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Thursday, April 18, 2013

5 laughs

In celebration of my big boys birthday this week, these laughs are dedicated to him!

1. Eyan tells me the other day he is moving in with grandma to Disneyland, "but don't freak out mommy!"

2. Eyans new thing is after he has been to the bathroom to pee he then comes out sits down, contemplates whatever 3 yr olds contemplate and then announces he needs to poop! Makes me laugh so hard because its almost always when Jason has bathroom duty!

3. On Eyans birthday everyone was calling and singing the birthday song, and he just kept singing with everyone an wishing them a happy birthday. Adorable!

4. We have a calendar and stickers to countdown the days to Disney! Every morning Eyan tells me "we forgot something mommy!" Then runs to the fridge and tells me "we need a sticker on my calendar!" His excitement is awesome!

5. The other day Eyan was getting ready to go to my moms for the evening, so he grabbed his "pack back" and ran around stuffing toys in it. Then he asks me what he forgot and I said underwear, socks and clothes. He takes his pack back upstairs to his room puts 4 pair of underwear in it and comes back down to show me. He was so proud I couldn't tell him that the undies might not cut it ;)


  1. Haha that he thinks about something then needs to poop! Too funny

    1. He totally got me with that yesterday!


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