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Monday, June 10, 2013

Bows Matter

I know not everyone is a huge bow fan.  I have heard the criticism and cynicism towards the large flowers and bows I choose to place on my tiny peanuts head, but  I love them.  Maybe it is the cheerleader in me, or maybe it is the fact that without one in the wrong outfit Emberlynn looks like a boy, but bows matter!  Just for fun I took a picture of Emberlynn with and without a bow.  You can clearly see that she prefers the bow as well.  I actually believe she does because she gets very smiley and coos a lot when we are deciding which bow to wear that day.

So naturally I had to show that bows really do matter!  Eyan had no clue what mommy was doing until I showed him the photo, but the poor guy has a beautiful face and looks pretty with the bow!  What makes this better is the show on behind him (which he made me change to Phineas and Ferb) and the plant behind him that lines up perfectly with his hair and appears as though his hair is even longer and girlier!