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Friday, March 29, 2013

2 weeks!

Emberlynn went for her 2 week check up on Monday! We got some interesting measurements and were told she looks good.

Emberlynn's Birth Measurements:
-weight: 6.96 lbs
-height: 20.5 in
-head: 13

Emberlynn's 2 week Measurements;
-weight: 6.11lbs
-height: 19 in
-head: 12.75

Odd that she somehow shrunk??? They measured her 3x too and it was the same every time. I don't actually think she shrunk, I think the hospital measured wrong, so my little girl is even smaller then we thought! But she did gain back her birth weight so that makes me happy!

Unfortunately, we have to go back today because since Tuesday she has been spitting up excessively and pretty much everything she eats. Hopefully they have some suggestions to ease this because the poor girl just isn't comfortable.

Her sleeping habits WERE great, only waking at 2am and 6am to feed, but since Tuesday we are up almost all night battling the spit up, choking episodes and and not wanting to sleep in her own bed. This week has been rough!

Here's a cute picture of my sweetness!


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