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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Eyan's Birthday Extravaganza!

So almost a month ago my sweet boy turned 3 and we had almost a full month of celebrating!  On his birthday day we always have homemade cake and ice cream and I cook whatever he seems to like at that point in his life.  This year it was spaghetti.  The morning of his birthday I woke him by singing happy birthday and we headed downstairs where I proceeded to cook his birthday breakfast and let him watch TV in the living room while eating.  Later that day we proceeded to bake his cake and decorate it.  He was such a huge help with decorating.  While cooking dinner I stepped away from the kitchen and the damn dogs ATE HIS CAKE!  So I had a breakdown and my sister saved the day and bought a Mickey Mouse cake at Target that Eyan loved.

Birthday breakfast & TV!
Thanks Auntie for saving the day with the cake (notice the small round 1/2 eaten cake in the background by the knives)

His actual birthday party was the following Saturday and we had a blast.  He wanted a Cars birthday party so instead of customizing a bunch of stuff I went with the generic party stuff (no one truly cares as long as the food is good and drinks are flowing).  I also got a pinata which I was super excited about and it was totally fun!  Eyan loved when everyone sang to him and he sang right along with them and then he dove head first into all the presents.  The boy was truly spoiled!
Eyan Singing with everyone!

The third part of Eyan's birthday extravaganza was our Disneyland trip.  I will have another whole post dedicated to the less crappy pictures from our vacation!  Bottom line, the kid LOVES being 3 and will probably expect all his birthdays to be this busy and fun. #MomFail