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Thursday, April 11, 2013

1 Month!

Wow! My baby girl is already 1 month old today. What a whirlwind month it has been. She is a spitfire, bossy, beautiful little girl and we could not be happier to be her parents!

At the docs on Monday they finally diagnosed reflux. Basically a small diet change for me and some antacid medicine for a month or so should help the poor little spitty girl. I have already noticed a difference in 3 days as she is more calm, not screaming and grunting after I feed her and overall a much more pleasant happy baby.

Her 1 month stats:
Weight: 7.13lbs! Up from 6.9 at birth
Height: 20 1/2...yeah still debatable ;)
Head: 13 inches...same as before

I forgot to ask percentile but I'm fairly certain she's in the 50th for weight still and around the 80th for height.


  1. Really- 1 month already!!! Such a cutie!!

  2. I know Melissa! They grow to quickly!!! Time for number three for you ;)


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