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Monday, March 4, 2013

38 weeks!

  • I am so done being pregnant.  I am keeping hope alive though because by this time next Monday I will be getting wheeled into surgery to meet this little girl, so there is a definitive end in sight!  My pre-op orders are kinda lame.  Basically no eating or drinking after midnight, arrive at 7:30 am on Monday and wait for them to extract said baby and then recover.
  • I WAY overdid it this weekend.  My parents took Eyan Friday and Saturday night so Jason and I used that time to spring deep clean our house.  I keep a fairly clean house normally so when I say deep clean I mean cleaning vents, fans, scaling our 20 ft ceilings to take down draperies and wash them, baseboards and walls.  Jason fixed the fan in the nursery as it was never attached to a stud and put together our sit n stand stroller as well.  We packed our bags and did some shopping for Easter, family photos and general last minute items.  The house is ready for a little baby even if mommy is not.  My body says get this little girl out and my back and hips feel like they are being torn in half.  My inside ankles are feeling the strain of this sweet waddle and I officially have a bit of light swelling happening.  My mind however, has a millions things to accomplish both at work and at home that most definitely need to get done before Monday...like paying bills and stuff like that!
  • Things I would like to remember that I know I won't unless I type it:
    • Emberlynn likes ice cold water...she kicks and flips and just seems to love when I drink it.
    • I have yet to get that linea nigra with her.  With Eyan I had it and with Emberlynn it has not made an appearance yet.
    • At 38 weeks exactly I had to ditch my wedding ring and put my wedding band on because I almost didn't get my wedding ring off yesterday.  Yes I have two, just for this purpose.  My wedding ring is fancy and diamondy and perfect for me and my wedding band is just a plain gold band that is sized up 1 size that my loving hubby had engraved.  I also wear it when I am wearing really nice sweaters that I am afraid to snag on my wedding ring.   With Eyan the wedding ring was off around 30 weeks and the band was on!
    • I was NOT in this much physical pain with Eyan.  I know that because I remember my family making comments about how bad the swelling must hurt and honestly it didn't.  Without the swelling (maybe it was just extra cushion ;) I am more uncomfortable then ever.
    • At my appt. last week I was measuring 4 weeks behind (34 weeks at 37)...Since then I have put on 3 lbs...I am betting I am up to at least 37cm at this next appt on Wednesday!  With Eyan I was always right on measurement wise, but I still think she will be about the same size as him. 
  • It is bitter sweet that this is my last pregnancy.  Everyone keeps asking us if we are done.  We are as long and baby girl and I make it out safely.  Jason is waiting to get "fixed" until after she is here and both of us are ok.  So as I enter the last few days of my last pregnancy I am a bit sad that I will never feel another human squirming about or wait for that anticipation of the first kick, hiccup, gender reveal, cry or look into their sweet newborn eyes.  However, I am relieved to a point as I am miserable and I am not looking forward to those sleepless nights...especially with a 2 year old that deserves my attention just as much as the new baby does. 
  • There is so much I want to write but if I do not get back to my To-Do list I will not be able to go on maternity leave :)  One more bumpdate then a baby photo, please keep us in your prayers for a safe delivery and healthy mama and baby.

Thanks and Happy Monday!