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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Picking up the pace

Hello out there!

I apologize to my friends and followers who have commented on the blog lately an have not received a response! I promise I've read them and LOVE all the responses coming from you all. Today (baring any crazy baby screaming episodes) I plan on responding to as many a I possibly can.

Getting used to two kids is a challenge as I've eluded to and many of you already know. I think when I head back to work in a month I will be able to easily update the blog a lot more! I seriously have tons of pictures and stories to tell!

This weekend we took a quick trip to Grand Junction to visit family.  Eyan and Emberlynn did fantastic in the 6 hour car ride (we did have a few stops to eat and potty breaks too)!  Eyan loved watching his movies on the DVD with the wireless headphones and Emberlynn did fantastic with the altitude and long car ride in the much hated carseat.  After visiting with family, Eyan and daddy took a swim where Jason slipped and fell into the pool.  Thank God that he didn't pull Eyan in with him!  Emberlynn and I just hung out by the pool, exhausted after a long day of traveling and visiting.  Overall, it was a nice quick trip.


  1. Glad they did well in car. Oh MY about Jason falling in!


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