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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Disney Recap Part 1...well kinda!

So because I have like 6 days to recap so I can look back and reflect and so you can see how awesome our vacation was, I am going to do this in 2 parts with pictures from our actual camera that are not so blurry.  This took me forever because not only has Miss Emberlynn and Eyan decided they both need a lot more attention but PicMonkey kicked my butt.

Collage 1: Character Breakfast!
Seriously this was the one thing we did that set the entire tone for our vacation.  Sure Eyan loved the plane ride and Downtown Disney, but meeting his favorite characters was exactly the way to start our Disney vacation.  When you go in for breakfast they take you straight to Mickey for your meet and greet.  Eyan was wide eyed and so excited. He high-fived Mickey, told him how old he was and hugged him.  Eyan sort of was frustrated that Mickey was not talking back to him, but he got over it.   All the characters LOVED on Emberlynn.  They tended to stay around our table a bit more then others and just gawk at her adorableness.  My favorite moment however was when Stitch from Lilo and Stitch came over and Eyan got scared...Stitches reaction was priceless.  They became friends shortly after.

Collage 2: Disneyland Day 1
I tried to get a photo of the kids in their cute outfits each day, however, some days they just were not having it.  Getting into the park that morning was relatively slow, apparently they have to take your photo for your ticket so they are non-transferable and that is a new process and they use iPhones for it so it was a slight pain.  Once inside though we did the typical photos in front of the Disneyland gate and then headed straight down main street to Tomorrowland to meet my grandparents!  This was the first time they would be meeting Emberlynn and my grandpa is such a kid my grandma could not tell him they were going until the night before they left because "he would drive her crazy".  They were a true blessing on this trip as my grandma is not a huge ride fan and she is a fantastic baby snuggler so Emberlynn always had shade and fully attention.  My grandpa was able to get a mobility pass for our group so we did not always have to wait in huge lines with the tiny bossy infant girl and the wiggly impatient 3 yr old which made this trip SO much easier.  Our first ride was the Buzz Lightyear AstroBlasters ride and Eyan LOVED it.  He told us that he killed Zurg and was elated about it.  We spent a lot of our day in Tomorrowland but we did hit up Fronteirland, and New Orleans too!  While heading to the riverboat ride there were a group of ducklings and I just had to snap a photo...later on that evening while heading to the parade the ducks were on main street being guided by a cast member and I was walking back from the ice cream shop.  The castmember stopped me and the little duckies walked right across my feet...SO CUTE!  We ended the day with the parade which was cool, but many of the characters Eyan knew were not in the parade.  Pluto did pick Eyan out and gave him "knuckles" which Eyan was happy with.

Collage 3: Disney's California Adventure Day 2
This was one of those days where the kiddos were not going to sit nicely together for a photo.  It was chilly that day and the day before was quite long, so of course it was a rough start to the morning.  We were totally unorganized this day and truly it was a bit of a mess.  I really wanted to spend the day in Cars Land with Eyan, but we got into the park late, the wait time for the rides in Cars Land was insane and on top of that Eyan decided to take a nap for a good 2 hours.  So instead we headed to Paradise Pier where we quickly found out most of what is on the pier, Eyan is too small to ride, but we did get on Toy Story Mania which is a 3D ride where you play a bunch of Toy Story virtual carnival type games...I totally won with 94,000 points!  We enjoyed just hanging out around the bay, watching the water show (which paled in comparison to World of Color) and eating ice cream. We also caught the Pixar Parade which was MUCH more interesting for Eyan and was the official spotting of Buzz and Woody.  It was a bit of a bummer to find out that they do not have meet and greets with the Toy Story characters anymore...which I suspect is because of the whole "Andy's Coming" photo floating around the internet.  We ended our day with a nice dinner at Storytellers and then headed to Condor Flats where the adults rode Soarin and Eyan and I did some shopping and picture taking with planes!  Day 2 was a bit of a bust, but hey, one rough day isn't too bad.

Stay tuned for Part 2!