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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

So I've been trying to cut down on my technology uses around Eyan.  I have definitely been much better about it in the last week then I was even a week ago.  I still have more work to do here, but honestly I am really proud of my accomplishments!

So why did I decide to step away from the technology?  Well I read this and realized that although I am fairly decent about my technology use around Eyan I could do better.  Now I am not completely cutting it out of our lives.  I still keep my phone close by, but have not been checking all my social networks, email and text messages so frequently.  I have also been more limited on the TV and iPad use for Eyan.  Jason and I have been making a huge effort to spend more time on the floor playing games and toys then using our phones.  We wait until he goes to bed and make sure that when he talks to us, we look at him.

We have also re-instituted dinner at the table.  We did this the majority of last year, but then I got lazy and pregnant and that whole family dinner went right out the window and it turned into "Eyan get your mat lets pick out a movie!"  So for the last 4 nights I have cooked and we have eaten at the table.

I am nervous that when Emberlynn arrives those family dinners will go right out the window and although I have the best of intentions to create freezer meals, I am not sure where I will get the time in the next few weeks.  So my goal is to get 2 weeks of freezer meals ready while I am recovering from surgery and then from there to cook at home 5 days a week.  It's lofty, but I am going to fight like hell to do this for my family.

My amazing colleagues at work threw me a beautiful baby shower and got me some great necessities for Emberlynn!  Some girly blankets (I was planning on just using the blue camo ones from Eyan!) and some cutesy clothes (God knows I need help in the dressing of a girl dept), and of course diapers, wipes and gift cards.  It was a fantastic outpouring of support and love and I felt so amazingly honored that they would do this for me.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Hey, I really need to work on refraining on technology. son seems to always wanting leappad, tablet, Nintendo DS, & my phone on the road. When@home similar but computer, xbox, etc. I think I'm just as bad. Lol. How sweet of your co-workers btw I'm getting the clothes ready. Almost done whoo, I know finally :) I can take them to you. ..Whatever works for you. Oh I have some cute stuff too. ..when are you due?

  2. Have you ever heard of dream dinners? It might be a good solution to help you keep up with some of your family dinners. Here is the link hope it helps.

  3. Getting unplugged more is a tough thing to do! I'm thinking this is something we need to do more of in our house as well. But I agree, just being unplugged isn't enough, turning off the TV is also necessary. Great article!


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