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Friday, February 22, 2013


Literally last night I started to have a panic attack after Jason left for work.  Not because my husband was working the graveyard shift but because in 2 weeks and 2 days our lives as we know it will completely be flipped.  I started to panic not because I am scared of a baby, but because I am scared of all the adjustments.  You see I am a very very schedule oriented person.  I have a bit of OCD and the fact that I will be revamping that entire schedule and having to lose a bit of control started to freak me out.

I realized I only have a few weeks left of sleep and that staying up till 10 and waking at 5 is just not enough sleep for this baby machine, so I must sleep more.  Which throws off my cleaning schedule, which panics me more.  Seriously, I think I am going crazy.

I have three weekends left with Eyan and Jason and we have so much family stuff we can and need to do, which also throws off my schedule and plans as well...which then freaks me out.

I need to shut off this brain.  I need to relax...HELP mama's give me some ideas on how to release the OCD and just let life happen.


  1. You have to pick one or two things to be ocd about and continue. (for us it is cleaning the house and spreadsheets for our accounts)

    Then allow life to just happen. I used to not want to have unscheduled gatherings. But now, that is usually 80% of them!

    Just breath through the everyday life!

  2. I know it is so hard to just relax. Try some tea and some good tv. It is hard to let life happen.


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