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Monday, May 13, 2013

2 Months!

Haha I totally just noticed shes giving the finger...looks about right for this bossy pants

Yup, that went quick!  My little peanut is growing (not too much albeit) and becoming quite the little personality!  She is smiling and starting to coo and does NOT like when she is not getting attention (especially from mama).  She has a particular cry just for me that is pretty much a death scream to let me know how much I pissed her off by not holding her while I wipe her brothers butt.  Yeah seriously it is amazing.  I cannot wait to see what words get added to that when she becomes a teenager!

We had her 2 month appointment last Monday and her statistics are:
-Height: 22 inches (39%)
-Weight: 9.3 lbs (11%)
-Still in newborn diapers (1's reached her nipples)
-Still in mostly newborn clothes (0-3 sleepers because she's so long)

Yeah I was a bit concerned about the weight, especially with the reflux, but the doctors arent, and say shes right on her own curve.  She took the shots like a champ and is just beautiful and perfect!

I'm not ready to admit that she is sleeping through the night, but I will say her Mother's Day gift to me was 8 straight hours of sleep (even though I only got 6 of those because Eyan had a nightmare!)