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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Back to work...

Ok not entirely.  I am teaching an AP course next year and am elated that I have 25 kids enrolled!  That's huge considering last year only 13 kids signed up and they didn't end up running the course.  So after another year of establishing myself and preparing for this class, it is running with BIG numbers!

So why am I back to work?  Well tomorrow night I have our AP parent night where I meet the kids and parents and hand out summer homework and a tentative syllabus.  Yeah, like I finished that before I went on maternity leave.  It was at the top of my list for like 13 really was.  But I had 1,000,000,000 other things to accomplish as well and so I didn't get to it.  Andplusalso, I was fully expecting small numbers again and the course not running again.  So yeah I spent the kids nap, (which they rarely take at the same time and when they do so does mama) writing the summer homework assignment.  My kids have been in bed for 2 hours and I am STILL up writing this syllabus because tomorrow I have a dentist appointment and NO time!  EEK.

Pray for me people, its time to put procrastination to the side (hahaha as I am blogging instead of writing syllabi) and get this done!

Playing with the webcam on my new computer...keeping busy