but I just pray that we do not have to go through yet another lose. This all goes with my previous post about being scared.

- I'm probably going to take a small maternity leave from my blog after Emberlynn gets here. I cannot even imagine how overwhelmed I will be and putting more pressure on me to post to my blog so frequently is just going to make me even more crazy!

- I'm going to take a nap so hopefully I can work tomorrow. Enough of this darn cold.