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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Disneyland Part 2

Lets just jump into Part 2 because you and I both know this is a long post :)

Collage 1: Beach Day at Santa Monica Pier/Hanging with my best friend!
My oldest and best friend Jenny lives in California.  She used to babysit my sister and I when we were younger, and we got super close.  She moved to California and had 4 kids which I just adore and so when we came out to California she made the LONG drive from the central valley to the pier.  It was phenomenal hanging out with her and the kids.  In addition to that, my Dad had never been to the ocean.  He is clearly a burly biker man and the only time I have ever seen him in "shorts" (which were also jean and cut off) was when we were in Lake Powell and I was 16.  So his "beach attire" is totally fitting with what I would expect my dad to wear...guess you can get sand in places you don't want to if you dress like that.  I am not too interested in being eaten by a shark so I do NOT swim in the ocean.  I wade, but Jason has no fear and swam and swam and swam.  He is such a kid and I LOVE IT.  My mom came up to us after walking the beach for a bit and said she found someones silicon implant...which actually was a jellyfish.  Thankfully she did not get stung but my sister and I had a good laugh.  We didn't end up hanging out on the pier as it was so windy and Emberlynn was just not having it.  We ended the day eating at Bubba Gumps with Jen and the kids and then said our goodbyes.  Then I got the awesome experience of driving in LA traffic at rush hour...Hello 2 hour drive back to our hotel with motorcycles riding the lines and about 42 different highway exits to take. 

Collage 2: Disneyland Day 4
OMG this day was HOT and busy.  I made sure to get some of the token photos with Walt Disney and the Castle done.  The kids would not take a photo together and I wasn't forcing that...everyone was sweaty, who wants to snuggle when your dripping wet.  We decided to hit up Fantasyland first and we rode every.single.ride in fantasyland (oh wait not the tea cups). We made sure to hit up "Its a Small World" and had fun looking for the Disney characters among the various countries.  We had a good lunch and a fantastic dinner at the Blue Bayou.  I am fairly certain we rode about 20 rides that day and walked the entire park.  I was very surprised at how much they would let us take Emberlynn on.  She rode Pirates of the Carribean, the Winnie the Pooh Ride, the carousel and pretty much every ride in Fantasyland.  They just told us to put her legs under the security bar or had a little strap for her...it was all safe and there were TONS of tiny babies there doing the same thing.  We ended this day walking the short distance to California Adventure and watching World of Color in complete awe.  Eyan crashed and missed the show, but I couldnt hardly blink it was that good!  

Collage 3: Disney's California Adventure Day 5
Somehow on our epic fail as planners at this park the first time, we did manage to ride a bunch so we only had about 1/3 of the park to see.  We spent a good majority of that in Cars Land which was phenomenal.  It looks just like the movie, we ate at Flo's V8 cafe', Rode Luigis Flying Tires, did all the kiddie rides in its a Bugs Land, rode the tower of terror back to back, did the Muppet's and Bugs Life 3D shows and ate an excessive amount at the Starbucks (which has a fantastic Ruben and portabello soup!).  By far and one of the biggest reasons we chose Disneyland over DisneyWorld was the Radiator Springs Racers.  This is a ride similar to Test Track at Epcot, except about 40x better because it takes you through Radiator Springs and the story of Cars.  Eyan was not tall enough to ride this technically (39.5' with a 40' requirement) so we totally stuffed his shoes.  If this is something you plan on doing be aware that they measure you 3 different times through the ride, they will have them take their hats off and you need to make sure that you practice standing up tall without being on tiptoes.  I don't care what anyone says, it was totally worth it, it was not unsafe, he was secure and had a blast on the ride.  We had planned to walk across the way to watch the fireworks in the park at Disneyland, but decided to avoid the crowds as much as possible and found a nice spot in the courtyard to watch them (which also made escaping the crowds super easy)!

So there is our trip in photos.  We have already decided to go back in 3 years as long as we can afford it.  I am saving NOW, because seriously Eyan cannot stop talking about it and neither can we!