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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursday Thoughts:Pumping vs Nursing

So I have been back at work for almost a week and I only have a week left (well if we want to be precise...and I do, I have the rest of today, 3 full days and 3 1/2 days).

For nine blissful (well mostly) weeks, I was at home with my babies and was able to exclusively nurse Emberlynn.  She had a couple bottles of breast milk to prepare her for having them consistently while I am at work, but for the large majority we just nursed.  I made sure to pump about 20 different times so I had a stash before I headed back to work as well.  Unlike her brother, Emberlynn has never had formula...and I am trying my hardest to keep it that way.  I have nothing against formula; feed your baby the way that keeps you both sane and healthy.  Eyan had some formula as the initial sting of new mom+terrible sleeping baby=grandma and daddy giving a few bottles of formula so mommy doesn't lose her shit.

So here we are 4 days into being given bottles of breast milk consistently and me pumping more then nursing.  I hate it.  With Eyan I only had to pump once at work because he was already starting to munch on real (baby) food.  With Emberlynn I need to pump 2-3x (all of my plan periods) just to make sure there is enough milk for the day.  I do have my milk stash but I would prefer she is getting mostly "fresh" milk.

I just hate sitting in a tiny room, trying to work and pump, not able to move around the building and get what I need to get done.   The only plus is that I think my milk supply is actually increasing because I fully drain my breasts...Emberlynn nurses consistently all day so I never fully empty.

Those moms that exclusively pump are champions...this stuff is painful and more work then just open shirt, insert boob, burp.  My insurance even gave me a brand new Medela Pump in Style that is truly a lot less painful then my old Medela.  Plus the cleaning and sterilizing...just another thing to add to the work of pumping.  I realize I do not have to sterilize every day, but I work in a school people...germs are everywhere!

Oh and my baby that used to sleep pretty much through the night is not doing that anymore...because she wants to be next to mommy.  I may or may not be co-sleeping for part of the night because I can't be exhausted right now.  She is nursing pretty much from the time we get home until the time she goes to bed...And plus also, poor Jen is dealing with fussy pants diva who refuses to be put down during the day.  Clearly little Missy is not happy mommy is at work and she is getting bottles.

Regardless it is all worth it and only for a few more days.  After this the next time I return to work Miss Emberlynn will be 6 months and on baby food, so I will not be pumping ALL.THE.TIME!

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  1. I feel you on this one. I went back to work when Bailey was 4 months old and had to pump twice a day. I managed to keep her off of formula completely until she was 7 months old and didn't switch her over to it for all bottles until she was 9 months. We don't have planning periods or duty free lunches which made it that much more difficult. If there is ever another baby in our family, I really don't think I could do it again. :(


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