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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Already 2nd Child Syndrome

So Sunday was Easter right...Everyone was posting their adorable families on Facebook and I was just trying to figure out how to bath myself and get both kids bathed and dressed before one spit up all over everything and the other dove head first into his chocolate Easter bunny.  We had to be in Fort Collins (about an hour drive) by 1:00 so at 10:00am I started getting ready.  I nursed little missy, put on a video for Eyan (mind you Jason had to work so I was doing this all alone) and started my very quick shower.  I am pretty sure I was in the shower for 5 minutes before the baby started screaming, Eyan was bored with his video and Jason was unfortunately woken up.  Regardless, the rest of my attempts of getting out of the house were rough but somehow by the skin of my teeth, I had both kids bathed, dressed and I was looking decent too and we were off.  On my way to pick up my mom, I realized I had forgot to take pictures of the kids together in their Easter outfits...MOMFAIL!  I mentioned this to my mom and she said to just do it later, so I left it at that.

Well of course you have to eat on Easter so Eyan's shirt was covered in ketchup and chocolate (not in the same bite) and Emberlynn needed to be change and proceeded to poop and pee everywhere thereby needing to be changed out of her now soiled Easter dress...and there went my photos.  Immediately I was upset because already my 2nd child was not getting the same photos as her brother for her baby book.  UGH, second child syndrome already started and I have to get a handle on this!  My poor sister hardly has any pictures of herself as a baby and growing up, but me, I have about a zillion.  I don't want this for Emberlynn so I have been very consciously taking tons of photos and making sure that I am talking to her and giving her the same type of attention Eyan received at this point in his little life.  So in an effort to not completely fail at this goal, I washed Emberlynn's outfit and took a couple pictures on Monday.  I will do the same with Eyan later on this week (he was at my moms Monday and we have been slammed with visitors and errands these last couple days).

We did get some tradition stuff done, we colored eggs, had a hunt and did Easter baskets.  My egg hunting pictures were junk, so here is the best of what I remembered to take!
Emberlynn and her 1st Easter basket!

No one will ever know this was taken Monday instead of Sunday :)

My handsome boy coloring his eggs

Emberlynn "coloring eggs"

Love this photo of him!

Me & my kids, slightly tired as this might have been almost 10:00 pm the night before Easter

Easter baskets!

Well I tried ;)


  1. YOu did great!! Give yourself credit!!! And I love her dress!!

    1. Thanks! I still haven't taken Eyans Easter picture...

  2. Bailey never even wore her Easter dress! :0) Great job getting them both out of the house and dressed by yourself! That is quite the task the first few months! The kids are as cute as ever!

  3. You are doing wonderful! The second kid is so hard!!! You did it girl- you got both out!

    1. Thank you! The 2nd kid really does make life more challenging.

  4. great photos! And you're doing a great job with the 2 little ones. About that 2nd child syndrome, I have a 15 yr old boy, and now have a 7 month old girl, and I'm trying to make sure we kinda get all the same things done with the little one. We failed on a lot of photos (halloween, some xmas, and easter), although I take lots of photos in between, AND the baby book was a no go. I just recently got her hand prints done...It's just not the same 15 years later, no matter how hard I try lol.
    Sooo, you've done well! :)

    1. Awe thank you! GO YOU as well. A teenager and an infant...whoa you need an award as well :)


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