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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Finished Nursery

Today I finally got all the finishing touches done.  There are a few more little things I will be adjusting, but for the most part, the nursery is done and it is definitely ready for Miss Emberlynn to arrive in the next couple days...hours at that!  Please excuse the rough lighting.  My mom did a fantastic job making the bedskirt, lamp shade, pillow, valance and quilt.  She is still working on some curtains as the first did not come out ideal and a changing table cover as well, but this is as ready as it is going to be before our baby girl arrives.  I am so in love!

My nursing corner, complete with a handmade lamp shade!

Her beautiful dresser and hutch!

The crib and changing area.  We will be adding a picture of Eyan and Emberlynn in the frame above the changing table.

I know I have posted this before, but I am so proud and in love!

The curtains will be changing as they are too "lime" but the valance and
the quilt are beautifully made by my mama! 

The decals turned out perfect and fit well!

ALL her drawers are full as is her closet...insane.  Love this dresser though!

My mom hand embroidered this pillow!  I just LOVE IT!


  1. Oh my word! I LOVE elephants and I love purple! I tried so hard to find a good purple nursery set for Evelyn and there was nothing good. Only a couple and they were so drab being all lilac/lavender and cute, but just boring. I absolutely love how the nursery turned out. And be furniture?! Gorgeous color! I just saw some similar at buy buy baby and had nursery envy. Emberlynn is a lucky girl to have such a lovely room.

  2. I love how it all turned out...great job! Can't wait to see the little occupant :-) Prayers for a great day tomorrow!

  3. So pretty! Way to go on getting it done BEFORE bringing her home! Bailey was over a year old before her room was officially done. Yup, I'm a slacker!

  4. WHOA that is fantastic! I love it


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