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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Back to life, back to reality

The first two days are done.  Each morning Emberlynn has woke early and protested me getting ready for work.  It makes for early mornings that are busy and how on Earth I make it to work on time is a miracle.  Eyan of course sleeps until we get to Jens and is super happy and playful to be there.  Emberlynn did great the first day.  She ate well, wasn't to spitty and slept great.  Today she was apparently a grumpy fussy no sleep diva. To top that off Eyan was not listening very well.  Poor Jen.  Thank God she loves me and my kids!  Each night I've been home my peanut has wanted to be next to me constantly which is no problem since that's all I want too! 

Work has been great!  I truly work with some caring, amazing, awesome people!  They have welcomed me back and really made being at work easy!  My students have been wonderful.  They made huge welcome back posters and gave hugs (which normally I hate, but the warm welcome was nice).  They unwillingly complimented me by saying that its like I never left, they're back to working like crazy but having fun!  

Hopefully this week (and next) flys by!  Only 4 full days and 4 half days left!!!