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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mommy's New Ride

My hubby does NOT get attached to cars.  I however feel like I have made a bond with my mode of transportation, so even when things start to fall apart I fight the need to upgrade and just try and deal with it.  My beloved Tahoe was quickly having issues.  She was pristine and beautiful and loaded enough for our family.  She fit perfectly in my garage.  She was the most beautiful chameleon colors and had enough power and was so comfortable.  But her main computer chip was going on, which lead to the speedometer going out, then the oil pressure gauge and finally a small stall.  The dealership can easily fix all this for about 500.00, which is no big deal to them.  I adamantly just kept budgeting to keep the Tahoe and get it fixed while I was on maternity leave, but the hubby convinced me just to go look at vehicles, it might be time to upgrade he tells me. 

Oh Tahoe, I am still sad you are not in my garage!
You are a great vehicle and I hope your new owners love you like we did! 
This is the upgrade we found...or more like stole because it was that great of a deal.  Brighton Ford was fantastic and as far as payments go we are still WELL within budget.  I have always budgeted our cash flow so that if either Jason or I lose our jobs we will still be able to afford ALL our bills on 1 income with minimal use of the darn credit cards.  That way when both of us our working we can put some more cash into our savings, work on big projects and take vacations.

This is also a "She-car," and SHE is well, I almost feel like I should be bumping some serious hip hop because she is SO LOADED.  I seriously have no idea how to even work the heater yet because it is all computerized and Jason literally spent 2 hours yesterday after she got delivered reading the manual figuring out some basics.  It is slightly larger than the Tahoe, 3 years younger and is in pristine condition.  The mileage isn't perfect, but anymore most vehicles are able to go well over 250,000 miles and by that time, I am sure my amazing husband will be anxious for a new vehicle...and apparently I am a fairly easy sell.  So here is my new beauty, complete with a rear-view backup camera, navigation, and heated steering wheel which are all new things that we did not have in the Tahoe.

I cannot wait to figure you out completely, you are just smarter than I!