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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

3 Months!

My tiny peanut is 3 months today.  Not sure on weight or height this month as we don't have a doctors appointment this month, but I might get her weighed at the lactation consultant tomorrow.  I think she is between 10 & 11 lbs maybe more!

Emberlynn is now smiling whenever she deems necessary but mostly just studies the world.  She hates to be put down and her car seat is the devil.  She adores her brother and likes the colors on the TV.  She is drooling like crazy and eats like a champ.  She basically sleeps through the night going to bed between 8-9 and sleeping until 3-4 eating quickly and back to sleep until 7:30-8.  Thank God because Eyan never slept and this mama needs energy to keep up with these kiddos! 

Happy 3 months tiny peanut!


  1. 3 months already!!!! Crazy!!! She is so cute! What a great sleep schedule- lucky mama!

    1. Thanks! I am so lucky she sleeps! I need to get back on the hop. Still trying to find my blogging rhythm after maternity leave :)


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