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Friday, March 22, 2013

5 Laughs...bout darn time!

I am sure my friend Melissa over at The Mommyhood Chronicles is missing my hysterics :)  So I am jumping back in with some funnies and cuties from well a lot of time!

Lets go!

1.  Today Eyan and Emberlynn's great-grandparents came to visit.  Grandma asked if she could take Emberlynn home.  We all kinda expected him to say "ok" even though he has been great with her.  However, my sweet little boy shook his head vigorously and said "NO!"  Oh my heart just melted.

2.  Eyan walks up to Jason the other day and asks "Daddy I wanna smell your finger..." ugh...let the jokes and inappropriate comments start.  

3.  Eyan is starting to realize that certain things are not okay to say...and is correcting us.  The other day Jason said "Ugh stupid jar!"  Eyan tells him "Daddy we don't say stupid!"  I may have cussed the other day, Eyan may have corrected me with that exact cuss word ("Mommy don't say ----").  Well at least I am teaching him something.

4.  How quick we forget the projectile pooping of an infant...all over mommy who had finally taken a shower and changed her clothes after 2 daysWhat can you do other then laugh...and try to find a pair of pants and shirt that do not rub on my incision.  Lesson learned child...you can poop like a man!

5. My husband hates Justin Timberlake.  I feel exactly the opposite and just like Melissa I am so in love...I might have mourned the day he married Jessica Biel.  Emberlynn was being slightly fussy so I grabbed my phone and put on Justin's new music.  My child definitely has a musical opinion.  She sat and was peaceful during "Mirrors" but was fidgety and fussy during "Suit & Tie."  I must teach this child more about his sweet sultry musical skills.  



  1. Oh, the smell my ____ jokes! So many more years of disgusting boy humor coming out way... And having an older brother to copy, Bailey is totally into the gross humor! #3 has me laughing! Tyler is pretty good at copying Daddy when he says not so nice words too!!

  2. Girl, you are back!! yah!! I missed you but now you will have even more laughs with two- trust me!! Aw- how sweet. That is just too precious that he would allow her to take him home! LMAO!!! LOL! The projectile poop! I remember those days well! Yah another JT fan! I am obsessed. Isnt the CD so good!


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