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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday Thoughts...Geeze

I go off regular posting for a few days and I lose 3 followers!

Ehh...let's get down to some thoughts.

1. My husband was MOODY all last week until I decided to lay the smack down (aka almost cry) because I just could not handle his grumpy attitude.  Why was the hubby moody?  Well he went back to his normal graveyard shift and adjusting his sleeping patterns is always tough.  I feel terrible, but I love his job and the stability it is providing.  We truly are finally blessed as it has been a LONG 12 years to find this stability.  I continue to pray every day that this blessing stays and that Jason continues to enjoy his new career.

2.  Eyan says his baby sisters name!  OMG!  It is so darn cute.  Up until yesterday we had just been calling her baby sister but Jen worked with him yesterday and he is now calling her by name and it is just about the most adorable thing.  He pronounces words very well typically so it sounds very good but just hearing it come from his tiny voice melts my heart!

3. I am just about a worthless as far as teaching goes.  Yeah I thought this would be easier then it is to teach all the way to the end.  With Eyan I was done at 37 weeks teaching but on bedrest for the last 3.  At 37.5 weeks today I am absolutely a mess of brain, exhausting, and annoyance.  My brain stops remembering words that are sort of essential (like mitosis and meiosis) to my career.  I think I probably look pretty crappy.  Case in point my lips are swelling (probably so is my face) and I put on chapstick last night before bed and Jason asked why I put lipstick on...yeah I didn't, I am just starting to look miserable, exhausted and crappy.  Oh and my normally pretty calm patient self is so annoyed with everything.  I cannot even control my annoyance snaps at kids when they do miss the trash can when throwing away paper and they are 3 inches away!  UGH!!!  I still have 1 more week and its state testing so I really need to pull it together.

4. My mom offered to take Eyan this weekend so I can cross about 17 things off our to do list before baby girl gets here!  Although I am relieved to be able to get some more stuff done, I am SO sad that one of our last weekends as a family of 3 he will not be with me.  Don't be surprised if I jump in my sweet truck and go snuggle him in the middle of the day...or night.  I just don't want to miss a moment with him!

Those are my thoughts!

Happy Thursday!