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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Nursery Update!

I have a vase, lamp, linens, shelf, trash can and the most beautiful decal to add and then we are DONE!  Here is a bit of the progress of Miss Emberlynn's room.
  • The dresser & hutch:
    • I painted the baskets and hot glued the little elephants on to them.  The vase that I got at my amazing work baby shower will go in between these baskets.
    • I framed the 3D ultrasound picture of Emberlynn as well as my amazing MIL who we also have photo of in Eyan's room.  My babies have the best angel watching over them :)
    • I painted the letter E that is going to be a bow holder.  I have no bows (clip kind) to put on there yet, but I will!
    • The lamp will go on the nightstand next to the plush elephant.

  • The "crib wall"
    • I finished painting the mobile wall piece and hung the mobile
    • The letters were a pain to get hung so they would not fall off onto baby, I may have to get some of the 3M wall safe stuff just to make me feel better.
    • All that is left to add here is the purple shelf under the name and POSSIBLY a few little banner things.  

  • The decal:
    • I purchased this and its shipped so hopefully I will have it in the next couple weeks (its coming from India)  
    • I customized it so there are actually 4 elephants (daddy, mommy & eyan & emberlynn!) and the elephants are grey with purple ears!  I cannot wait to get this and figure out exactly where to put this!

I have a feeling my mom will get the linens done in just a couple weeks, the quilt is done, the curtains are almost ready, she has a decorative pillow, the bedskirt and these banners that we may or may not complete.  So she is about 1/2 way done with making the most beautiful nursery linens EVER!

I'll update as more is completed!


  1. I love the colors of the nursery! We didn't know the sex of our daughter, so I wasn't able to pick cute colors, I love your the purple and green mix and personal touches.

  2. WOW! It looks fantastic! You have such a lucky girl to be coming home to this beautiful room!


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