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Monday, April 15, 2013

Raising kids in this world

You know in the last year there have been at least three major tragedies in the US, and each time people begin to post government conspiracies and inspirational thoughts and of course prayers to all affected.

But aren't we all affected? Shouldn't we just be praying for humanity in general instead of only the folks in the immediate vicinity of the horrible tragedies? Of course a special prayer should go out to those folks. But humanity in general needs to be focused on, especially our children.

Raising kids in this world is going to take a whole lot more than inspiration and prayers. Our way of explaining these tragedies to our kids needs to change. Growing up, if something terrible happened, my parents didn't discuss it, they turned off the TVs and kept us entertained and away from it. In this day and age, that is not an option, especially with younger generations having so much access to the Internet.

I read a status on Facebook tonight that simply stated, "don't believe everything you read on the Internet." From working in a high school, I know how quickly things go viral. Kids believe and are fairly gullible. Our parents only had to turn off the TV, we have so much more to turn off. Our kids are increasingly desensitized and are still just as gullible. How do we handle tragedy like this and still maintain our kids innocence? How do we teach them that humanity for the most part is good, when these acts of violence are running rampant in our society? How do we make our kids feel safe when we as adults are all too familiar with how truly unsafe life is?

I'm lost. I'm scared. I'm angry. I'm sad. I need direction. How do I raise my kids in a world full of hateful idiots trying to prove a point? Thoughts...


  1. Hi Laura, that is an outstanding question, one I ask every day. The world I create for Danika is of awe and wonder. A world that exists somewhere, right now a true reality for her, and later, a place to go when things are terribly sad, and everything human becomes inhumane. We tell our our kids about the easter bunny and santa claus, a world full of hope, imagination, and above all LOVE. Even if the news splatters hate, and the internet kicks it down our throats, Danika will always know that there is a place, inside us, where we can go where love reigns above all. On the outside the world of love gets smaller and smaller, but on the inside her love will only grow. I shadow her from the hate, and someday she will know about it and ask the question we all do "why" I am not sure I have those answers, but what I do know is that love and happiness exist, in small doses which is why when you find it, you CHERISH IT!

    1. Thank you Darnelle! I need to remember I create their world ;)

  2. Since I am divorced I don't have to live under the same rules as my ex-husband. For the last three years I have not had cable due to choice. I purchase or rent movies I want to see and let my kids view. If I have not viewed the movie prior to them I will not let them watch it. My kids are allowed on the internet but only on specified sites due to the potential exposure of stuff I don't agree with. When they log onto their page it doesn't have a news feed. I don't listen to regular radio stations but to one Christian Radio Station that doesn't have commercials or news. It is listener supported only. I do more things one-on-one with my children because of today's world. Heck, my kids aren't even allowed to go outside without an adult at anytime! I see kids Alycia's age running around and it scares me. We don't have a video game system in the home either. They have their leapsters (educational) and that is it. I restrict what I can now to not harm them later. I can't protect them from everything but kids don't need to "know it all" when it happens. You're a terrific mommy and I know you will do what is right by them regardless. We need to pray for our country and the world. God is the right choice!:-) Lisa

  3. Thank you Lisa. I am trying this world just saddens me


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